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UNfair, originally uploaded by malyousif.

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  1. spanky6 says:

    ahahaha niiice!!!!:P

  2. Ingrid says:

    Kel from the Osterly Times shows a clip of Tony Blankley talking about how he feels the UN is anti-semitic (http://the-osterley-times.blogspot.com/).. it can’t get anymore ridiculous than that. (well, who knows, someone can always top something)

  3. Johny says:

    nice photoshop work

  4. Shachar says:


    The picture Mahmood is showing is exactly right. The UN is unfair. The fact that it makes it a point of occasionally screwing someone else does not make it less so.

    Some of the UN resolutions, and a lot of the UN conduct, is highly influenced by the Arab lobby. I’m sure you think that the Arab lobby is fair, but when it is in efect, such resolutions as “Zionism = racism” are being attempted.

    Then again, I had a better picture, though not digitial. It showed a UN helmet (white on blue), laying on the round end. The helmet was completed to become a tortoise on it’s back. The “UN” was completed to read “UNable”. I think it describes the UN even better than this one.


  5. Shachar

    Unable, corrupt and BROKEN the UN is when it comes to dealing with political problems. The only thing the UN does that is decent is emergancy aid, but when it comes to working out the problem of why the aid is needed, the US spirals into maze and web of nothingness that often just makes the problems worse.

    I am all for dumping the UN and starting from scratch.

  6. Ibn says:

    Very good picture.

    I would add: “From 1948 onwards”. 🙂


  7. Cece says:

    I’d have to agree.

  8. zara says:

    actually i think the un does invaluable humanitarian and relief work- to say that it is unable or unfair is incredibly western-centric.

    disband the un and start again? tell that to the refugees who are helped by the unochr or the people in darfur- and countless other places in the southern hemisphere who rely on un organs for many basic life saving services.

    i agree that the GA and the security council (and probably the ecosoc too) are unfair but this is because these panels are like a world stage where the powers that be play, and so they reflect the imbalance in power and control that exists in real life.

    maybe UN ambassadors should stop being state representatives, and instead be some kind of elected ngo officials. at least that way we could be a bit more sure that they would be acting in the interests of people, and not power, or not just playing along with the ‘acting in our interests’ back scratching of today.

  9. Hesham says:

    So much for the UN resolution…not that I had high hopes for it anyways…but what will the do in the Arab Summit? I’m sure each one had a ong speach that supports lebanon and the UN resolution…but now they have no idea which way things will turn…

  10. Gizmo says:

    The UN might be a little baised here but how about this, i think I might solve the problem with my new request.. lets get rid of the UN and also the millions of people who depend on the UN for food,shelter, and also destroy all the ongoing humane developments that UN is DOING!!! You see, by doing that we will get rid of two problems, the UN and its supporters!

    Im out for a drink.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The UN’s many agencies do a fantastic job. You just have to look at what they’ve done for Palestinian refugees over the years – UNRWA has made their lives bearable. Today, UN workers continue to put their lives on the line by organising conveys of aid to southern Lebanon during Israeli shelling and airstrikes that have killed a thousand Lebanese. And don’t forget four soldiers on a UN mission in Lebanon have already been killed by Israeli shelling.

  12. Anonymous says:

    No one denies the UN’s services to the needy from all around the world. I myself know a couple of those field “volunteers” who live for months just like refugees themselves all around the world lending a hand.

    Its the UN’s other functions that arent functioning ! the ones that are needed to prevent the excistance of refugees in the first place! if the UN was FAIR this war would have stopped ages ago by a cease fire, the south of lebanon belongs to lebanon not SYRIA! like they declared and none of this would have happened.

  13. Gizmo says:

    Exactly my points you anonymous!! We just looveee to mention the bad side all the time and forget the birnght side always.

    Im not out for a drink now.

  14. NewMe says:

    good one :/

  15. Johnster says:

    Yeah yeah yeah, so the UN is crap

    So why don’t the Arab countries get to gether to do something – they would start with Sudan

  16. Gizmo says:

    Johnster, unfortuntley because we are arabs. Something like the UN need people who understand and agree on each others points, well at least in most cases… but arabs dont.

  17. mahmood says:

    And wasn’t the Arab League supposed to have filled that particular gap? Or is it made just for the pompous ass Amr Mousa and others like him to postulate?

  18. Gizmo says:

    Maybe you misunderstood my point. What am saying is, arabic motherfuckers cannot lead to an establishment. Look at lebanon’s case, have these motherfuckers done anything? no, they go fill their stomach and go home horney. Thats exactly what arab leaders are like.

  19. Rayyash says:

    I think it’s sould be USA and not UN

  20. Ash says:

    I think the UN is long past its sell-by date. Most of its members do not abide by its Convention on Human Rights, despite having signed up to it. It does preposterous things such as making Libya the Chair of its Human Rights Commission. It is dependent largely upon massive contributions from the richest countries and those that pay the most inevitably wield the most influence. It is powerless to influence any powerful country that chooses not to be influenced (not just the US but also Russia and China). It took no action to prevent genocide in Bosnia – a catastrophe ended only by the “illegal” intervention of the US and UK. It instructed its troops to stand around doing nothing while hundreds of men, women and children were hacked to death inside a UN compound and right in front of the UN troops’ eyes. It has done exactly nothing to stop the slaughter in Darfur, where Sudanese Arabs have massacred some 700,000 black Sudanese and are still doing so. Its aid policies are increasingly controversial, with a significant and growing body of opinion holding that they achieve very little beyond fostering aid dependency indefinitely, with worse long-term results than short-term relief is able to remedy. And it breeds incredible resentment and ill-founded beliefs that every problem in the world is the fault of a) the USA; b) “the Zionists”; and c) “the West” in general. Perhaps it would be best to scrap it altogether and leave countries to sort out their own problems for a change.

  21. Cerebral Waste – “the US spirals into maze and web of nothingness that often just makes the problems worse.”

    That’s the most telling Freudian Slip told on this site yet!

  22. Aliandra says:

    it would be best to scrap it altogether and leave countries to sort out their own problems for a change


  23. mahmood says:

    Ha! Well spotted DiB! 😆

  24. M says:

    “it would be best to scrap it altogether and leave countries to sort out their own problems for a change

    Amen. ”

    Yes, and while we are at it we can use the money we spend on the UN, UNRWA and other give aways to insure every American with healthcare and vastly improve the quality of their lives. We can mine the southern border backed up with snipers from the military that we withdraw from Iraq; the billions we are not spending there can be spend to update our weapons systems including nukes. We can start drilling in Alaska, raise tariffs, give incentives to farmers and manufactuers and so on. And that’s just on the first day.

    Oh sorry, I thought I was Steve for a minute. Never mind.

  25. Aliandra says:


    I agree the US needs to help their own people first and start getting the debt under control. Mines on the southern border are a bit too much, though.

  26. M says:


    Someone suggested that the other day in a conversation, and it took me a minute to realize they were not kidding. Besides, it’s the snipers that would do you in for sure.

    I cannot believe there is any American that does not want the freedoms and human rights that we enjoy for the rest of the planet. Unfortunately as recent events have shown, those changes can only come from within a culture, and may be a long time in coming or never come at all.

  27. Yep DIB and Mahmood that was a good one by moi! But since the US pays the lions share in the UN I as a US Taxpayer and tired of seeing good money thrown into the till when NOTHING or very little gets done.

    That money could be better spent here at home. And since it is TAX dollars being spent the faster the better.

    Scrap the governement aspect of the UN and let nations start sorting out their own problems. Keep the UN as a non political AIDE agency. When nations like Libya sit or are the chair of the Human Rights Council you know it is time to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

  28. alfalfa says:

    India, Israel to sign $ 100 mn missile deal

    15.48 IST 26th Nov 2003

    India and Israel are poised to sign a 100 million dollar deal for the supply of Barak anti-ship missiles for Indian warships despite its recent unsuccessful test launch.

    To date the Indian Army has purchased some 260 million dollars worth of Barak missiles from Israel but the upcoming deal with Israeli Aircraft Industries (IAI) will be the Indian Navy’s third purchase of the missile.

    The surface to-surface Barak missile is produced in Israel and in service with Israeli Navy’s Saar 5 patrol boats.

    India had first mounted the system on its aircraft carrier INS Viraat.

    During a recent test by the Indian Navy veered off course and fell into the sea. It attributed the failure during the launch to problem in communication frequencies between the missile and the warship.

    Another possible reason for the failure was a problem in the missile’s control and guiding system that stopped the missile’s flight, the daily reported.

    However, a second missile back-up launched in the same test, hit its target accurately.

    India has emerged as one of the largest buyers of Israeli military hardware in recent years and is acquiring the Phalcon earning warning radars. Both sides have also discussed the transfer of the Arrow-2 surface-to-air missiles as part of India’s defence against ballistic missiles.

    Funny India is very silent about being one of the largest buyers of israeli made weapons, you have not fooled all of us you should be ashamed of giving these murderous people all of this money to kill arabs.

  29. And why should India make noise about it? India is a democratic nation. the largest on Earth to boot. If the people of India have a problem buying from your great enemy Israel then the can make that known and the democratic process can begin. I don’t see that happening.

    Frankly I wish India would by more US stuff. Means JOBS and good jobs for people. Rummy tells me Mahmood a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE sale is going on for Bahrain. Want some more Good ole American Missiles?

    How about some Boeing aircraft??????

  30. Anonymous says:


    you should be ashamed of giving these murderous people all of this money to kill arabs.

    What Arab country is India attacking??

  31. Ibn says:


    India is merely looking out for its best interests. India has posed no threat to Arab nations, people, or interests. While India might be boosting Israel’s military market by buying equipment from them, remember that they are probably also looking out for the best-seller in the region. Its a long chain, and frankly, blaming India in this case is ludicrous.


  32. Alfie says:

    So what if India buys military weapons from Israel, India also buys almost all its oil from arab countries, which comes to more than what was spend on weapons from Israel.

    And why blame India, when all the arab countrires are buying weapons from US which is the single largest provider of economic and military aid to the Israelis. So if we go by what alfalfa is saying arabs are paying to kill their own.

  33. Alfie

    Just as a point of referance, the US is also the largest aid giver to Palestine as well. A rather disturning fact that a non Arab country gives the most Aid. I would rather see the US spend its UN dues on Direct AID to Palestine. If we could figure a way that it wouldn’t be squandered like the billions in aid that have been.

  34. alfalfa says:

    Should the Bahrain people not ask india to respect the arab boycott of israel and not buy any more of there weapons, buying stuff is financial support for a country do you not agree, I read the paper all of the time about this close relationship with Bahrain, but they feed a country we despise and have no diplomatic relationship with I guess we need there car washers more then are dignity. the US does it because they have to india does not.

  35. Ash says:

    I very much doubt that you’ll persuade India or indeed most non-Muslim countries to boycott Israel. For one thing, after the recent terrorist attacks on Mumbai you’ll find that most public opinion in India is now very supportive of India. For another, India is a massive country that is rapidly becoming a major global economic power; pressure from a tiny country like Bahrain is of little consequence to it if there are no significant additional incentives. Ditto the EU will never boycott Israel because Germany, still riven with guilt over the Holocaust, will never take a stance antagonistic to Jews and will use its substantial influence to prevent the EU adopting such a stance. Britain also would not boycott Israel. And neither, of course, will the USA.

    The problems in the ME will either be resolved diplomatically or through the escalation of conflict into a decisive war. There’s no “third alternative” here, least of all economic bullying.

  36. Anonymous says:

    politics -tut tut tut… never ends. you can’t make money of it guys, just chill, have coke, kit-kat, work on some idea, make money, live happy.. and oh, just switch off the literally bloody tv, will ya?

  37. Tom Penn says:

    Unfair indeed! I would have thought Hisballah’s unconditional surrender would be the fair way to end this.

  38. Alfie says:

    alfalfa’s clubbing of indians as ‘car-washers’ is an attitude that is all too common in the middle-east,ie, to look down upon all indians as nothing more than maids, drivers and ‘car-washers’.

    After experiencing the way I was treated in US and comparing with the gulf states, I can tell you the Gulf Arab states should be clearly labelled as “racist”. In US indians, are doctors, space scientists, venture capitalists, engineers, computer techies. They have the higest income levels and best education record among all the ethnic group including whites. If you want another proof of the rising influence of Indian americans, you need not look any further than the recent passing of US-India nuclear treaty in the congress by a margin of 311-112.

    Its time that you wake up and see what Indians have achieved in India and the rest of the world.

  39. Ibn says:


    alfalfa’s clubbing of indians as ‘car-washers’ is an attitude that is all too common in the middle-east,ie, to look down upon all indians as nothing more than maids, drivers and ‘car-washers’.

    I second that, Alfie. It is sad, but very very true. This attitude definately needs to change. There is no excuse for making cultural/racially insensitive remarks like that. Unfortunately, it is all too common with the Gulf Arabs in regards to their Indian neighbours. (Also the root of alot of problems they have with Philipina maids and nannies).


  40. Anonymous says:

    The Arab states should think of bringing more indian “doctors, space scientists, venture capitalists, engineers, computer techies ” instead of the 3rd class “builders, tailors, maids, accountants and auditors” :))

    We can then start a new race of “Arab Indians” that can be paid better by our economies and leave the measly jobs for the arabs!!! Hallalujeh!

    Maybe my Brain Fart is a bit too smelly!

  41. Aliandra says:


    In US indians, are doctors, space scientists, venture capitalists, engineers, computer techies

    They are also represented among grocery store owners, cab drivers, store clerks, and gas station attendants. A very diverse cross section.

  42. Aliandra

    Very diverse and hard working and an asset to the United States.

  43. Anon says:

    You have a point there Aliandra, on a recent trip to New york, I noticed that many, if not most of the cab drivers were indians, waiters too!!

    I have to applaud indians for that, they have managed to get into every single community on the face of this earth. When their “FOB” (Fresh of the Boat) they start of with the lesser jobs in society, but by the 2nd or 3rd generation, they’re all top shots and tycoons of some sort.

    No wonder, some are speculating that india could be the next world power. They’ve managed to get a strong grasp on all nations. Maybe the US should think twice about befriending them!!

  44. E Pluribus Unum

    The US welcomes those legal immigrants who want to come and be part of this country.

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