Two ٍStupid Llamas!

17 May, '06

Stupid Sheared Llamas

Two Sheared Llamas, originally uploaded by X-travalueMeal#2.

Okay they might not be stupid, but that was the movie saying and it has become (for a time) the favourite saying of everyone in the house when we get pissed off about something, especially by my wife!

This picture appears to be real, of sheared Llamas.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Aww that pic actually upsets me! I love Llamas, they look like the punk kids of the animal world (you need only look at their head hair…) Poor poor lovely Llamas!

    Plus not a word can beat “donkey” (7emar) for stupidity purposes.


  2. AGA says:

    I understand the shearing e.g. to obtain wool, but what use are the top front teeth? Why remove those? 🙂

  3. Sally says:

    I always think of camels when I see a Llama for some reason – something about the aloof expression.

  4. tooners says:

    are they removing the teeth? if so, why?

    what a sweet looking pic. they’re much smaller than i expected. all wool seems like.

  5. Ingrid says:

    Sorry for the lama lovers here (actuall, I really do like lamas and pacas) but they do look kinda dorky in a sheared poodle sort of way..funny pic though! LOL

  6. Aliandra says:


    They belong to the same family (the camelids) along with alpacas and vicunas. In the Andes countries, they make clothing from the wool of all three. Vicuna wool is the finest, but also the priciest. I think the llama has the thickest neck and is bigger overall – I didn’t get very good at telling them apart.

    But they all spit.

  7. Ingrid says:

    …But they all spit.”

    LOL…oh the stories they could tell (“did you see that guy looking at me, let me show him “)

    Alpacas..that’s the word I was looking for. Apparently around Dallas somewhere (about 3 hrs from here) there is a family who started to raise Alpacas, they are pretty cute.

  8. My neighbours used to have Alpacas. Like a small lama. They look even worse after a shear. People used to think they were starved.

    I’ve been told they actually liked to be sheared in the hot summer.

    Funny thing about them is that as a group they constantly fight over the highest spots. In the case of my neighbour it was a small dirt mound in the middle of the yard about 1 foot high. All day long each Alpaca would attempt to take over and occupy the mount for himself. Sort of like playing “king of the castle”.

    It must be an instinct of some sort.

  9. CharlesWT says:

    Llamas have a strong guarding instinct. Perhaps part of the instinct is to use the highest elevation available.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hehe thank you Elune for the link, that song is addictive in the most childish sense, and I love it! hehe


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