The Border

2 Jun, '06

The Border

The Border, originally uploaded by malyousif.

Thought some of you would like to see where those zinnias are in my garden… this is one border that I have been working on and as you can see, it looks pretty.

Enjoy your Friday!

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  1. Johnster says:

    I’m in NYC for three weeks…seeing photo’s of flowers in Bahrain makes me strangely homesick!!

  2. Sally says:

    Zinnias are such happy flowers!

    And Johnster, enjoy the thunderstorms while you are here – they have been dramatic :-).

  3. mahmood says:

    So THAT’S where you disappeared to Johnster! Give me a call and let’s do lunch when you get back. Enjoy NY.

  4. K from Oslo says:

    The border looks beatiful, Mahmood. I love the zinnias, though I haven’t seen that kind before. The colour is stunning.

  5. Johnster says:

    Sally – you’re spot on. I got totally drenched last night in an amazing lightning storm amongst the skyscrapers. The streets looked like the canals of Venice. But Sally, how do you know – do you live in Manhattan?

  6. billT says:

    Mahmood Does Bahrain have a National Guard? You can call them out to make sure no grass crosses your border.

  7. Paul PRC says:


    Are you unwell or something? I always used to enjoy reading your blog but you recently seem to have lost momentum or any meaning.

    Your Zinnia border is lovely but I hope it is not going to the “Garden of Rememberance”.

    Please get well soon and light a few sparks again.

  8. mahmood says:

    Call it hiatus Paul… but rest assured that should anything crop up that I think is worth discussing and share my views on the subject, I shall.

  9. Anonymous says:


    Do the Zinnias tolerate direct sun , and where can I get them? I want to plant them at both sides of the entrance of my house which is east facing and the sun hits it till 1:00 PM usually.

    Also what do you suggest for alternatives?


  10. mahmood says:

    Yes they do. I got the seeds from Jassim’s in Budaiya. The border you see above is North facing, but does get the full sun throughout the day and they haven’t complained.

    Germination is pretty fast, you’ll see the shoots in about a week, thin them out at 4 weeks. Give them a good watering every 3 days or so on top of the drip system if you have that.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, any other flowering plants I can plant?

  12. tooners says:

    They look marvelous! They’re so healthy. The border looks great. 🙂

  13. melody says:

    Plan to snap off fading flowers below the bloom (called deadheading) or plan to cut blossoms for bouquets. That forces the plant to send out side shoots with more flowers. Don’t forget to fertilize! Your blossoms look tall and healthy. I think you do have a green thumb. Just retire and open a garden nursery.

  14. mahmood says:

    have you been reading minds Melody? 😉

  15. Paul PRC says:

    Sheikh Isa created the “Garden of Arabia” – please don’t ever imagine that your borders can compare to the magnificent public contribution to society that King Hamed’s father’s control made.

    (I’m sure you don’t but I just thought that a reality check was in order….).

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