The Tunnel

12 May, '06

HK Tunnel by Kieran O'Carrol

DSC02486, originally uploaded by FLYbyNIGHT.

No, this is not off a computer game screen, this is a shot captured in real life by my friend, mentor and teacher Kieran O’Carrol who now works for Cathay Pacific and lives in Hong Kong. Bahrain certainly lost an excellent teacher when he left, but life goes on and I can see that he is thoroughly enjoying himself whilst selflessly imparting some of his knowledge.

I was privileged to have been taught Avionix Engineering by Kieran while we both worked for Gulf Air in the ’80s and ’90s. Thanks again Kieran!

Kieran has also posted some brilliant pictures in his Sai Kung set on Flickr.

Highly recommended.

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  1. Khalid says:

    I’d have to say, that tunnel shot is amazin, makes it look endless and at the same time, give you a feelin that you’re in a matrixish type of world.

  2. skribe says:

    It looks like the one that goes under the harbour. Damn fun ride let me tell you. I think it cost a private consortium two billion (that’s ‘B’ for billion) to build and they were expecting to get their money back over twenty years. It took them only 9 months IIRC. Great pic.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mahmood…thanks for the very nice words! I’m not sure who was teaching and who was learning…clearly the best form of knowledge transfer! My time with you and Gulf Air was great experience and I believe I took more away from Bahrain than I could possibly thank you all for. Most especially – the warm Bahraini welcome and acceptance made all the difference to my family and I. All I can say is that GF lost a great Avionic Engineer when you decided to move on. On the other hand it appears Bahrain has gained a great advocate! Fair trade I’d say! k.

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