So a Palestinian faction kidnaps an Israeli soldier and all hell breaks loose. Tens of Palestinians get killed, hundreds homeless, Palestinian ministers get kidnapped, houses get demolished, orchards get destroyed, all to secure the release of one single kid who is not yet 20.

hizbollah.jpgHizbollah obviously thinks that they can do better.. so they go ahead and kidnap two Israeli soldiers! You think that Hamas is bad, damn man they’re badder! They kicked the Israelis out of Southern Lebanon, and they’re banking on that legacy to drive them now into the sea!

Israel, so far, killed 27 people, 10 kids, 17 adults. They took Beirut Airport out of commission, they shelled the South, destroyed bridges and communication systems and their air raids are continuing with impunity. Hizbollah is not backing down.

They’re men.

And the kidnapped soldiers? Are they going to be released? How are they going to be released? Hizbollah insisted the two would only be returned via talks.” But after what? After hundreds more human beings and everything else in Israel’s path perish needlessly?

Look: Israel, whether we like it or not, has the upper hand and has had it for an awful long time. Politically, militarily and even morally in the eyes of the world. We have lost the battle on so many fronts that it boggles the mind that we still don’t recognise that the only way forward is swallowing our pride – even momentarily – and making peace. Because if the Palestinians really think that Arabs will come to their rescue, they are dreaming! Unfortunate, but true. Arabs and their leaders are more concerned with rhetoric and their cushy existence, not to carry a weapon and go fight, at least not to “drive the Jew out of the Promised Land”, they’re more than happy to kill each other in Iraq.

So facing reality, what have we really benefited over the last 60 years of waging wars with Israel and the whole world other than bigger cemeteries for both sides?

Isn’t it high time for the olive branch?