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10 May, '06

How long does it take to get a committee at the Chamber of Commerce to meet? We’ve had the elections months ago and all committees have been assigned and their chairmen and their members decided.

At the Young Businesspersons Committee we’ve already held two constructive meetings, so why is it that the IT & eCommerce Committee has not held a single meeting yet? And why is it that when they do announce a date and time to meet, no one turns up including its chairman?

Come on gentlemen, get your act together, this is one of the key committees which must activate its proper role in the field, the first of which is have an inaugural meeting. How difficult could that be?

Or is it that its chairman is probably busier in political spheres?

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  1. bahraini4eva says:

    That is the main problem Mahmood. Some of the board members chose not to work and simply decide to become part of the Chamber in order to jerk around and be seen in the papers with the King every once in awhile. The board members and members of committees such as you who are productive and hardworking, end up having to do the whole task alone. My suggestion would be to boot this guy out and have him replaced by some capable businessman willing to devote his time and energy for this committee. I doubt that will happen though since this guy was elected to his post, just like some other useless men in the Chamber.

  2. Anonymous says:

    from personal experience the chamber is a waste of time , so is the shura council…and hmmmmm MP’s….the whole chamber should be redone so do the others. Don’t even waste your time with this shit Mahmood. How did you vote for the president of your comittee?did you follow the herd? if yes then tough luck baby, just don’t bother even showing up.

    you want to move up in ranks, just lick the DICK baby! u know what i’m talking about…..haha

  3. mahmood says:

    bahraini4eva, the head of that committee is rather active in the chamber, he’s one of the vice chairs I think.

    anon: so you were a Shura member? Wow, I am honoured by your visit, and look forward to more of your advice on how to turn this country around, specifically the shura and the chamber.

    As to your particular tried and trusted methods of climbing professional ladders, I would not want to travel that route as you have done; apologies. I’m not judging you, mind. To each his own…

    I’ll just persevere and provide something back to the community that raised me, without waiting for approbation or reward.

  4. bahraini4eva says:

    “the whole chamber should be redone so do the others. Don’t even waste your time with this shit Mahmood.”

    Mr. Anonymous,
    I will have to disagree with you on this position, as I believe that the Chamber has a lot to contribute to the business community, and already has taken the steps to improve it’s performance. To simply sit down and go on with pointless accusations, will result in no effective change and positive results. There is definitely a certain degree of beaurocracy especially concerning the election of some worthless members as you have mentioned, but this does NOT mean the WHOLE Chamber has nothing to offer. Some board members along with active committee members work day and night in this VOLUNTEERING task, and so should be applauded for their continuous hard work in giving to the business community. Stop talking nonsense and start acting. Do something like Mahmood is to bring better change. Quite frankly though I don’t expect any of that from you, as it seems from you comment that you have nothing to offer!

    “you want to move up in ranks, just lick the DICK baby!”
    Really funny. You crack me up. Like I said earlier, NOTHING to offer!

  5. bahraini4eva says:

    “the head of that committee is rather active in the chamber, he’s one of the vice chairs I think.”

    Indeed he is the Vice Chairman, but any member who cannot lead a committee should not lead the committee. Unless he wants to start holding meetings (ONE meeting at least) and organizing events and asking for businessmen feedback from this very significant sector, I don’t believe he should be in this position. He may still very well be a Vice Chairman and become a member of certain committees, but to be a chairman one must be capable of exhibiting leadership skills and work vigorously to permit progression. Again, I have nothing against him, and like you said he may very well be an active member, but come on, I think it’s time to get down to business in order for this particular committee to finally see the light!!

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