Congrats Suhair!

9 Mar, '06

Homeless girl wins luxury villa and goods drawn by Jenson ButtonThe first thing I read in this morning’s GDN made me smile, I hope it does you too:

An Homess girl wins luxury villa and goods drawn by Jenson Button 18-year-old Bahraini girl evicted with her family from their rented home three days ago, won a $600,000 (BD226,800) prize, including a luxury furnished home last night. F1 star Jenson Button drew the winning ticket live on Channel 44 television, for the biggest draw prize ever given away in Bahrain.
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Brilliant! And congratulations again Suhair, I hope you and your family enjoy the prizes and that those won’t change your life too much!

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  1. Bahraini4eva says:

    I wish every day the news headline would be the same as this.. Congrats Suhair.. Hopefully you will use this prize wisely to create a Fresh New Start :)!

  2. abuhesham says:

    I can’t think of someone who deserved it more!

  3. Adel says:

    Congrats Suhair, me and my wife where so happy when she won, we had tears in our eyes. So nice to have one who realy needs it win. Also I recomend that anyone who can afford a villa in Durra to buy, beautiful blue sea, clean air, and very well designed islands and villas. Bet when the first fase is finished in late 2007 you will not be able to get any.

  4. Safwan says:

    My heartly congrats to Suhair. My advice to her is to sell the car and boat because it will be no use to her and her family in the initial stage. Cuz, according to her current family’s financial situation they cannot afford the expences for maintenance of car and boat, also the value will depriciate gradually. So, sell both car and boat and invest the money that you will get from both car and boat into something which will generate good return (i.e buy flat/house and give it for rent, business etc.). Once the financial situation is better then someone can think of buying the side luxuries. Of course, the house at Durrat Al Bahrain is the bigget asset for Suhair and her family. Use it wisely.

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