Shame on you!

13 Aug, '06

It has been a long standing tradition in Bahrain, as is the case with the rest of the Gulf specifically, that whenever there is an occasion, whatever the occasion, big business and government agencies take out substantial and costly adverts in all the national papers lauding a personality, extending greetings or congratulating a royal personality. Needless to say that these campaigns are ludicrously expensive as a full page advert in a paper could cost BD2,000 (US$5,291) or more and half a page is half that amount.

Apart from that, they also take out huge hoardings and street signs doing the very same, and that exercise costs even more. It even feels that it is orchestrated by someone sitting in a dark “strategy” office thinking that doing things like these will ingratiate that royal to people’s hearts and minds. Well, if there is such an office, let me be the first to burst your bubble. IT DOESN’T WORK! Do I need to shout it louder to get through your thick skull?

This practice is time wasting and ugly. Especially at a time like this when over 1,000 human beings in Lebanon and Israel are killed, over 3,000 injured and over a million destitute, wouldn’t you think that these very same cash-flush companies give up that money wrongly spent to more deserving causes like Lebanon?

Okay, Lebanon is too far away or there are various programs underway to help them, fine, how about coming closer to home? What about those over 200 desperate souls made destitute and homeless because of that building’s fire? A building they were housed in without any regard to safety and even the most basic human decency? What about them that are now moved into an unprepared barracks to while away the heat of the day and night without proper shelter and food? What about the loans that they have taken just to be brought over here to eek out a living to send back to their own families? Aren’t they a more worthy cause then congratulating Shaikh Nasser in this way?

Okay, here’s another idea for you which I am sure Shaikh Nasser will appreciate: with all the money that has been squandered in the papers so far congratulating Shaikh Nasser, wouldn’t it have been better to pool all that money and build a homeless shelter and name it after Shaikh Nasser? Wouldn’t that be a more lasting gift to people who when entering that centre thank Nasser for all of eternity?

You should be ashamed of yourselves. You should be much better and bigger than kissing ass like this. Shaikh Nasser doesn’t need this, and no royal needs this either. So calculate how much you would have spent throughout the year on meaningless crap like these newspaper ads and build the centre and alleviate someone’s suffering.

Get on with it!

Congratulations Shaikh Nasser.

I hereby pledge BD100 to start the kitty to build a homeless centre in your name.

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  1. Boilerman says:

    I concur! Enough is enough… this is rediculous… and I’m sure Sh. Nasser would take your idea to heart if he comes by your post since Boiler thinks he’s TRUE BAHRAINI HERO, just like you, Mahmood 🙂

    The Boilerman Cometh

  2. alfanan says:

    You know, I was JUST talking to my office colleague about how ridicules it is to fill all the papers with nothing but praise and ass kissing for S. Nasser. It makes me sick to see all the money spent on that! I haven’t seen the signs on the streets, but I’m sure they’ll be as bad as the ads in the papers.

    It’s all about show!

  3. Ibn says:

    Right on Mahmood!

    I never thought I’d hear you, much less see you speak!

    Encore, Encore! 🙂


  4. Gizmo says:

    Mahmood, I dont know why I love you man!

  5. jaddwilliam says:

    This spoils it for me.
    I read somewhere that Nasser bin Hamad plans to pursue a career in the military. I am considering writing something to king Hamad humbly suggesting that he encourages his son Nasser to take up a “post grad” course at one of Hizbollah’s military training stations, (do they have military academies?). As a freshly baked officer he might find one of the Lebanese crash courses cheaper and more effective. After all the Lebanese credentials are skyhigh since they managed to give the ‘invincible Israeli army’ a goo run.

    From what I have heard of Umm Nasser, a highly respected and justifiably proud lady, I am sure she would find my suggestion good for Bahrain and for her son’s career.

  6. Alfanan says:

    Mahmood, the quality of this video is MUCH better than your garden tour video. I wish apple could make portable, wireless, bluetooth digital cameras with the same quality as the iSight’s, if not better.

  7. mahmood says:

    That’s because of stupid re-compression by YouTube. I have no idea how they set up their engine, but it seems that bigger the file, the more they compress it.

    The camcorder I used for the garden tour is obviously infinitely better than iSight…

    Let me try again and see how it gets along.

  8. Ash says:

    I’m curious about something, Mahmood. Sudan borders Libya and Egypt. It is just across the Red Sea from Saudi Arabia. It has a dominant Arab population which has engaged in what is in effect a genocide which has so far resulted in the displacement of some 2 million people and the slaughter of some 700,000 and which is still underway. Yet so far as I can see there has been absolute silence from Arab countries on this outrage and even cosmopolitan commentators such as you simply do not engage with it. Dire though the situation in Lebanon is, it doesn’t even come close to what is going on in Darfur which is similarly part of the Arab world. Why the silence? Is it because the victims in Darfur are black Africans rather than Arab Africans? Or because the killers are Arab and Muslim (though most of their victims are also Muslim)? Why does conflict in Lebanon provoke such outrage while conflict in Darfur is forgotten?

  9. Anonymous says:

    the article below is how the U.K. sends their congratulations to the king of bahrain and to his son nasser. enjoy lol

  10. Anonymous says:


    As much as neocon America wants to portray it as though Arabs are encouraging the dreadful things happening in Darfur, the reality is that’ like the rest of the world, Arabs don’t really care much about what is happening there. Just like what happened in Rwanda, no one in the world cares much about poor black Africans unfortunately.

    Sudan itself is on the fringes of the Arab world, and although Sudani Arabs are adamant about belonging to the Arab community, the Arab centre doesn’t know or care about what is happening.

    It is terrible that Arabs are allowing a massacre to take place so close to home, but the Arabs are not alone in being aloof to this all. The whole is turning a blind eye.

    In fact, over the past year I have seen far more coverage of the Darfur issue on Al Jazeera tv (with many talk shows devoted to the issue) than I have seen on CNN, FOX and BBC combined.

    Lebanon provokes outrage because it has always been at the centre of the Arab world, in terms of Arab culture, literature and politics. Many Arabs have visited Lebanon or go there regularly and may even own a summer house there. Many Arabs have several Lebanese friends, and watch bellydancing on LBC and Superstar on Future TV. Many Arabs love Fairuz and her songs of resistance, or more recently the younger generations of Arabs are hooked on to pop superstars Nancy Ajram and Haifa Wehbe.

    So this is why an attack on Lebanon FEELS very close to home for the average Arab around the world. But an attack in Sudan (whether against Arabs or non-Arabs) does not have the same impact since Sudan is not so strongly integrated into the Arab world as Lebanon.

    It is wrong that Arabs aren’t doing mroe for Darfur, but I’m sick and tired of it being used to prove that Arabs enjoy watching black people get massacred.

    sorry for the rant

  11. That’s kind of funny you contrasted Sudan and Lebanon as Sudanese claiming to “Arabness” while the Arabs are indifferent, while it is a poorly kept secret that a lot of Lebanese try as much as they can to downplay THEIR Arabness which they can’t escape from.

    In all fairness, Lebanese are more likely to be urbane and sophisticated than the random Levantine, but the same can be said of Bahraini’s and Khaleejis. It’s a difference of degree, not of kind.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Very touching video Mahmood!

    apparently the guy is born in 1987 as I have read somewhere! this makes him 19 years old!

  13. Anonymous says:


    this is a very nice video clip;

    (, clip number 1232)

    may be you could upload it on your site


  14. Anonymous says:

    Desert Island Boy, I see what you are seeing, but the point is that whether the Lebanese people like it or not, Lebanon has a much more central position in Arab media, culture, politics than Sudan. Especially for Khaleejis. Go to any coffee shop in Bahrain and chances are that there will be a lebanese video clip showing on the TV screen.

    And whether the Sudanese like it or not, their position in Arab media and culture is out on the fringes.

  15. No disagreement here on that mate!

    Just a side note, is all…

  16. bahraini4eva says:

    “Shaikh Nasser doesn’t need this, and no royal needs this either.”

    They definitely do not need it, But how sure are you that they do not WANT it? Just trying to play devil’s advocate here.

    This has been going on forever in Bahrain, but something tells me that there is more to it than one may think!

    Everyone loves to get their ass-kissed once in awhile too guys ;)!


  17. mahmood says:

    If they “want it” they whoever is advising them of going about it this way, or even worse, that way, then he should be shot. All he (they) is doing is further distancing the people from the family.

    By continuing to believe that this is a “good thing™” they will just degenerate into being the laughing stock of the community, slowly whittling away the all too important respect element that they should really put at the forefront of their actions and minds. And respect doesn’t come with violence nor with laughable attempts at ingratiating oneself like this.


  18. tooners says:

    I think it’s a GREAT idea to set up a homeless shelter! I’d be willing to put money in a kitty for something like that.

    It’s a shame that ppl spend so much money on such …. your words are so true but I doubt if it’ll mean anything to the ppl who do it. They prob want nothing more than money in their pockets. Too sad.

  19. alfanan says:

    LOL !!!

    Does this kid even know what a telegram is? Or what a University is for that matter?!?!?!

    this is funny!

  20. jaddwilliam says:

    HRH Shiekh Sultan bin Hamad bin Salman al-Khalifa is an early bloomer.
    Alfanan should not be surprised that the young shiekh knows more than these trivial words such as university and telegram.

    A couple of years ago (Jan 2004) he inaugurated a specialised section (for preterm and early births) at the Bahrain Military Hospital. According to official press release he listened carefully to the staff while explaining the intricate functions of the section


  21. MooDy says:

    good godamn speech !!! Made everyone at work like this >> oO [shocked] ..
    what a Brave Heart they said 🙂

    keep it up moo ..

  22. Tom Penn says:

    Congratulate him for what? Getting Lebanon blown all to hell? I don’t get it.

  23. mahmood says:

    Tom, you need to learn to read.

  24. Tom Penn says:

    Yes I do. Apologies.

  25. Anonymous says:


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