Good morning!

28 Feb, '06

It’s a good morning so far.. the garden is looking good, one of the parrots started to come down to eat some bread and fruit Frances puts out every morning for the birds, and the Passion Flower climber is quite happy with its new location.

I got an email from Yousifnet telling me that he has already completed writing the alpha code to transfer articles and comments from the Xaraya site to WordPress so I was anxious to get to the office to try it out.

That was at 7:11 this morning and I got to the office at 7:41. 30 minutes to drive 14.3 kilometers! BUT, the good thingtm about this traffic jam was I met with an old friend whom I have seen last when we were in the last year in high-school. That’s (ehm) 27 years ago and he didn’t change much. Guessing that he instantly recognised me too, I will delude myself (in keeping with the good morning theme) into thinking that I haven’t changed much either!

There are a few kinks to sort out with Yousif’s program so I hope he will be able to sort it out soon. That would make the whole day good!

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  1. moz says:

    Merchants: The Big Business Families of Saudi Arabia And the Gulf States by Michael Field

    Is this the book you were talking about? you can do better than one book, i know it. come on list a few more

  2. yousifnet says:

    Mahmood, check your email

    Sorry to disappoint you yesterday.

    I’ve got some juicy stuff for you to see now

  3. mahmood says:


    Thanks Man, This is how every morning should start!

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