BAD BOYS :SMACK!: Go to the corner and face the wall!

9 Mar, '06

Meet the teacher of ethics and proper conversational respect:

Minister of State of Parliamentary Affairs Abdulaziz Al-Fadhel
Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Fadhel, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs

Mr. Al-Fadhel is not happy with those children in parliament whom he thinks are “humiliating” the government and its ministers because they don’t adopt the appropriate tone when speaking to or about them, and they don’t do so while demurely looking at the floor whilst speaking.

Sharp-tongued MPs were branded “ignorant” yesterday for criticisms made during parliament’s session on Tuesday. Minister of State for Shura Council and Parliament Affairs, Abdulaziz Al Fadhel, hit back in an official statement after they demanded pay cuts for ministers who they accused of sleeping.

MPs had also asked officials to “be quiet” and suggested the government should be ashamed of itself.

The comments were made in a discussion about returning deposits paid to the government in return for public services within five days.

Mr Al Fadhel claimed some MPs apologised after the parliament session ended, but said that the government had been “humiliated”.

“MPs are ignorant to the manners of speech,” said Mr Al Fadhel in a statement released yesterday.

See what I mean? They need a severe lesson, because they not only humiliated the government, but have broken the ministerial hearts too, the poor damsels!

He added that MPs’ “use of foul language” had “broken the hearts of many government officials who are keen on giving all information possible to MPs in order for them to take the right decision”.

All together now: aaooouuuuhhhhhhh

Mr Al Fadhel also said that apologies from MPs after discussions were not enough.

“MPs should be disciplined and discipline is not something that we teach MPs, this should come from them,” he said.

Just like Denmark! Now we know where we Arabs and our governments get it from.. an apology is never enough! We want blood, or at least a smacked bottom, preferably done in public sans frilly knickers.

What he really wants; however is:

“Government officials have been humiliated in the house of the people, instead of being praised for the work they were doing,” he said.

Huh? Praise? I’ll give them some praise. But then I’ll be lumped in the same disrespectful lot with the parliamentarians, so please excuse me, Mr. Morals Teachertm if I hold my tongue at this particular time. The MPs – for the first time in this decrepit parliament’s life it seems – are actually doing a good job! And we all know that time is of the essence. It’s an election year, and they’re all falling over each other to appear unpatriotic and dissidents and trouble-makers in order for simpletons to re-elect them again! But that’s another story.

During Tuesday’s session Mr Al Fadhel asked parliament vice-chairman Abdulhadi Marhoon, who chaired the meeting, to remove comments by one MP – Al Menbar Bloc vice-president and parliament services committee chairman Dr Ali Ahmed – from the record.

However, Mr Marhoon refused and said he had no right to make such a request.

Mr. Al-Fadhel stomps his foot, sulks, pouts and leaves.

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  1. Bahraini4eva says:

    HAHAHA.. Watta joke!! Your Highness Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Fadhel, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs, Take A Hike!
    And as for the rest of the MPs, it’s about time you’ve done some good, but you are still definitely not getting my vote!

    I love the smell of the Upcoming Parliamentary Elections :)! Let the dirty mouthing begin!

  2. Anonymous says:

    It must be a field day for Bahraini fans of Norbert Elias. (Is it possible that the minister, or his master, is a student of the late German sociologist?)
    Elias work details how post-medieval European royal courts carried ‘civilizing process’ which consolidated the role of the royal court as the sole legitimate authority for defining and upholding standards of acceptable/tolerable manners. These standards included those related to “sexual behaviour, bodily functions, table manners and forms of speech……”. Through use of different techniques, incuding the shaming of ‘ignarant nobility’ and reprimanding them for ‘unbecoming behaviour’.

    A student of Elias would probably see minister al-Fadhil as doing Bahrain, (and the region ?), a great civilizing service. After teaching the MPs how to speak properly, he may turn to other aspects of day-to-day behaviour including table manners etc.



  3. Anonymous says:

    a9lan this job was created for this loser, as an ex-ministry of education employee I know what kind of a jack-ass he is, his mouth was always wide open like a retard and flies just went in and out 😉

    damn retarded mofo

  4. Safwan says:

    Mr. Al-Fadhel has freedom of speech, but then made a fool of himself by coming with this kind of comments in front of the parliment and media. His idea can be phrased and presented in positive way and in better approach. He should know that he is speaking with grown-ups.

  5. Mahmood..
    You runied it for me 🙁
    We just double-posted!!

    Serves me right for not checking here first!!!!

  6. hehe .. sorry.. great post by the way!!

  7. mahmood says:


  8. I know you will.. See you next month 🙂

  9. mahmood says:

    Hey, that’s good news! Welcoming you back with open arms and the floor will be all yours to tell us of your experiences in Canada, in person.

  10. HMD says:

    Now, truth be told, and fairness be sought. The political ground in Bahrain is very much of a bozo-land and very little of common courtesy (which I think should be legislated in Bahrain!!).
    Now, let alone ministrial and parlimentarian duties and obligations, because we’re not turning up with any good with that any time soon. But, at least whomever is elected and chosen for such position should be well mannered and well spoken.
    Not having them doing a proper job is a tragedy, having them speak from down under is just shameful.

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