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4 Mar, '06

Ok guys and gals, another bloggers’ gathering is coming up, this one is to mingle and compare notes and make new friends: East meets West and all that. The meeting with be at 7.30PM at Dar Al-Bareh Cafe in Adliya, then at 10.00PM you’re welcome to drink and be merry and mingle some more at Fred’s house in Burhama (map to follow) – if you’re coming to Fred’s, bring a bottle of something with you to replenish what would be a depleted bar!

Here are the details in summary:
What: International Bahraini & Belgian Blogger Meetup.

    When: Wednesday, 8th of March
    Where: Albareh Art Gallery Cafe
    Time: 7.30 pm


    Time 10 pm
    at House 1858, Road 5657, Block 356, Salihiya (burhama))
    It is near Kanoo Gardens, next to the Italian Embassy.
    At the after party there will be a delegation of the
    F1 GP marshals!
    Contact Person: Frederik Haentjens
    Contact Tel: 3646 4586

For the party, people who join are welcome to bring a bottle of wine or spirits. Better would be if you find a company who wants to sponsor BD200 for the beers and spirits 😉

Make sure you register for this one please by entering a comment here so that we know at least the approximate numbers.

Next international bloggers’ meeting should be Kuwait and Bahrain and it should be a pool party with plenty of liquids as well! 🙂

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  1. I’ll join 🙂

    Or I mean.. you are welcome… the party is NON-halal 😉 of course.
    Sorry for that guys :s


  2. Stratos says:


    I am one of the Belgians coming to the meeting. Looking forward to meeting you!

    Best regards from Belgium

  3. apb347 says:

    Unfortunately I can’t come!

    Big F1-fan and collegueblogger on and, but unfortunately I have to much work. This time of the year I have to launch a drink called Quint-Sangria. A seasonproduct, so this period is crucial for us.

    One day, I’ll come to visit you Fredrik. One day…

  4. mahmood says:

    dump that husband and come back for a few days, you’re sorely missed!

  5. Angelo says:

    Count me in 😀

    Does Albareh Art Gallery Cafe have wifi or atleast a net connection? [planning on skypecasting for folks…]

  6. nibaq says:

    We definitely need to get a Kuwait-Bahrain one.

    And congrats on the WordPress move. It is just a wonderful CMS tool, and fix your permalink so your links can look pretty.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I would’ve come were it not for your insistence on serving alcohol.

  8. Hi all,

    With respect for people who don’t drink alcohol: we organized the blog meeting at the art galery for the simple reason it is a non-alcoholic location. I think this shows respect.

    And about the after party… it’s in my residence and it’s a personal invitation. Who doesn’t like to come, just don’t come. I think also there people just respect my house. With or without Jack or Smirnoff 😉


  9. @ Mohammed, The Child and the Anonymous: Interesting point. We will maybe use it as a topic to discuss.

    My question: You don’t come to the blog meeting (location A – halal) because there is an afterparty afterwards with alcohol (location B) at a complete DIFFERENT location and time. Where is the logic? Please explain us.

  10. mahmood says:

    fix your permalink so your links can look pretty

    I thought about that and I found that it doesn’t really matter to search engines, nor does it matter to users as they will never remember the “slug” that is created to “prettify” the permalink. I like the shorter URL better.

    We definitely need to get a Kuwait-Bahrain one.

    As we both have our regular meetings on a Thursday, how about organising next one in Bahrain or Kuwait for lunch? There is a daily Gulf Air, Arabiya, Jazeera and Kuwait Airways between the two countries so we (or you) can take the morning flight and return on the 5pm flight (or 4pm etc)?

    And then the next month you reciprocate?

    I know that Kuwait has much better restaurants than Bahrain!

    And then we organise Bahrain/UAE, Bahrain/Saudi, Bahrain/Qatari and Bahrain/Omani meetings – think of all the air miles guys and intragulf tickets are cheep now!

  11. BinShehab says:

    It’s a very good idea to start a Bloger Air Line 😉

  12. Johnster says:

    Mahmood, sorry you couldn’t make it to the meeting last week.

    But we did have a discussion and the question was


    We have one big picture of you now and lovely as you are, we also miss the tree!!

    Is its removal a symbol of the environmental detsruction of Bahrain?

    Can we have a vote on this?…to bring back the tree

  13. mahmood says:

    no vote necessary, it’ll make an re-appearance today (I hope!)

  14. coralie says:

    i hope to be there! since i’ll undoubtedly be there with my little one (sans loud screaming this time, hopefully. sorry about that for last time), i probably won’t be able to come to the after party.

  15. mahmood says:


    Happy? 🙂

  16. Anonymous says:

    Food ? Check
    Alcohol ? Check
    Music ? Check

    What about girls ?

  17. Johnster says:

    I really can’t wait!!

  18. nibaq says:

    Jazeers prices are crazy cheap only 33KD round trip coming on Thursday then leaving Friday.

    Let me see if I can coordinate with other people here cause I’d much rather just drive down there.

  19. doriangray says:

    can you provide the visas for saudi 😉
    In that case I join 🙂 If it’s in weekends.



  20. coralie says:

    any hints as to where the cafe is located? 🙂

  21. Anonymous says:

    الاخ محمود المحترم

    تحية و احترام

    لقد رفع مجلس الوزراء اليوم الاحد 5 مارس 2006 مشروعى قانون احكام الاسرة الى مجلس النواب و نحنوا مجموعة كبيرة من الامهات و اطفالنا و الدى نعانى من ظلم و هجر ازواجنا و رمينا فى الشارع دون حماية و كساء و تعليم و علاج و عكس ما عبرة عنة ديننا الاسلامى الحنيف من اهتمام بالاسرة و المراة و الذى نامل من وجود مثل هدا القانون الدى سيوفر لنا حقوقنا المشروعة و التى كانت من المفترض ان نحصل عليها منذ سنين طويلة و لذلك نريد منكم و من المهتمين من خلال مواقعكم الالكترونية دعم حقوقنا و هدا القانون و عدم التعامل بمكيالين فى حقوق الانسان فانتم دائما تطالبون بحرية التعبير و الراى و نحنوا ندعمكم فى ذلك و لكن عندما ياتى الموضوع الى حقوقنا نحن النساء و التى همقد يكونون يوما من الايام اخواتكم او زوجاتكم او امهاتكم و اطفالهم فنجد التجاهل و الصمت الرهيب اليس هدا بغريب و عجيب لذلك نامل دعمنا ودعم حقوقنا و لتبداء انت اخى محمود بوضع من خلال موقعك المتميز حملة لدعمنا و دعم حقوقنا و دعم القانون

    و شكرا

    مريم محمد ابراهيم

  22. mahmood says:

    coralie: where the cafe is located?

    It’s in Adliya, almost directly opposite Gulf Antiques, you can’t miss it.

    We’re also very fortunate that at that particular night they have a major exhibition opening “Contemprary Huroof” to attend and enjoy. The exhibition is part of the Spring of Culture activities.

    Not sure if children are allowed on that night, so it might be worth calling them to find out.

  23. mahmood says:

    لقد رفع مجلس الوزراء اليوم الاحد 5 مارس 2006 مشروعى قانون احكام الاسرة الى مجلس النواب

    الآخت الكريمة مريم العزيزة

    لقد تطرقت لهذا الموضوع من قبل و إعتصمت مع إخواتي تضامناً معهن دعماً لهذا الموضوع المهم جداً لكل زوج و آب و آخ و إبن و إنشاءالله سآترق له مرة آخرى لآني آهتم به كثيراً

  24. tooners says:

    Me and the hubby will be coming. Looking forward to meeting everyone! 🙂

  25. mahmood says:

    Good news! You’re more than welcome!

  26. Joker says:

    I\’ll be there.. but the after-party is a bit late for me.. see you then

  27. Anonymous says:

    dammit you making it on wed. and I have to work on thursday, there’s no way I could get smashed during the afterparty 🙁

  28. Joker says:

    I hear ya anon.. not only that.. I have an interview on thursday too… I hope I don’t show up with hangover sunglasses

  29. Will be there for the first one in full and I may drop in for a bit for the second one…

  30. Johnster says:

    Is Steve the American on holiday or is it just that the CIA is overworked at the mo?

  31. coralie says:

    i called (the number is 1771 7707 if anyone else needs to call them) & from what i understand the cafe is separate so it’s fine to bring kids, not that i know of anyone else who is bringing along a child, but i thought i’d mention it anyway.

  32. mahmood says:

    excellent, see you in the few hours…

  33. Angelo says:

    I’ve got training at the BIC from 7.30 till 9pm sadly…. is it alright if I miss the start but drop by say 9pm?

    Will be there for the after party 😀

  34. coralie says:

    i just saw the pics at strav’s blog about the march 2nd meetup. how did i miss that one?!

    anyway, had a lovely night at tonight’s (once i took my little one away to be locked in a cupboard .. only joking, of course) so thanks to everyone who was there who made it a great night. 🙂

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