First Boot

31 Jul, '06

Me and my new MacBook

First Boot, originally uploaded by malyousif.

I finally bought what I have coveted for a long time: the Apple Black MacBook! This is it just taken out of the box and switched on… This is the first booting of the new baby.

The config is quite sweet: 2GHz, Intel Core Duo, 2GB RAM, 80GB HDD, DVD and CD RW, 13-inch, and the sweeter thing is that I got it from iMachines who cut me a really good deal, actually cheaper than getting it from the States. So thanks guys, you rock!

I hooked it up to my old Dell laptop through firewire and copied over about 10GB of my data across, it took 4 hours, but hey, I was asleep so I didn’t have to wait for them to do their thing. I got it this morning and have already downloaded and installed both FireFox and Thunderbird. There are a few more apps I’ve got to get like OpenOffice and the configure it to connect to the network in the office, this shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes.

So here I am typing this away using the most gorgeous keyboard I have ever used on a laptop, one that you just caress to make your words appear on the screen, rather than one you have to hammer away at like a hammer and chisel, and it’s bilingual too! I’m also connected to the internet through the Airport Express which I got a while ago and installed at the breakfast area so that I can both stream music to the music system through it and it acts like a wireless internet access point for this side of the house…

Anyway, I’m waiting for some workers to come and do some work in the house and then I’m off to the office.


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  1. Johnster says:

    When I saw the picture my first thought was “Ha! He’s sold out and bought an IBM”. But then I read the text…..

  2. LiB Team says:

    Mabrook Mahmood, you know you look like an excited kid holding a toy he’ve been waiting for a long time. I know, I have that look whenever I get something I have been waiting to get for a long time, I take the thing out of the box and start fiddling with it, to hell with the manual lol 😀

    Hope that you enjoy it and make the best use of it, and see some of your blog posts produced by this fine piece of machinery.

  3. skribe says:

    I expect I’ll have one of those soon. We’re about to take the plunge and move to Mac. I have just under a terabyte of video we need to move across. Fun!

  4. mahmood says:

    LiB thanks, you got it in one!

    Skribe, a terrabyte? Bloody hell, why do you have to even move that across? Don’t you have that on an external anyway and shouldn’t that external be OS agnostic? I know that with the Avid Unity that we sell it doesn’t matter what the client is, gives customers a lot of flexibility to do whatever they way whenever they want without having to worry about the front-end tools.

    What NLE do you use?

  5. N.A. says:

    Aww. What a beauty! Congrats!

    I just got myself a white one. 😀

  6. mahmood says:

    You know something NA? We should create a Mac User Group, or how about a MacBOOK User Group?

    Do we even have one in Bahrain?

  7. F says:

    Mabrook Mahmood. 🙂

  8. Joop says:

    MacBook usergroup? You think you will get all the users from Bahrain? Both of them? Optimist! 😉


    PS. but it is a BEAUT!

  9. Loki says:

    Nice! mabrook. Currently typing on 12″ G4 but I’m looking to Get a 2nd Gen intel Macbook Pro when they come out. If you’re feeling masochistic you can run windows on top of OS X:

  10. mahmood says:

    already installed and enjoying faster Windows on the Mac!! 🙂

    Joop, many many more have these beauties and I know at least 3 more since this morning making plans to buy one… care to join? 🙂

  11. Bubz says:

    I know 5 =)

  12. Joop says:

    Mahmood, it is tempting. But I might do a Loki on this one and wait for the 2nd generation. This gives me also a bit more time to prepare my sales pitch to the missus, who is just getting to terms with the new iPod…


  13. Ingrid says: I always have to do a walk past the Apple counter at the electronics store with their neat notebooks and screens (the big ones are awesome if you want to do final cut pro but that’s for the professionals for sure!!)
    hhmm, we’ve been looking for a good sale for a notebook for me , perhaps I have to go back and check out the Apple ones..(sale anyone??)

  14. skribe says:

    Skribe, a terrabyte? Bloody hell, why do you have to even move that across? Don’t you have that on an external anyway and shouldn’t that external be OS agnostic? I know that with the Avid Unity that we sell it doesn’t matter what the client is, gives customers a lot of flexibility to do whatever they way whenever they want without having to worry about the front-end tools.

    The plan is to gather all our video into one catalogue on a central server. Currently it is sitting on a miriad of different removable hard-drives. It’s what happens when you add on over a series of years and don’t have time to organise. With the change over in architectures we’ll be forced to copy it over so we may as well do it right. We’re also about to merge with another company so that adds another factor to the mix.

    What NLE do you use?

    It depends. Avid or PPro depending on what is required. I have to say that I’m not a big fan of avid tech. It’s one of the reasons we’re moving to FCP.

  15. mahmood says:

    Good luck Skribe, I know how much of a hassle changing infrastructure can bring to a company, but I hope that it will pass with the minimum headaches!

  16. alfanan says:

    Ahhh .. the Darthbook ☺ Mabrook Mahmood. Welcome aboard. Now, unleash your creativity 😉

    IMachines are very good. They cut me a good deal on my MBP. I agree with you, a Macbook (Pro) ☺ group would be great. Count me in!

  17. Adel-UK says:

    congrats pal … allah ya36eek 5airha oo yakfeek sharha 🙂 😛

  18. MooDy says:

    Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet !!!!
    Congratz Mahmood …
    Wait for me dont start exploring untill i get mine within the next year …

    I enlarged the picture , could’nt see the price tag though 😉

  19. mahmood says:

    Give iMachines a call and tell them I sent you, Nahed will take care of you.

  20. Ibn says:

    So Mahmood,

    Is it true that the Windows OS on this new MAC will not run into as many errors as a Windows OS on a PC? To me, that shouldnt make a difference, because only the hardware has changed (its on a MAC not a PC), but the underlying software (windows OS) has not changed, thereby making windows’ error just as plentiful. Would you agree?


  21. Sameer says:

    Mabrook Mahmood

  22. Faceless says:

    Ibn : WHY would you even want to run Windows on a Mac?? its just disgraceful!! OS X (Tiger) is AMAZING! .. and once you get used to it (which will probably take a few days or less) you’ll love it like you love your child lol ..

    Mabroooooook!!!.. you’ve converted.. welcome to Cult Mac:) lol .. I agree about the usergroup but lets not be prejudice here:) all macs are MACS:) … why not a Mac usergroup .. (you can sense the bitterness) I’m still using my powerbook g4 .. working on getting a new macbook (fingers crossed)

    I Hope you love your mac like i love my mac:) ..

    P.S. its beeeaaauutiful:)

  23. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Mahmood..

    Am typing on my gorgeous 15″ powerbook G4 top of the line, you will even have a bigger smile when you, God forbid, deal with Apple’s customer service. I have tried it in australia and the states. My temp. sensor that puts the laptop into sleep incase of overheating (lets say u forgot it on the charger and turned on in a confined space) broke down, had to go change it, their service was so good and fast that i hoped it would break down every other week 🙂

  24. Ian says:

    About 20 years ago I was a member of the first Mac group in Bahrain, formed by myself, ‘Budget’ Brian Davis and Peter (can’t remember his surname, but he was with Coke and his wife Jayne worked for Rad Bah. I had a venerable Mac Plus at the time.

    I then drifted to Win OS when the programmes I needed weren’t available on the Mac platform. I now have no reason NOT to go back to Apple since, using Boot Camp, I can run Mac and Win OS on the same machine.




    P.S. Currently looking at the Macbook with 1Gb and a Glyph firewire drive (the latter from the States).

  25. mahmood says:

    Ian, I remember Peter very well, he actually bought his Mac from me! He was the one who introduced me to ACT! at the time, which I still think is the best CRM ever invented for small business. Thanks for reminding me about that at least as I have to see if they have a multiplatform version so I can go back to using that again.

    I think the idea is pretty credible to start a BMUG, let me first check with Sofyan at iMachines and Sukumar at Apple Centre to see if they have such a thing already going, and we could keep it informal to start with, meeting the first Saturday of the month or some day which suits most of the founders, then we can take it from there…

    Can you imagine a Bahrain MacWorld conference yet? 😉

  26. alfanan says:

    Ian, can you get Glyph drives here in Bahrain? I have a CD drive that I use in the studio, and earlier this year it broke down. I wasn’t able to find any place here that can fix it.

    I wonder if IMachines can do the job.

  27. Adlin says:

    Cool machine. I’be been itching to get one but everytime that I do I remind myself “Leopard is coming soon, Leopard is coming soon”. I’d rather wait a couple of months then shell out another couple of hundred dollars for a new OS.

    Check out NeoOffice. Its OpenOffice with real Mac interface not ugly OpenOffice UI.

    Count me in if you do consider setting up a BMUG.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Just one annoyance, Mac BU at MS has horrible/non-existent Arabic/Hebrew support on Mac MS Office. “Oh looky here, my cool chunk of plastic porn cannot be used to write Arabic .docs.”

  29. mahmood says:

    Ah, then you didn’t experience NeoOffice yet! Go grab a copy, they have the 2.0 Alpha out and it is so sweet that it will make you forget Microsoft (althogh it is fully compatible!)

    I have been using OpenOffice for a couple of years at least and I have little to complain about. NeoOffice is the Cocoa version for the Mac and it is solid.

  30. Joop says:

    NeoOffice is sweet. Only negative is that loading is so sloooow.

    BTW, with a BMUG, we might consider to get a BMUG forum going? Just look at the amount of traffic that this header generates.

  31. mahmood says:

    I know! And why not, this is a good idea…. but let me call the Apple dealers and see if they know of such a thing so that we don’t reinvent wheels and duplicate efforts.

  32. Loki says:

    Ian – I still have a fully working mac SE with 4 (yes 4!!) megabytes of RAM and 40 MB external scsi drive that is about twice as big as the laptop on typing this on. It came with System 4.1 (though I now its running sys 7).

  33. Loki says:

    Not a fan of NeoOffice, but then you get what you pay for I guess. for Arabic or Hebrew:

    I don’t really use arabic but I understand this program is popular.

  34. alfanan says:

    I haven’t tried NeoOffice yet. I’m downloading it now…. I’m sick of the fact that MS Office doesn’t support Arabic.

  35. Anonymous says:

    A BMUG would be cool, what’s cooler is an Bahrain Alternative Systems Group… all of us Mac, Linux distros, MorphOS, BSD, (Hell, even AmigaOS,) guys… we could hold demos/discussion sessions and show off each others hardware, enlighten the general public about choice and show how a single floppy linux distro saved 41 Mexican border skippers from a terrible death (ok, the latter has a bit of dramatic license in it. In fact, it’s a fib.)


  36. mahmood says:

    Loki, ironic that the best Arabic word processor on the Mac is Israeli, isn’t it? And it’s free I think isn’t it?

  37. mahmood says:

    Anon, let’s crawl before we walk!

  38. Anonymous says:


    we’ve been crawling for far too long in this part of the world… we might as well get stomped on by the others, ala crawling insect syndrome. pity.

  39. MooDy says:

    CHeers moo..

  40. Loki says:

    yeah, thanks for reminding me Mahmood :O

    (its nagware I think, haven’t used it in a long time)

  41. Ian says:

    I don’t believe you can get Glyph drives in Bahrain. I would suggest in the States. They have a variety of drives, both internal and Firewire of varying capacities.

    Anon, if you are forming a user group for Linux, could you call it the Bahrain Alternative Linux Lovers Society, or would the acronym prevent this ? 🙂

    Loki. Good for you for collecting working antiques.:) I’m afraid I gave up when my 475 started to bite the dust. As previously stated, I’m seriously looking at getting back in the Mac fold with a Macbook (or if I can afford it, the Pro).


  42. Anonymous says:


    ROTFL. What in the world is Alternative Linux? For someone with a name like Ian, you sure don’t seem to grasp the semantics of alternative operating systems and that Linux is one of many such systems. But then again, you prolly work in Bahrain and I can see that the heat had its toll on your noodle. And no, this is not a troll post or a flame or whatever else you might think it is. Or perhaps it is all of these things. 😛

  43. mahmood says:

    Anon, you seriously need to get laid or take a long deserved break. Either one you choose, you need to chill a bit, and alternative Linux distributions DO exist. Just have a look around, try Google for instance, and you’ll find them.

  44. Anonymous says:


    Christ, does anyone understand anyone around here?

    “Alternative Linux Lovers” should be “Alternative Linux Distros Lovers” if you’re to be right Mahmood. But then again, /alternative/ is redundant since /distros/ does the trick… so, we have “Linux Distros Lovers”… then again, we can just refer to the kernel, i.e. Linux and say Linux Lovers, which would imply the distros around that kernel as well (considering the historical aspect of the word Linux and etymology.)

    But, the whole thing with Lovers is just gay. So maybe “Linux Group”? Oh my, I think we cracked it. Eat your heart out, Danny Brown.

    And Mahmood, “getting laid” is usually a counterattack employed in debates by an oppossing side that has lost the ability to think outside teh crotch as some would say. Nevertheless, as advice, it shall be taken into account. We’ll have a sub-group for Linux Group Bahrain, called “Bahraini Guys Just Need To Get Laid and Avoid Arguing and Trolling Blog Sites Run by Highly Opinionated People with a Love for Plastic Gadget Porn.”

    p.s. this is all in good humor, but you know that already.

  45. mahmood says:

    I give up. I just don’t understand what your problem is. I really don’t.

  46. Ian says:

    It was a joke! Look at the acronym. B.A.L.L.S.
    Do you really think I’m that interested in operating systems?
    Methinks the humour escaped you this time. I suggest retiring to some place and having a long cool one.

  47. Loki says:

    Anon is on crack.

  48. Very Concerned Bahraini Mac User says:

    I’m surprised you guys went ahead with purchasing a Mac in Bahrain. Dont you all see its a ripoff??why do I have to pay over 900BD for a Mac for example when it’s sold over the internet for 300BD less?? what value do i get purchasing a mac in Bahrain? do i get dedicated local call support? do i get freebies to something or another because i bought my Mac in Bahrain? do i get any free training (and then more hours will be charged later) from my local mac dealer in Bahrain?

    Even if I am a business, not a residential user, don’t you think they should deserve the latest models out there and some ‘icing’ on the cake as they say in terms of extra call support and maybe some incentives or future upgrades provided for a discount or for free?

    and on the bilingual keyboard.. do i seriousely need it? has anyone (apart from your professional career) ever needed to type in Arabic on a mac?? It’s not about the keyboard, it’s about the software! now is there really good and accessible software in Bahrain where I could easily buy and use it to type in Arabic? I mean is there a .Mac equivalent but in Arabic?? So why need a bilingual keyboard? dont bother!

    Anyway, it’s dumb-easy to get an Aramex account and use and purchase the latest units, and guess what, it will arrive sooner than the other 2 distributors say they will! Why bother waiting for 3 weeks when you can order a Macbook right now and get it in 1.5 weeks?

    And what will happen on the 7th or 8th of August when Apple will release a new iPod? Will there be a big announcement in Bahrain about it? will there be incentives (i.e. competitions, discounts etc..) to get people attracted in getting something called an iPod? (ever thought what is the penetration rate of iPods in Bahrain? Must be really low, of course thanks to Batelco’s recent marketing for a new iPod, it may have increased a bit). Now on that date, you can go online, see the keynote speech, and hours later you can buy a brand new iPod which will arrive in Bahrain within 1.5 weeks!

    Mac shops in Bahrain simply dont do justice to the Mac brand and I am really sad for that. I myself bought a couple of Macs (I have 4 at home: 1 Powerbook, 1 iBook, 1 iMac, 1 Mac Mini) and bought them from the local distributors in Bahrain and bought online too.

    All I can say is I am for buying in Bahrain, but be a bit innovative you distributors and I may think in buying the next Mac or accessories from your shop soon! Oh and one more thing. Why dont they sell iTunes Music Cards???? If people knew that you can buy iTunes Music Cards and download the latest US sitcom series before they even show in those crappy satellite subscription companies, people will walk in droves to the closest Mac shop and get a $50 card! I bought $500 dollars worth of Music Cards so far to watch all latest sitcoms, bought the latest albums and the coolest audiobooks.. all through iTunes and buying the Music Cards on Not that hard at allll..

    But do these distributors bother or feel concerned for this!? NO!

  49. Very Concerned Bahraini Mac User says:

    For you all to be really up to date with Apple news, and before those distributors have a clue of what Apple is going to do next, check out these websites:

    Maybe u now will know more and keep those distributors on their toes about every little thing apple is working on and what it has launched.

    and BTW, I’m buying my Mac Pro (the new Power Macs coming out in August 2006) online 🙂 Care to entice me distributors???? I mean Did you even bother lowering the current Power Mac prices?? What about ‘themed’ purchases? like for ‘the graphic designer’ , or ‘business’ package? What about packages for students??? What about educational pricing with comparable price differences seen online?

    Apple goes on building the coolest shops and events in the states (check the one on fifth avenue! I would go to NY just to see that!! 24Hour and all) while we in the region should be blessed that there are actual distributors in the first place.. It’s sadd.. but thankkkkk you very much the Internet is here to save the day 🙂

  50. Loki says:

    Very concerned,

    What you say about pricing applies to every single market out side the US. I’ve heard the same stories from Transilvania (yes really!) to Australia and everything in between. Don’t like it? get from the US as you suggest via mail SPs.

    I use iMachines in Bahrain to procure my hardware. Generally I find them good (though I’ve had hickups, but generally they make up for them). Mahmood already mentioned Nahed and she tends to sort things out. Also the websites you mentioned have got right far less than they got wrong, though I still visit them (and any mac user should along with many other [better] sites).

  51. Very Concerned Bahraini Mac User says:

    I’m just a bit bothered that distributors think the only motive or aim in their business is just that: to distribute the goods. But what good is it when the whole distribution chain is put into question when you have the Internet within your grasp? it’s pointless to go to such distributors locally as you will go to the best one out there (locally or through the Internet) who can deliver you the goods cost effectively and on a timely basis!

    All I’m saying is the local distributors should be more smarter and innovative with their sales and when selling their products. they should accept that there are other equal (if not better) alternatives out there of which customers will try before going through a local dealer.

    In the mean time, this Mac user group supported by the distributors I think can be a good start for dialogue!

  52. Joop says:

    Very concerned,

    Yesterday I just happened to ask the price of several items in a shop here in Bahrain.
    The average price difference is 5%, Bahrain being a bit more expensive.
    The items in question are:
    Airport Express +5%
    iPod HiFi +7%
    iPod (60 GB) 5%
    Mac Mini (1.66 GHz) 3%

    Exchange rate AUD/BHD: 0.288
    Considering the exchange rate fluctuations and the smaller market here, these prices are very reasonable.
    I did not ask for any discounts, just a straight price. I guess that if you are a serious buyer, you might pick up a special deal.

  53. mahmood says:

    VCBMC, to me it really doesn’t matter where one buys their hardware and software, that is a personal choice, so if you feel comfortable buying from Israel, all power to you.

    My personal opinion is that, maybe like you, I don’t want to be screwed on prices, so I do check the internet for pricing and if the price difference is 10 – 15% I would happily give my money to the local dealer, better for my money to stay in Bahrain than go elsewhere, but that’s my personal choice.

    Other factors that will affect my purchase strategy are:

    1. availability
    2. technical support (yes you do need them sometimes)
    3. financial support (net terms, etc)

    The important thing about this particular post however is not where went to purchase their Mac, but if they are enthusiastic enough to join this fledgeling group to make new friends, share experiences, share wisdom, and stay current with everything Mac. Of course if there are enough of us with good purchasing decision power, we can certainly apply pressure to make the local dealers get better.

    So every one wins.

  54. mahmood says:

    This bloody MacBook is HOT. No, I mean it.. I can’t leave it on my lap for a long time unless I want BBQed thighs. And I can tell you that is not pleasant.

    It is ironic that this is without doubt the best laptop that I have used in my life… unfortunately you can’t use it on your lap!

  55. alfanan says:


    You know, at first I didn’t notice the heat of the computer because I always kept it on the table. I only started noticing how HOT it gets just recently.

    It’s a beautiful machine though…. What can you do! Sacrifices has to be made 🙂

  56. Anonymous says:

    I’m more interested on those new Mac Pro’s just released! I have mine shipping today 🙂 with the 23inch HD screen. The standard config is not bad at all (4 chips inside each doing 2.66Ghz!!) all for $2499 .. go to and get one ordered now!

    Check out this link taking you to Apple’s keynote speech launching the Mac Pro and the new Leopard while you’re at it:

  57. mahmood says:

    Man, enjoy! And be sure to register in our BMUG.

  58. Loki says:

    Mahmood –

    tsk tsk. Didn’t you know its not a laptop? its a “notebook” computer. Apple made that “switch” once the temperature started going into oven stove territory a couple of years back.

  59. mahmood says:

    Ahhhh, I stand corrected!

    On another stream, I just had my VERY FIRST chat session this afternoon. Yep, the first ever because I just hate that stuff… but just a few minutes ago, I got iChat AV going and video chatted with my brother Hani in London, and the frame-rate and quality wasn’t bad at all!

    Love them Mac “notebooks”!


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