11 Jul, '06

My sister is over with her kids for the summer break, and we meet almost every lunchtime at dad’s house, and as she’s got young kids, they come with their cartoons library of DVDs for their lunchtime drugged silence while we eat! One of the DVDs they’re watching now is Finding Nemo which I love to bits too, and it certainly keeps me quiet 🙂

The point? I love the seagulls in that movie, especially as they continuously squabble over every tidbit with the chorus of “mine, mine, mine, mine” etc. This is exactly what came across my mind as I read this report from Bloomberg about the Saudi objection to the Emirates laying down a life-sustaining gas pipeline from neighbouring Qatar. Why? Because Saudi is disputing the Emirates and Qatar’s claim that the pipeline does not run into Saudi territorial waters!

The same border dispute happened before between Qatar and Bahrain, and although I thought the real contribution of the Gulf Cooperation Council was to resolve these disputes – I naturally thought that as the GCC has been going on for 25 years, all of these disputes had been resolved… silly me! They still exist between most, if not all of these countries. Which is absolutely ridiculous.

I would have thought that “in the spirit of brotherly relations” that Saudi would have agreed to have the pipeline run on its desert to get from Qatar to the Emirates as it – being the guardian of the Gulf, Arabism and Islam – would understand that its brotherly relations between the two countries would make things cheaper and more efficient for them and aid in their development.

Fat chance.

So remind me please, what’s the point of the GCC again?

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  1. error says:

    we can travel with civil IDs hehe not yet for Saudiyay

  2. error says:

    انا الخليج آآآآن الخلجي والخليج كلا طريجي والخليج كلا طريجي

  3. Ingrid says:

    Mahmoud, how funny that my son’s favourite part is the same is yours; mine ..mine..mine mine mine MINE! lol
    Hurrah for Pixar movies (I think this is one of them isn’t it?), at least the adults can stand them just as much as the kids..
    (that said, we’re into the Pirates of the Carribean these days..cannot imagine what the sequal will be except for Johnny Depp being great!)

  4. MoClippa says:

    I’ve been asking myself that question for years too!

    And finding Nemo is fantastic… the Seagull part is absolutly brilliant!

  5. LiB Team says:

    Damn these Saudis to hell, bossing everyone around, acting like a mini USA in the region but with an extremist attitude. These people never learn anything, coming to other GCC states to deny other nationals of any chance in getting stocks here n there, and when their stock market fails. Daddy King Abdulla comes and saves the day. That way no one will learn anything about life and how hardships make you a stronge person.

    mine mine mine mine mine mine. That’s how all Saudis think. Thinking that even other countries’ property is their own. mine mine mine mine mine.

    The seagulls part in “Nemo” is so funny that I just burst out laughing everytime I see it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    insulting and threatening comment removed by admin.

    comment originally posted by the following coward: UK UNITED KINGDOM ENGLAND LONDON TELEWEST HSD PLATFORM

    now shoo.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Saudis had not being “ok” with Qatar government since the son kicked his father away.

    It started clashing since then, I remember Saudis started a fight with Qataries on a part of land claiming its a Saudi land, actually it was the part that connects Qatar to UAE directly. without going to the stupid Saudies checking points.

    Qater don’t want to follow Saudi, and they just do what they want, they started Aljazeera hehe .. then hosted and welcomed Israelis hehe …

    Maybe Saudi will agree just because of UAEs.

    I think we would have been better states if the Saudi land didn’t exist around hehe

    damn! Then we need somebody to start a good dairy products factory in Bahrain like Almaraaee ..

  8. GCC was founded in 1981 as a direct reaction to the Iranian Islamic Revolution, and the Iraq-Iran was as it is clearly stated in their literature and website (arabic), they claim now that it was to protect the member countries from the dangers of the war but everyone knows that they were actualy an active part of the war fully supporting Saddam with unlimitted supply of money, land, media support, and even men.
    With the war ending, and Saddam turning from the ‘Protector of the Eastern Gate of the Arab Nation’tm into ‘The Bad Guy’ tm, things got difficult for GCC from all aspects.
    ever since, there was a question that never been answered yet, what can we do now?

  9. Alfanan says:

    Control Control Control…

    That’s what Saudi wants.

    Emarits is smart in having a direct line come from Qatar. Saudi are just pissed off because they don’t have a say in this, and are unable to have any sort of control over the the whole situation.

    With regards to Finding Nemo… I LOVE that part too. 🙂 They did such a great job in animation, especially while the dentist was operating on the patient. The water looked amazingly real.

  10. Alfanan says:


    Wow… 🙂 I like what you did with Annon’s comment.

    Fathee7a ya3ni, ha ? 🙂

    New motto for Mahmood’s Den. “We make the whole world know you’re rude” 😉

  11. mahmood says:

    😀 I like!

  12. jc says:

    If memory serves, international law states that territorial waters extend 12 nautical miles (22 km?) from the shoreline. Interesting corrolary involves North Korea, which claims that their territorial waters extended either 50 or 100 nm from shoreline. Apparently the USS Pueblo was not appraised of such developments. Now it is a tourist attraction in Pyongyang (if you are brave enough to go on a tourist junket to North Korea)

  13. Johnster says:

    The point is….(drum roll please)……GCC conferences for the great and the good at very upmarket hotels on a regular basis !!!

  14. Anonymous says:


  15. ex expat says:

    Talk of bossing by saudis?? As someone who just loves emarat and just hates saudi, let me tell you an inside. The map of saudi arabia, shown in general saudi art, (eg:- logo of transport company has map of saudi arabia) guess what???? The ENTIRE arabian peninsula, is shown in the map. So, where is Bahrian, Qatar, UAE, Oman, even Yemen??? Talk of American imperialism, if these guys had the same power of US, you gulf arabs wouldnt even exist!! :ninja:

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