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9 Aug, '06

Moodyz says that residential internet ADSL packages are going to be released within 10 days…

Where do we sign?

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  1. Chimi^ says:

    Umm… WTF?

    256 and 512 Uncapped but 1 MBit Capped?

    That’s retarded!

    It should be the other way around – 256 capped 512 + 1 mbit uncapped :P.

  2. Yousif says:

    w00t, finally an alternative! Alternatives = more value for money 🙂

  3. wearyman says:

    I wonder,

    Since Bahrain’s terrain is mostly flat, and largely desert/scrub, if WiMAX technology would work well for an ISP there? Especially since the backbone connections could be located in SA with little need for undersea cabling, it might prove to be a small investment to get it up and running.

    What do you think, Mahmood?

  4. TechZ says:

    WiMAX is ideal for Bahrain, as afaik thats what we should use for wireless internet. Qatar I think already has a city basd on WiMax

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