9 Mar, '06

brilho originally uploaded by Darius Plesa

No matter what a child’s situation is, they will invariably find that the glass is actually more than half full…

At what point does that optimism disappear? And why?

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  1. slickdpdx says:

    Excellent question. Don’t know the answer but I imagine it would do us all good to think about it. Great photo at any rate!

  2. I think its when they get older and realize that life is long and it is very unlikely that their glass will ever get any more than half full. sad, but very true in many circumstances

  3. Mikeboy says:

    Great picture and question

  4. mahmood says:

    That’s what I love about Flickr. It has become the world’s consciousness, if you look hard enough, you can traverse Earth AND enjoy its varied cultures from your keyboard and mouse!

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