Bye bye Batelco!

5 Jun, '06

Santa has just left my office and left me 10 presents, as you can see here… the migration from Batelco has started in earnest!

MTC Vodafone sim cards

Here are some instructions which you might find useful if you are considering the switch-over.

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  1. Entrtnd says:

    Looks like an act of desperation on MTC’s part. They’re known to give away freebies like that – which can’t be a good sign! Batelco is the lesser of 2 evils…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Congratz!! Welcome to the Other Side 🙂 I’ve made the move a long time back and didnt look back at all.. doesnt it feel good to have some choice atleast?? I only hope to feel this way in other services like Internet soon

  3. mahmood says:

    Entrtnd wrong end of the stick.

    These are all post-paid packages, thank you very much, and most certainly not free. However, the monthly rental is one quarter of what Batelco charged us (BD2 instead of 8 per month) and their per-minute charges are slightly better, but the facilities as I understand them (didn’t explore yet) are many times better than Batelco.

  4. Entrtnd says:

    My bad.

    I think Batelco has a BD2 package – I’m not pro-anyone by the way, just trying to see both sides of the story.

    Good luck 🙂

  5. Jonathan says:

    one question: is there only one internet provider in Baharin or is Batelco the supplier of infrastructure and service for your ADSL connection?

  6. mahmood says:

    Jonathan, Batelco is the only ISP, virtually, in Bahrain. No one else is really in contention with them. They own the infrastructure too. See for more info.

  7. User1 says:

    Off the topic a bit, did you see the new TRA Awareness Campaign lately?!? what a shock!! Basically: If you have a complaint, go talk to your provider! if it’s not solved within 2 whole long months then go to the TRA, and supposedly they will fix the problem – within an undefined period!!! How low of the TRA can they go!?!?!

    ..What’s the point of all this?? to further push the point that you shouldn’t bother complaining?? who’s going to wait 2 months minimum for a solution or an answer?? If this ‘campaign’ won’t deter multinationals from coming to Bahrain, what will!

    I just feel like SUEING THEM ! They are in breach of the Telecoms Law section 3(b)1 and 3(c )17.. SIMPLE ! I am not being protected here as a user (thanks to the TRA’s approval of the new internet packages) and I am not being protected again by the very organization by LAW who is supposed to protect me in the first place!

    In response to this, No I am not going to complain to the operators, I am going to complain to YOU the TRA, and if I feel like it (if there is a willing group out there and a good Lawyer to trust), I will sue them!

    Totally Saddened User

  8. KoOKiE says:

    Good work Mahmood

    I shifted my lines same day after the seminar at crowne plaza coz i knew what was coming and its still going on…..

    Waiting Desperately for another ISP to enter.

    Yea carry on the good work :).

  9. Anonymous says:

    For what it’s worth, Mahood, I am going to start my own (NEW) blog soon. Thank you, many times over! You have a very good blog!

    —Citizen Quasar

  10. alfanan says:

    Just wanted to check and see how MTC are treating you so far. Notice any difference in the quality of the lines?

    I’m not sure about this, but don’t they have some sort of a way to connect to the internet using your cell phone?

  11. mahmood says:

    I’m just using mine as a normal phone at the moment, didn’t have time to explore all the goodies. Their coverage seems to be okay, although I did suffer some line drops which I’m not sure who to blame for. Generally thumbs up so far.

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