Now we know why the Ministry of DISinformation is so desperate to control the Internet:

Bahrain, as viewed through Google Earth before it was blocked by the Bahraini governmentAccording to Al-Wasat this morning, the Ministry of DISinformation has instructed the Bahrain Internet Exchange to block Google Earth. Possibly because through Google Earth, the whole world, let alone the Bahraini users, can zoom in and have a good look at palaces and islands which a normal Bahraini wouldn’t even dream of one day coming close to, let alone stepping foot in, and the glaring confiscation of virtually all but 3% of beaches of the islands.

And typical of the Bahriani government, they think that by forcing people to stick their heads in the sands, they no longer will complain about the disproportionate distribution of wealth, the dirth of lands (more than 95% of the whole of the country of Bahrain is in private hands, leaving nothing for development projects and low income housing etc) and the various other top-secret nature of land ownership in this country.

This step completely shows the moronic nature of the Ministry of DISinformation, and BIX with its unconstitutional board and the typical “control” mentality that the Bahraini government seems to think is the proper management ideology to adopt to run the country.

Well, they blocked it…