What the hell are they going on about?

3 May, '06

The BNA again (Bahrain Nincompoops Agency for the uninitiated.) I have no idea what this news-piece is about and my head is spinning just trying to follow the long sentances, so forget about me trying to even start to understand what the hell they’re going on about.. thus, I would appreciate a helping hand: could you tell me in plain terms what’s pressed their button?

PM stresses news Transparency and Validity

date: 03 05, 2006
Manama, May 3, (BNA) The Minister of State for cabinet Affairs and President of the Central Informatics Organization (CIO), Shaikh Ahmed bin Atiyatalla Al Khalifa, announced that HH the Prime Minister is emphasizing the importance of adhering to the Government policy of openness, transparency and accountability by ordering all ministers to make sure that any news, declarations or comments should be attributed to a known source.
He also stressed the importance of avoiding the state of confusion and uncertainty spread by unknown and deluding sources. Atiyatallah pointed to the way that the recent cases of non-sourced news and comments about current affairs affected public opinion. He assured the public that the government policy is to continue with its unwavering transparency and openness and urged all newspapers to take note of that and refrain from publishing non- sourced news or comments. He revealed that the Prime Minister took a decision on this matter and emphasized that the government will spare no efforts in maintaining the clarity of its position through acknowledged sources which is in the interest of stability and in keeping with the government’s keenness to adequately and fully inform citizens about relevant public issues.
BNA :: 3 May ’06

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  1. Translated:

    No leaking of info without prior permission and a suitable scapegoat in place to take the heat should it be needed.

    Also a veiled threat to the media about printing items without full permission to do so concerning “anonymous sources”.

    Does that help?

  2. Ingrid says:

    That reminds me of some of those political science journal articles and books I had to read for my degree. A lot of ‘bleeblaableeblaablaa’ and usually something that can be reduced to a few key points or to a one paragraph instead of a page and then some of that nonsense. CW making case in point.
    I learned to read between the lines I tell you..however, without taking poli sci courses, I guess people in Bahrain can do the same!

  3. Ibn says:

    A Ninconpoop!!! Havent heard that in a while… heheh, my dad used to call me that. Ahh, memories, memories…


  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m getting ‘vibes’ that he is talking (circuitously) around the issue of blogs and messageboards on the Internet… he’s getting paranoid and hearing footsteps. He wants the public to disregard media (on the Internet) which is not “official.” Does it have to bear the official Royal Seal in Wax in order to be believed??? Stuff you read on that dang Internet should not be believed! He is speaking in Arabesques like the designs in a rug. Did he originally use Literary (High) Arabic to express this? This is a hybrid form of Literary/Buracratic Arabic.

    Thank God, he’s “unwavering!” 🙂


  5. Joker says:

    Couldn’t have said it any better than Cerebral Waste.

  6. mahmood says:

    Button, the BNA is the source of my daily laughter, especially in English. This article was no doubt machine translated form Arabic. The machine in this case is someone with an old Arabic/English disctionary and a 6th primary graduation certificate.

  7. Anonymous says:

    How do you spell ‘dictionary’ ?
    Yours pedantically. . .

  8. gbaikie says:

    Maybe CW is right.

    But it could simply mean that it is reminding [or ordering] newspapers to quote sources, instead of newspapers article saying “some person in the government said, Blah, blah”. Or “everyone saying, Blah, blah”

    It could even be read to be like western standards in which the paper editors can know the source even if exact source isn’t cited in newspaper article. In other words there should be known source for the information of a story. The problem with my take on it is that newspapers shouldn’t really need this kind of instruction- because it’s standard journalism.
    Anyhow, if a newspapers doesn’t use sources then it’s melely a gossip rag and doesn’t inform the public.

  9. b_e says:

    It could mean two things, depending on your mood.

    If you’re feeling optimistic, it means that the Prime Minister doesn’t want to emulate what goes on in the US, in which government officials, sometimes as intentional policy, make “leaks” to friendly reporters when they want to say something that deviates from or is too mean-spirited for the official message.

    But if you’re feeling realistic, I’m guessing the Prime Minister doesn’t want the press to report anything said by the real leakers, who are officials who risk losing their jobs if they are identified in the press, because they reveal something genuinely embarrassing.

    In either case, I think the cure is worse than the disease.

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