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28 Feb, '06

It’s coming up again guys and thanks go to Tariq Khonji for reminding me. This time it will be at Cappucino Cafe in Saar.

Location: Cappucino Cafe, Saar
Time: 8pm
Date: 2nd March 2006


(Tariq is trying to organise a guest speaker whom you would want to listen to. Details will be updated here once I receive them.)

Talk topic: TBA
Personality: TBA
Other business: Discuss forthcoming Belgian/Bahraini bloggers meeting

I need to know numbers to talk to the management of the cafe and maybe do a set menu for dinner and negotiate prices. So please do enter a comment here if you are coming and if you are bringing anyone with you. The sooner we know, the better organised the gathering will be.

As discussed the last time, I think we should make this “guest speaker” thing a regular to best utilise these gatherings, or at least have an agenda where we discuss things structurally. Topics suggestions welcome.

If you disagree and just want it to be a friendly gathering (which it is in any case, the guest speaking part won’t take the full time) do let me know and we’ll think of another format or indeed revert to what we had before.

A hint of what our guest might talk about this time is the Role of Political Parties in Bahraini Society or something of a similar stream, ie, democracy development in Bahrain

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  1. Haitham says:

    I’ll be there!

  2. Angelo says:

    I’ll be there as well 🙂 Might tag a long a guest as well thought am not sure till tomorrow 🙂

    BTW, could you please tell me when the Belgian/Bahraini bloggers meetup is and where and at what time?


  3. I will be there with Adraj

  4. Citizen Quasar says:


    Thank you for getting your blog up and running again. I read it almost every day.

    I have registered using the password that you sent me. I think this is a good way to do things.

    I would provide more information about myself in my personal profile but I am leery because of some bad experiences I have had on the Internet.

    There once was a time when I had my own blog but it got hacked, all the articles were erased, other articles were inserted, and my password was changed. Also, at the same time, my Yahoo email was hacked and the password was changed.

    Further, it is worth noting an incident that occurred shortly after I began visiting YOUR blog:

    Several weeks ago, I received an email entitled “From Bahrain.” I did not recognize it as having your email address on it so I hovered my mouse pointer over it while I pondered whether to open it or not. As soon as my mouse pointer was positioned over the email address, I was knocked offline instantly. I got back online and deleted that email.

    Considering your recent difficulties, I now think you should know about this.

    Thank you and happy blogging!


  5. timewarp says:

    I am so glad to see you are up and running in one piece again!!!!

  6. I am joining


  7. Adriane says:

    No one should begin high level negotiations with the Belgians without reading this book ….


  8. Adriane: interesting book. I’ll buy it :d

  9. mahmood says:

    Again, something has come up and I won’t be able to join you. Sorry for the late notice, but do enjoy the gathering and let us know how it went.

  10. Johnster says:

    yes, will be there…maybe bring a friend

  11. mahmood says:

    I’ve booked a table for 8 on my name, by the way. So you all shouldn’t have a problem getting seating (not that it’s ultra busy normally.)

  12. Angelo says:

    So the Grand Pop of bahrain’s blogosphere is not at the table this evening 🙁

    But thanks for booking the table for us 🙂

  13. Angelo says:

    Some pics from the blogger meetup can be found here

  14. mahmood says:

    well done with the pictures, and thanks for blogging it too!

  15. Angelo says:

    my pleasure 🙂

  16. BinShehab says:

    Some of the BBM March 2006 can be found here: , larger file size available on request.

  17. mahmood says:

    Did anyone record or blog Fawzi Guleid’s speach/talk, that would have been very interesting?

    Come on people who were there, sharpen your finger-tips and blog it!

  18. Time to announce the next meeting: 8th of March at 8 pm, Albareh Art Gallery.

    International Bahrain/Belgian blog meeting.

    After that you are all invited starting 10 pm at my residence for a real Bloggers party (non-halal).

    Frederik aka Dorian

  19. BinShehab says:

    Fawzi speech was not that loud since I was at the end of the table, BUT I did video for 2 minute from Frederik introduction and the file is around 200 MB!! I need to find a way to reduce the size of the file (Heeeeeeeeeellllllppppp).

  20. mahmood says:

    so next time we need to bring a mic and speakers you mean? or choose another venue where speakers could be easily heard?

  21. angelo says:

    Bin Shehab whats the format of the 2 munite video file? is it 3gp or mpeg4?

    About mic and speakers – doubt it.. the sony t-9 and upwards works as a good vlogging/podcasting tool 🙂 with an in-built mic/speaker… you just need to sit close to the speaker.
    I wish i’d come a wee bit early to do so 😀

    Where will the bbm april 2006 be held? maybe the museum’s cultural section where they got a dining bit 😀

  22. BinShehab says:

    It’s MPEG.
    Please e-mail: OR call me if you kinow my mobile.

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