6 Jun, '06

Hey, it’s the 6th of June ’06, so it MUST be the day of the Devil!

I wonder when Mohammed Khalid and his lot will wake up to this day as he must think that some Satanic cult will be getting it on tonight at midnight or explode some of his regular brainfarts about this pet subject of his!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    so what time is the worship tonight. do we bring our own alchol.
    p.s. i’m not a member of the ‘rich boy brigade’ so can i join too if i supply the Booze?

  2. tooners says:

    hahahahahha… i’m starting to sprout horns and a tail!

  3. mahmood says:

    oooh.. can I watch? ;>


  4. alfanan says:

    I’ll arrange the Metal music 🙂

  5. mahmood says:

    DAMN you two are cool! 🙂

  6. Sid says:

    Hahahahah! Happy 666 guys – turn up the metal, bring out your goth-wear, put your mohawks into effect and let’s have a PARTY!!!

    Oh and don’t forget – The Omen remake is out tonight!!

  7. tooners says:

    oh Mahmood… you devil !

  8. ByronB says:

    You can laugh, but I was woken up from a deep sleep at 6 minutes past 6 this morning by some idiot revving a van.

  9. HMD says:

    A remake of “The Omen” has been launched in the UK.

  10. Ingrid says:

    so since the ‘666’ day for you guys are over..anything bad happen?
    Didn’t think so, didn’t realize that in Islam it was considered a scary thing also..live and learn and live and learn I always do when I visit your den..

  11. MoClippa says:

    Kill all babies… inform parliment… we must act soon…. Kill all babies!

  12. MoClippa says:

    Well I certainly hope no one forgot their pigs blood!

  13. Jared in NYC says:

    I don’t think you guys should be making fun of the Beast. (Glancing around nervously, voice cracking, wheedling) Er.. I, for one, welcome the iron rule of our new Dark Overlord!

  14. mahmood says:

    must have been the devil’s work, but three comments were marked as spam and I just retrieved them from the bit bucket! Sorry about that Clippa and ByronB.

  15. i saw the omen remake last nigt, the 6PM show 😀
    great movie, i just miss the original soundtrack…

    Ave Satani
    Sanguis Bibimus
    Corpus Edimus
    Tolle Corpus Satani

    Sanguis Bibimus
    Corpus Edimus
    Tolle Corpus Satani
    Sanguis Bibimus
    Corpus Edimus

    i guess i’ll be arrested soon :p

  16. MoClippa says:

    Saw it today… nothing compared to the original… but then again, I lived on the original growing up! My friends liked it though, so maybe I’m just being picky!

  17. MoClippa says:

    Oh and thanks for picking out our comments Mahmood… I know i may have sounded a bit extreme demanding that we kill all babies… must have been the heat of the moment.

    To clarify, I meant that we should kill Satans baby… so, don’t kill any babies not born on 666 people… lets keep it real. 🙂

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