Where did Kimi come from?

29 Jul, '06


Just looked at the starting grid for tomorrow’s German Grand F1 Prix and Kimi Räikkönen is on pole! Where the heck did the guy come from? Well I don’t particularly care as long as he bites into the fluke’s lead and shortens the gap between the kid and the Ace! 😉

And where is the kid in all this? 7th on the grid, where he bloody well belongs, but I’m sure the bastard is packing, and he’ll do a one stopper or go long in the first stint and surprise everyone. We’ll see how it pans out…

Don’t call me tomorrow afternoon while the race is on, unless Earth stops rotating that is, but I would notice that in any case because the race would be red flagged unfortunately!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Give it up big boy.
    Alonso is the man now. The guy in the red car is old and stale like 3 day old beer(no wonder you like him).


  2. Loki says:

    Schumi will deal with it. C’mon Do it!!!!

  3. Bubz says:

    Kimi all the way! =)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Where do you watch ? Looks like BTV stopped broadcasting F1, does anyone know why?

  5. Anonymous says:

    الناس في زلزلة و المرأة تدور رجل

  6. mahmood says:

    خير إنشاءالله؟ هل يجب أن نوقف حياتنا برمتها و نتبارى بالحزن و الشجب لنرضيك؟

    الحياة و الوقت لا يقفان لأحد

    و إن لم يعجبك هذا، فهيا إحمل سلاحك و حارب!

  7. mahmood says:

    The F1 races are now broadcast on Al-Jazeera Sports, but unfortunately with that dickhead Aymen Crap “aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaa’ing” every second, and they don’t have the ITV English commentary as they did when ART was broadcasting it, so I watch it now with the bloody thing muted! Robs it half of its punch, but better than getting my blood to boil shouting at the TV to get Ayman Crap to shut the hell up!

  8. Adel-UK says:

    ist possible to recive british channels in bahrain .. ? such as BBC 1-2-3-4 & ITV 1-2-3-4 etc.

  9. mahmood says:

    No, unfortunately not. I think we can get BBC Prime, UK TV, BBC Food, depending on your subscription, but not ITV. I know if you buy a South African card and rig a sat receiving and dish to point at their satellite you can pick up the SA channels. That’s what they broadcast at some sports bars around the island.

  10. Anonymous says:

    من حق المرأة تدور رجل… ما قلنا شي يا خوك … بس عاد لا تصير نفس العجوز..لما العرس خلص جت ترقص

  11. Adel-UK says:

    Dear Anonymous, live and let us live .. or if u want .. dont live … well .. then we wont have any problem . ..

  12. Anonymous says:

    Fingers crossed that the improvement in rest of the teams will widen the gap between our Schumi and alonso today.

    I got my joint rolled and ready for this race =)

  13. Joop says:

    And don’t forget Massa! That guy is really picking up his game. First year in a this car and he is at the top.
    Mahmood, you are so right: watching F1 on Al-Jazeera with that guy is driving me nuts. OK, I don’t understand Arabic, but that is not the issue: I have often watched F1 with Chinese commentary, and that was a lot of fun!

    And I could not find the ITV live commentary on the internet. Anyone?

  14. mahmood says:

    True Joop, that’s why I’m seriously considering getting the South African subscription!

  15. Joop says:

    How can you get a SA subscription over here?

  16. mahmood says:

    You have to know an SA guy and get him to buy it for you, or find a way to get it (legally) through the internet. The best bet is to talk to the Crown Plaza entertainment manager and ask him/her how they got their subscription going for their sports bar.

  17. F says:

    Kimi is great – The rest of the package need to be just right and he’ll
    always be on top.

    Race just ended. Kimi is 3rd. Schuey & Massa 1st and 2nd place. Good show.

  18. mahmood says:

    11 Points and 6 more races to go!

    The kid should prepare himself a nice floor to be wiped on!

    And yes, Kimi was brilliant, and he even smiled at the press conference!! 😉

  19. Bubz says:

    Yeah! What was that smile all about?! Blasphemy!

  20. Lucy R. says:

    :wub: :wub: :wub: Rakastan sinua Kimi….
    Jumula ei levännyt 7. päivänä vaan loi Kimi Räikkönen!! :wub:

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