17 Apr, '06

Have you seen this person:

Amira Al-Hussaini

She’s supposed to be in Bahrain at the moment, but she has not been spotted anywhere yet.

Can everyone please plaster her picture on their blogs, and on milk cartons, posters stapled on trees and electricity poles, in order to pin her down for a quick dinner/drink/coffee/tea/pepsi meeting one of these nights before she disappears again?

How about this Wednesday at 8 at the Country Club? Or any other location you like?

Ta very much.

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  1. She doesn’t answer emails either Mahmood. Though I suspect she is responsable for me being published (AGAIN!) in the GDN yesterday.

    If you do happen to find her buy her a Coke and a donut for me please!

  2. Anonymous says:

    who is she?????

  3. Click on “Her Majesty’s” photo to discover the answer to the question you have asked.

  4. I was just going to believe plaster her picture on my blog!!

  5. Ibn says:

    I really hope she is ok…just disappeared??


  6. mahmood says:

    yeah.. hasn’t been updating her blog either, but that’s understandable. She’s officially a tourist now!

  7. mahmood says:

    Well, as no one seems to be interested in a gathering with Amira, it’s off tonight. I’ll call Amira privately and see if we can arrange going out to dinner or a drink together.

  8. Ibn says:

    Who’s Amira?

  9. mahmood says:

    Ah, Amira is that nice woman who has been kidnapped and taken to Canada by force, finally released and currently holidaying in her native Bahrain before she is yanked to the cold once again for her to pine for the salt of this very earth which is Bahrain!

  10. Are you serious?

    Taken to Canada by force?

    Is she really missing?

  11. Ibn says:

    wait wait…

    She was kidnapped TO Canada?…..from bahrain?….. by who? why? when?


  12. mahmood says:

    Oh for God’s sake… It’s a joke!

    I hope Amira will come out of her hiding and let us all know how she is and how she is enjoying her holiday amongst her closest and dearest in Bahrain. She must be kept completely to themselves as no one heard from her (in a good way) since she came back on holiday here.

    Amira joined her husband who is furthering his medical studies in Canada for 3 years or so.

    AMIRAAAAAA where are you?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Can someone from Canada kidnap me from Egypt? Cause, like, that would be SUPER!

  14. mahmood says:

    hehahhehheahah 😀 brilliant!

  15. Ibn

    You need to lighten up and read the posts! Or are you just trolling along on this thread?

    Can some kidnap me from the US and drop me off in Bahrain for 2 or 3 months as well?

  16. Anonymous says:

    There are many stuff Amira has to catchup with over there in Bahrain, for example, a relative who passed away last month. Amira, you take your time darling.

  17. mahmood says:

    Huh? Didn’t know that.. my condolances Amira.

    I talked to her this afternoon and she never mentioned it. What a brave girl.

    Guys we HAVE to get together with her before she leaves again. I propose the Country Club next Saturday (22 Apr). Any takers?

    I’m going to be abroad from the 24th through the 28th I think

  18. ooops! Sorry mahmood, I just stumbled onto your blog recently & did not know any background information.

    anonymous(Egypt) sure!
    If you pay for my dream Egyptian vacation & take me on a guided tour, I’ll bring you back in my carry on luggage. Hope your small!

    Unfortunately you’ll have to live in my garden shed, my house is quite small.

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