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13 Mar, '06

I just sent a comprehensive quotation to a customer and strongly recommended that they do not buy what I quoted them!

How about that?

I fully believe that the customer is not always right. Most, in fact, are technologically challenged, and like children, they believe everything they hear from a “fast” salesman or from brochures and “tech specs” with which they are walloped ’round the side of their noggins with.

So much so, that this particular customer I’m talking about are seriously comparing a product that we sell for home users for BD 275 and one that is BD 51,000. I kid you not.


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  1. LiB Team says:

    Mahmood this is so true, a customer is not always right, plus a “fast” salesman can really be full of it! This is a situation we faced when a whole lot of us got similar great quality laptops for dead cheap while one went to the actual vendor and wanted to sell him the same laptop for BD 180 more!!!!! and when he told him about the price we bought our laptops at, he told him that we had gotten a much lower spec laptops altho we got the SAME EXACT specs that he mentioned to our friend and I have the audio (from the salesman side) and pics from my laptop to prove that both are the same! needless to say that we used the evidence against him and he FULLY refunded our friend whereby normally they would charge him for cancellation of order. We sure showed him lol

  2. I feel your pain Mahmood.

    Do you often run into customers Mahmood who can’t READ???? Like the one I had today who asked me in all seriousness how often he should use the product when it says VERY clearly on the label to USE IT ONCE A MONTH!!!!! Then he wanted to buy a pile of stuff that I know damn well he won’t ever use and doesn’t need. I could not sell the items to him.

  3. Anonymous says:

    dnt wanna know u what uve been sellin

  4. Anonymous says:

    its actually amazing to see how people.. either its ‘on the spot’ thinking or ‘fast selling’ or whatever… they dont think twice when they buy it?!

    Its like you throw out the rules of selling and just sell them anything that just has a buzz to it!! who cares about price these days!

    .. i.e. DVD’s are sold for 16 freakin BD’s.. and people buy them by the bulk each weekend (adds to 60’s or 70BD easily from what i’ve seen in u4ia in Seef).. but then you can go online through Amazon.com and buy for 17 freakin dollars!! What the hell!??!

    anyone ever thought of getting one of those kiosks u see at Seef and simply take orders from people and hand-deliver DVD’s (1 week later) at CHEAPER rates?!..

    .. anyway people these days (surprisengly) throw their money around.. so what the heck.. take advantage!!

  5. .. anyway people these days (surprisengly) throw their money around.. so what the heck.. take advantage!!

    I won’t take a short term gain over earning a LONG time customer and most good business people won’t either.

  6. The customer is not always right, but the customer should always be treated with respect.

  7. mahmood says:

    True, but sometimes it’s just too difficult to keep shut up when they are so sure that they’re right and you know for a fact that they’re wrong and they just won’t listen… or, they suck you dry for information, contacts, etc initially and they’re so pally pally at the start of the “relationship” and then all of a sudden you’re thrown out and they now think that they know EVERYTHING there is to know about a complicated and deep subject… in those cases, you just cannot help it when you smirk at their impending misfortune and wait for the chance to say right in their faces: I told you so!

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