New New Garden Centre!

27 Mar, '06


I stopped over this afternoon at the new Jassim’s garden centre, opposite Bahrain Motors on the Budaiya highway and man, was it worth it! It absolutely floors the competition; they’ve got everything under one very modern roof. Well stocked, plenty of medicines if you need them, good selection and reasonably priced garden tools and pots, and walk to the back and out into their garden and select from a good selection of summer plants (but some were looking quite manky and needed attention).


I think it’s just a soft launch, but if you’re into gardening, it’s worth stopping by and having a good look around. It is the cleanest, most modern and welcoming garden centre there is on the island.

About time!





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  1. tooners says:

    This place looks fab! I can’t wait to try it when we come back. I hope these places and others continue to come and flourish in Bahrain.

  2. does that mean that the other Jassim center, near Sanabis I think, is now closed?

  3. mahmood says:

    no idea, it might be though as I asked and the new place is supposed to be the headquarters… there was even something about it in the GDN this morning.

  4. K from Oslo says:

    I work in a garden center here in Norway, and yous have too ask; are those outdoor plants in the pictures? Here in Norway those kinds of plants have to stay indoors! We still have snow here, but in a months time it should be warm enough to plant pansies. The summer season is short but absolutly beautiful and just looking at your pictures (like the amacing agave!) make me dream of warmer days to come, so thanks

  5. mahmood says:

    They’re indoor normally K. But I have planted a Yucca outside and it survived for a while, but died unfortunately due to over-watering. You can plant these plants outside but you have to put them in full or partial shade I should think. I haven’t tried it though.

    I do have a Ficus Panda which looks like an indoor plant, but is thriving out in the garden in full sun.

    Good luck with your summer, I’m not looking forward to ours as I have to remove almost all the annuals as they will be scorched by the sun. I’ve just planted zinnias and a couple of other supposedly summer flowers… survival rate still to be seen a couple of months’ time.

  6. Zeezoo says:

    Mahmood, there is a ground cover that thrives in Bahrain’s weather during the summer that grows colorful little flowers…. do you know the name? They look lovely in pots or around the garden.

  7. mahmood says:

    yes, got them on order! They will be put down along the path on both sides as I have last summer, and maybe around the palm trees this time. The flowers open in the morning and locally they’re called the 10 o’clock flower. I do know the “proper” name… but it escapes me at the moment…

  8. K from Oslo says:

    zinnias are so beautiful, we don’t get them until mid june, but I always have some bright pink ones on my balcony:)

  9. ZeeZoo: You are probably referring to the Portaluca. Excellant groundcover and they come in reds, yellows and white. I even saw a mauve version.

    Mahmood – I am told the hybrid versions stay open all day. Would’nt that be lovely?

    Qatar used to use the Portulaca to great effect. The roundabouts would literally be spilling over with the flowers – some were planted to give a happy multi hued look and some had masses of just one colour and that was equally stunning.

    That said the Wedelia is also an attractive alternative – but they come just in yellow.

    Some pictures of the Portulaca if you click the link.

  10. mahmood says:

    It is indeed AkaRoundPeg! Thanks for that.

  11. K from Oslo,

    Zinnia are absolutely great. We planted some in July when we were in Qatar – thats when temps soar to 50 Centigrade and higher and you know what, these little fellows flowered in about 1 month’s time!

  12. Steve The American says:

    Of all the images I see coming from the Middle East, most of them ranging from bad to worse, these photos of the nursery are somehow very reassuring and comforting. It reminds me that there are normal people doing normal things as part of their normal lives. Thank goodness for domesticity.

  13. craig says:

    How far down the Budaiya Highway is it? I took a drive down today, but couldn’t find it – maybe I didn’t go far enough. I think I went as far as the Janabiya Highway turn off.


  14. mahmood says:

    Craig if you’re coming from Manama, watch for the new Budaiya Commercial Complex on your right-hand side (where Vodafone is), Jassim’s is right next door to that building, a bit recessed off the highway, so that might be why you missed it.

  15. craig says:

    Thanks – found it this time. Quite good, except im 15BD poorer now!

  16. mahmood says:

    That’s not bad! Well done.

    I stopped over at Al-Bader on the Janabia highway and got some seeds (sun flower, zinnias, selocias and cockscomb) and that cost me BD9 (well, it was 26 packets, so it’s not that bad) and came home and planted all of those in prepared new flower beds… let’s see how they fair in the coming weeks.

    Does anyone know of a garden centre with a good selection of seeds in Bahrain?

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