Innovation alone doesn’t feed the babies

9 May, '06

SiliconGraphics, the company without which Jurrasic Park would have not been made, and the company which provided huge compute servers and workstations to assist in the discovery and recovery of oil wealth, has announced that it is under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection now.

How very sad. I have been selling SGI since 1993 and have made some good sales with them, but unfortunately over the last few years the effects of that bastard Rick Belluzzo crippled the company. It was him who decided to have a humungous brainfart and bled the resources of SGI in producing Windows NT machines, defocusing the company’s efforts away from supercomputing and supergraphics which they were (and still are) one of the best in the industry.

I hope that restructuring plan they’re undergoing now produces results, and hope that they will be enough to save the company from a fate worse than death.

Just go back to basics guys, you were good once and you started the computer graphics revolution, it’s going to be really hard now to recapture a wave or even start one, but at least try to identify what you’re really good at and stick to it.

What a shame… me sad.

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  1. dag says:

    Sad but predictable!

    Though i love my O2, it is (and was, even at release in 1996) a slow computer, with little software support, and a couple of niche markets (movies, scientific, servers), at huge cost.

    Post 1995 lack of updates to the “hardcore” GUI didn’t make things any better (for us artists).

    Sometimes its interesting to do a comparison with Apple… Their hardware was also often underpowered & overpriced, but they had the software; Adobe (SGI lost PS updates in 1995?), and e.g. Shake (wisely shut down the windows port!). SGI-owned A/W ported Maya to NT, rather shooting themselves in the foot!

    Oh well, in a few years I’ll pick up a 4x1ghz Tezro from eBay, just for the hell of it!

  2. LiB Team says:

    I remember SGI Mahmood! Ever since JP and I was always dreaming of owning a graphical wonder masterpiece! Maybe that’s why on a home computing scale I go for the best retail graphics card as soon as it’s released lol (currently own an ATi Radeon X800XT Platinum Edition with 256 MB RAM), wanna go for ATi Radeon X1900XTX w/ 512 MB RAM!

    But yeah it was thanks to SGIs that I was interested in having uptodate graphics for my PC.

  3. mahmood says:

    JP as in the previous SGI MENA manager?

  4. mahmood says:

    dag I’ve got a couple of O2s and an Octane in the office going cheap if you want ’em! 😉

  5. LiB Team says:

    nope Jurrasic Park lol

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