Phew, they have them too!

11 Jul, '06


I’m glad that religious extremism is not our exclusive domain…

But regardless, I’d rather spend my time with this guy!

Father Ted

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if there was an Islamic version of Father Ted? ‘Mullah Omar’ or ‘Ayatollah Ali’? MoI could think about it as part of its new schedule. Have to get someone from the parliament to play the Father Jack part.

  2. sunrunner says:

    This is so funny — I just this instant turned away a Jehovah’s Witness from my door, as the world headquarters are about a mile away and visitors from all around the country spend the summer (along with the young Mormans) trolling the neighborhood loking for converts.

    Funny how fundamentalist thinking (religious or political) always comes down to the same line — do it “my way” or go straight to hell.

  3. Steve The American says:

    Seven bombs just went off on commuter trains in Bombay. One hundred dead so far.

    Anybody think it was done by Catholic extremists?


  4. mahmood says:

    Now how did I ever think that Steve would look at the funny side of this?

  5. Steve The American says:

    Actually the scary priest looks like the pastor I had when I was going to Catholic school. He’s part of the reason I’m not Catholic anymore.


  6. mahmood says:

    Ah, then you never watched and enjoyed the greatest television show ever made then!

  7. Lujayn says:

    Everyone has them, thats part and parcel of religion.

  8. Will says:

    That priest reminds me of Father Sargeant from the Anglican boys school I went to in western Canada. He had a steel plate in his head that he called his ‘Angelic Antenna’. He used to walk around the classroom with his swat stick and crack you on the knuckles if your hand writing was not up to par.

    “Into your head, with a hammer, we pound the rules of English grammar.”


    I usually invite the Jehovahs in, pour myself a drink, light up a smoke and bring out my 60 million yr old sharks tooth.

  9. sunrunner says:

    Will LOL — I have done all sorts of outrageous things to “insult” the JW by my actions, including showing up at the door in a towel and letting it drop! I was hoping that it would get me on the “do not ring” list — but unfortunately, they are determined and I am outnumbered! Problem is, is that I get a lot of ups and fedex parcels for my work at home and I HAVE to answer the door!

    BTW — there is an incredible interview at the blog crooks and liars of an interview with John Dean in which he talks about the “authoritarian” mindset. He is directing it at the US political situation, but it is. of course, applicable to any place plagued by fundamentalism.

  10. Sunrunner,

    That was me posing as a Jehovah’s Witness as a prank.

    Do you want to buy the photos I took?


  11. sunrunner says:

    No Steve, they are my gift to you — in honor of the 1st amendment.


  12. Wettap! says:

    Oh yes. We have them too. Between the “God Hates Fags” wackos from Kansas to the Papists to the non-denominational fundamentalists… intolerance and misunderstanding knows no boundry.

    God LOVES me. He HATES you. LMAO.

  13. Will says:


    I have always been fond of “Jesus loves you. Everyone else thinks you are an asshole.” 🙂


    Interesting concept with alot of evidence. I know a good bunch of people who will vote for ‘their’ party regardless of who is running. Reminds me of blind faith.

    I can agree with alot of what Dean is saying but I think he goes a little over the top at the end with the fascism thing.

  14. Will,

    So you agree with Dean when he suggested America attacked itself on Sep 11?


  15. Will says:

    If that is what he said I dont agree. I do agree that the Bush administration uses fearmongering tactics and benefits from them.

  16. There’s plenty to fear, Will. If I was President and the CIA told me that rogue Pakistani nuclear scientists were sitting around the campfire discussing how to make nukes, that might send a chill up my spine. If the CIA brought in a mockup of a mubtakker, a device for spreading cyanide on a subway train, the plans for which were found on a terrorists PC, that would would alarm me, too.

    You’re not taking the threat seriously.


  17. Will says:

    Perhaps not. I sometimes drive without my seatbelt on.

    There will always be lots to fear. Did Churchill or FDR pander to that basic human emotion to rally the people?

    Dont get too defensive. Fearmongering is pretty much universal. From just about every govt in the world to every religion. From Proctor and Gamble to
    the Ford Motor Co.

  18. tooners says:

    Church of Christ also believe they’re the only ones going to Heaven. I worked w/ a girl that was from that church… gosh, she got on my nerves. I remember once, in a meeting, I said something about not being able to sleep at night and she told me that it was because my mind wasn’t clean!

    Boy, isn’t THAT the truth!!!! eheheheheheheh

  19. skribe says:

    I said something about not being able to sleep at night and she told me that it was because my mind wasn’t clean!

    Sounds like hers was a blank slate.

  20. Aliandra says:

    I worked with a guy who shared his cube with a Fundamentalist Christian – a part time minister, in fact. He had confided to the minister that he’d recently had a fight with his wife. The next morning the minister asked him if he’d made up with his wife. When he said yes, the minister said, good, because he and his wife had prayed for them all night.


    Hang a No Soliciting sign on your doorway if they’re getting too bothersome. The law says they’re supposed to respect that.

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