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17 May, '06
Show us your support, Boycott Batelco!

The site is complete and up and running on a full head of steam now. It took me a while but finally everything is in place.

I couldn’t get the old guestbook database unfortunately, but I have created complete static pages of all the previous content, so your comments are not lost. I have installed a fresh version of the guestbook for people to continue to register their comments.

Now is the time for us to continue and re-gain the momentum. PLEASE do put a link on your site referring back to it, the url is

We need some graphics to be done: buttons, banners, and other nice (small) things that people can plug on their various sites. If you’re a designer and can design something nice, please submit it to me at as soon as possible. If we use your work, you will get full credit.

My effort is shown above, please copy and paste the code on your site and spread the word!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sadly Mahmood, I think it\’s over, in the 2 days the site was down, you lost the anger and momentum that the site had going for it.

    Before it was at street level, now it\’s a select educated and technical few which alienate the \’ordinary webbie\’ that will migrate to the new site, before \’BoycottBatelco\’ was powered by the people, now it looks like it\’s powered by you. I think it has been tampered with beyond repair and Batelco will be relieved.

  2. mahmood says:

    Let’s hope that we can regain the momentum and more importantly your support.

    Come on, stop complaining and start making some noise!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mahmood – Are you sure you’re not going to get done for defamation?
    On another note; I think the color scheme on the site should change. What ever happened to that Boycott Batelco calling card? I quite liked that.

  4. mahmood says:

    Why should I be done for defamation? I didn’t defame anyone!

    I’ve been really busy at work that I don’t have time to dedicate to “niceties” and that’s a major reason why I chose to go with a dynamic back-end rather than continue with static pages. If you wish to offer a hand to design a WordPress theme you are more than welcome.

  5. Nawab of Kabab says:

    The only way we can bring it back to ‘street level’ is when we avoid technical jargon while explaining our position to the ‘ordinary webbie’, as Anonymous put it. Let the guy on the street know exactly how this ‘treshold limit nonsense’ is going to affect his web experience, and then you’ll find most people waking up to reality. What’s happening now is that Batelco’s PR machinery is spinning this spiel on how good they really are and how it’s going to help everyone… and those who dont understand technology (meaning a majority of blokes) dont think it’s a big deal what Batelco is doing.

  6. MooDy says:

    I think Mahmood has done more than he should do really…
    Best Speach was given by him , took over the webby , gathering us on his blog to discus the issue and making plans ….
    Now dont forget that he got a family too … We should be thankful .
    Good work Moo 🙂
    tnx 4 everything .

  7. MooDy says:

    speech * rofl …

  8. MoClippa says:

    Anon has a point that maybe we should elaborate on…

    In the first boycott batelco reply to Peter (CEO) when you (was it you mahmood?) made reference to the old sites slightly over emotional tone, you noted that we as Arabs, are prone to attaching emotion to things because (and I don’t have the e-mail in front so I may be misrepresenting what you said) that is what we’ve normally been accustomed to culturally or something or other…

    Well the point I’m trying to make is that, by increasing the objectivity of the site to the degree you have, is it pushing away that base of people whose interest was spurred by the emotional overtones? Is that base also primarily the ‘ordinary webbie’

    Your mass linking idea is also good for both blog and google search advertising, but has the site lost its ‘cultural ZING’ with the increased objectivity

    Then again its a good idea you have done that. At this point it would be best to be careful with how you choose your words because of the amount of toes you could be stepping over, the only way to do that is to be objective… but how are you going to balance that against loosing the ‘ordinary webbie’ by getting into all this technical jargon…..

    Whatever, let the stats speak for themselves once you get this campaign in production mode! – Good luck, take care!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Mahmood is a nice guy, we all know that from reading his site, but on an issue as serious as this, we dont need an ego to deal with, but we have ended up with Batelco versus the people versus Mahmood’s claim to fame.

    I dont know what the original BB team were thinking by passing it over to you Mahmood? Honestly, we had a good thing going, a winning team even. But it has to be said that as much as I admire your outspokeness and your penchant for going against the flow, taking on boycottbahrain was a bad idea in the extreme.

    I admire you and what you do, I read your site often and have been impressed, but this move is a HUGE mistake. You cannot link a mass of people under the name of one man (you!) This is beyond one man’s ego, before we all felt united, we were all focused on a common enemy, we did not need a ‘leader’ Bahrain is small and insignificant in terms of the big world out there, we have to keep this battle contained, we do not need personalities in it, it is US against them, no time for personalities or egos!

    It makes me sad to know that it maybe, just maybe, we could have made Batelco suffer and change path. I know you had the good of the cause at heart, but to fart about with the original layout was a BAD idea, to link YOUR name to the cause was a BAD idea, to limit the format to those who are familiar with wordpress was a BAD idea, it looks to me like this cause is handy for you to reach for a bigger audience Mahmood.

    I am an avid reader, I think you are original and brave for blogging as you do in Bahrain, but I cannot but think that you dealt a massive blow to Batelco’s opposition by becoming the face of what should have been ‘the voice of the people’ and not, the voice of Mahmood!

  10. meddo says:

    you’ve got a point Anonymous to a certain extent.

    some movements require a figure to lead them, such a leader is someone they can associate with etc. etc. etc. (i really won’t be bothered reinventing the wheel here..) at the same time, some movements work better when not affiliated to a certain name or person, though i’m more than certain that wasn’t mahmood’s intention, it just ended up being that way, the audience got pulled into that aspect.

    better question now is not what mistakes were made, but rather what’s the best approach to handle the whole issue and to find an alternative solution to and a way to get people back on track on the whole issue.

    personally, i believe it would be a good idea to educate people on the alternatives that currently exist, and the possible alternatives that would come up in the future.

  11. BinShehab says:

    Anonymous, we must thank Mahmood for what he did for the website, and for your information he is famous before taking over the website, we must thank him and appreciate what he did not attacking him on his blog and anonymously, it was a very good idea he associate his name with the website and it gave the problem with Batelco a name and we all supporting him, Batelco can’t deal with people who hide in the there head in the sand and I don’t truest coward people who can’t reviled there names, he put his name in the front and it encounter risk, that I don’t think Mahmood fear from, and at the end it need some courageous to do that.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I couldn’t agree more with anon. The whole campaign has been greatly compromised for the sake of one man getting some publicity out of it!

  13. meddo says:

    correct me if i’m wrong, was it early 2000 that mahmood got the site up and running? if not before that… that’s quite some time! that’s a person to respect.

  14. angelo says:

    This is a wild try but does anyone here know where one can purchase Alcaltel SDH transmission equipment in Bahrain?

    thanks 🙂

  15. angelo says:

    typo* alcatel. 😉

  16. MooDy says:

    Oh well lets “say” that u r rite ,if u say so … why dont u do somthing about Batelco rather than pointing your finger @ Mahmood ?
    Why did’nt U pick the mic , stoodUp ” if u were there in the first place” and asked or said somthing to them ..?
    Why did’nt U build a site to annoy Baty and make it clear to people what Baty is doin .?
    Why are you Hiding Behind Annonymous anyway ? “who cares? heh”

    As binShehab said … “he is famous before taking over the website” and thats so true …

    So cool it mate … dont start accusin ppl arround ya if u cant download your favorite movies ny more ..
    U r not the only 1 sufferin out the new Packages … we are all in this ..

  17. meddo says:

    angelo, tried ebay? ;0)

  18. MooDy says:

    Angelo ??? looks like someone gota new Super connection hahahah …

  19. angelo says:

    Meddo thanks for the suggestion 🙂 But am looking for a vendor or vendors here in Bahrain. I mean there MUST be someone place here which has this stuff.

    Moody: haven’t got one yet…:D

    Any Batelco competitors out there? looking forward to yo suggestions.

  20. angelo says:

    Also is all these stats at TRA’s site from Batelco, they don’t mention how the data was obtained but if it isn’t Batelco’s stats then where do those numbers come from?

  21. mahmood says:

    Anon I have thought about that too and the thoughts you brought up were at the forefront of my mind at the time I was approached to lend a hand. Let me tell you that had I not taken it up, it would have died. Let me also tell you that the brave people who started this whole thing felt cornered and pursued. There is no way that they could have continued what they were doing.

    To some extent you are correct in that when it was anonymous it had “the push”, and it had its own spirit, however, the initiators of the site felt that even with that, it needed a “face” to be associated with and to represent the community when meetings are called between parties, obviously you can’t do that if you were anonymous.

    They felt that it is impossible to carry on with the site as it had (1) achieved its initial objective (exposing the unfair practices of Batelco regarding its Internet offerings) and (2) meetings (with Batelco, TRA, MPs, Newspapers, Websites, etc) must take place to propagate the cause and that required a face, they were familiar with me and thought that I could be sincere to their efforts. They could have easily given the site to anyone else, they haven’t.

    I’m not getting anything out of this other than trying to get Batelco to see the error of their ways and if and when they do I shall enjoy an unlimited connection, like you and others would. I’m unsure as to how my ego would benefit from this.

    Leaving ego out of the situation, let me reiterate that this is not and should never be an individual effort. I welcome any number of hands (and thanks to all those who offered and started working with me) to bring this project to its rightful conclusion. If anyone feels that they can do a better job that me, they are welcome to the site, the objective is not my fame, but Batelco’s acquiescence to providing a service worth having in this country.

  22. Anon2 says:

    I call BS on anon’s comments. what are you? Batelco PR guy? you surely sound like one.

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