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11 Jun, '06

Via the effervescent Roba, I got to the Independent’s list of 20 things one MUST know how to do, written by individual field specialists, is an article worth reading and practicing; from how to scramble eggs (which I don’t agree with) to tips on the art of listening by Larry King.

So, Ruba my lovely, this is my way of scrambling eggs:

1. Get 4 eggs
2. Crack them into a deep bowl, add salt and pepper to taste
3. Whisk the hell out of them
4. Get a good pan, smaller is better
5. Throw in a couple of bars of butter, enough to give taste but not enough to give you a heart attack… you know your limit… me? I love butter, so I always put an extra clump in there
6. LOW HEAT, as low as can be, remember we’re trying to make scrambled eggs, not an omlette or a piece of leather!
7. Once the butter has melted, make sure that the oil is actually coating the whole pan
8. Before it gets too hot, pour the whisked eggs into the pan
9. Get a wooden spoon and then SLOWLY stir the eggs mixing it with the butter and KEEP stirring all the time, never stop, don’t go for a smoke, or microwave bread, or anything else. Scrambling the eggs is your sacred duty, so you should have already prepare a plate to receive the eggs when ready, microwaved your pita bread, and got the tea at least brewing in the tea pot before you stand at the cooker
10. Whilst stirring, make sure that no part of the pan collects and solidifies the eggs. That would be a cardinal sin. All the goo in there should be at the same consistency.
11. Once the consistency is achieved, immediately pour onto the plate
12. LEAVE TO SIT for at least 3 minutes; remember that eggs CONTINUE to cook even after you take them off the heat, so always aim to remove the eggs before they reach the consistency you normally like, this will come with experience.
13. I like my scrambled eggs a bit runny, so I never allow them to fully cook before I remove them off the fire, and I personally never put black pepper in the mix as I find that it solidify the eggs a lot sooner… I always add pepper later.
14. Set on a plate, pour your milky tea and tuck in with properly warmed pita bread.

Now THAT is a breakfast I could wake up to every single day of my life… I love scrambled eggs!

Roba my sweet, when we meet – as I am sure we shall – I’ll cook you my special scrambled eggs, but NOT at 3 in the morning!!!

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  1. Ingrid says:

    Mahmoud (and Ruba)..what an interesting list! I am sure that when it comes to actual ‘life skills’ though, or ‘survivor skills’ , they are lacking some. Since you have an active and participating readership, perhaps you can start another version of ‘must have skills’ to have and open the floor..what say you?
    I say one skill important skill to have; adaptibility. I am drawing on the several very different countries that I have lived in. Grew up in the Netherlands, emigrated to Canada as a young adult, lived in Saudi Arabia for a few years, then back to Canada. Then..moved to the US. The adaptability part comes with learning to listen to your heart to know when to adopt something from the country you live in, culturally, socially, even politically) to knowing where your own (influenced by home country with their values etc) values and customs should be adhered to. Also, adaptability means, not complaining (well, not too often) about how things are different than where you came from, but finding the good parts of where you currently are. Trust me..learnt that one while living in KSA! One of the things I learned to appreciate living in KSA (ok, joke coming up, don’t be too upset with me..)..the Causeway leading to Bahrain where one could/can take mental breaks from saudi life…(hmm..there are more but then..this is Mahmoud’s den, I’m merely visiting..)

  2. Roba says:

    LOL, yay! Thanks a lot for your recipe, I’ll certainly give it a chance (and pray that it won’t turn out fried!)

  3. A life skill everyone should have is to be able to figure out which way is north from the position of the sun.


  4. skribe says:

    Hmmm. I prefer 2 eggs and 1/3 cup of cream. And it needs to be cooked quickly in a non-stick pan with plenty of butter (as per your recipe).

  5. Ingrid says:

    whoops…did I say ‘ruba’?? I meant Roba!

  6. Karin says:

    WOW, I didn’t know to prepare scrambled eggs is a science! The recipe does look good though – I especially like all the attention you’re paying do details … but NOT the “huge” amount of butter!
    I’ll try it your way – less fat though – but ALL the attention! I am sure it’ll come out GREAT!

  7. scrambled eggs without ketchup, No way lol my husband thinks im an unclassy eater bcos my using ketchup but seriously u gotta have some ketchup wit scrambled eggs u dono what u missing lol

  8. Bogus says:

    What the .. No tomatoes? … bai’9 6ma6

  9. Don Cox says:

    I prefer to add a small amount of milk to the mix. No milk in an omelette, but some in scrambled eggs.

    If you put the salt in the egg-stirring bowl, it tends to get left behind. Better to put it in the pan with the butter.

    Adding the pepper at the end is a good suggestion. Also, any chopped tomatoes (which are optional) go in right at the end. I do not think ketchup is a good idea!

    Eat scrambled eggs on two slices of buttered toast.

  10. Publia says:

    That is way too much work. I have tried all the recipes and you should try this one. Take a skillet and heat it up. Put butter and/or oil in it. Crack 3 eggs into the skillet. Let them cook until the whites are pretty done. Then take the spatula and chop them up, pushing them all together and making sure to go under the botton of the eggs as well. Make sure they are well chopped. Let them cook a little, then crack open the 4th egg on the cooked eggs and mix it together and push them around in the pan. Cook until it is done to your taste. Once you try this you will never go back . . .

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