TRA WiFi/Bluetooth Licensing : PETITION

18 Jul, '06

Our petition’s strategy is to demonstrate the need to change the telecom law, which requires not just licensing of all WiFI and Bluetooth links, but all cordless phones, GSM handsets, wireless sensor nets, baby monitors, wireless hearing aids, RFID tags, etc. In other words, it goes way beyond what is necessary to prevent interference. We also offer suggestions for rule changes that would limit the impact of the law even without amendment.
Petition against WiFi/Bluetooth licensing at

Please sign the petition, and email the text to as soon as possible. We only have TWO DAYS to put a stop to this!

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  1. Jonathan says:

    They can’t really do it; license a million machines? all cellular phones and computers? that’s nuts.

    If you’ll give me some more material about it i can try and make it global, or at least publish something about it in hebrew as well.


  2. mahmood says:

    Thanks for your support Jonathan, I don’t think it’s necessary, remember that this is simply a “public consultation” which shows that the TRA cares and responds to public concerns. Bahrainis specifically signing the petition should suffice.

    I must confess that I did not know the wide impact that those frequencies have with wireless equipment until it was pointed out to me in the email I referred to.

  3. alfanan says:

    I too got an email like this. I had no idea what the magnitude of this issue was.

  4. Bubz says:

    Got the email too.

    Signed it – but there are only 11 signatures as of right now. I’m going read up some more and try and understand the implications of all this.

    Good to know what one is talking about. heh.

  5. Thanks Mahmood! I really do hope that sanity prevails!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Does this mean I have to disable my bluetooth device! I just bought a bluetooth dongle for 8 dinars 🙁

  7. Ehsan says:

    Basically the TRA have made a decision based on the Telecom Law which requires anyone who would like to use Wifi to register online with the TRA. They are only seeking consultation on whether the method of registration is acceptable (or would people like to call or email, etc.).

    The petition rightly ignores this useless consultation and addresses the main issue: the Telecom Law is flawed. Unfortunately I don’t think the TRA are in a position to change the Telecom Law, but at least it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

    2.4 GHz and 5 GHz are by definition “UNLICENSED” frequencies. It’s simply wrong to regulate something which the entire world agrees is not regulated.

    What’s even more wrong is that the TRA is now regulating individuals. I am not a service provider, I am a citizen of this country, and any device I should be able to use anything I can buy from Geant without registering, asking for permission, or verifying how the TRA feels about it.

    If the TRA really have a problem then I’d like to see them impose restrictions on D-Link, Linksys, or even Nokia, and stop those nasty unlicensed products from entering our borders.

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