The interminable questions of Arif, at 6

18 Aug, '06

My son, who is 13 now, has never stopped asking questions, I guess from the moment he exited the womb. This is him at 6. I’m trying to shoot a jetski race, and he’s unleashing his 200 questions a minute at me!

I’ve just composited the questions on him monkeying around from another video…

I love the sound of his voice! Children’s voices at that age are either infuriating – like nails across a chalkboard infuriating – or lovely. I (well, okay, I’m biased) think his was lovely!

Friday.. what do you expect?!

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  1. lizardo says:

    thank god no children dare to ask me … cuz i answer by my hand !

  2. Cece says:

    Cute. But didn’t get what he was asking about.

  3. milter says:

    Children of that age can ask questions that are very difficult to answer.

    My eldest son is 18 now but, I’ll never forget one of them. We had just moved to Bahrain (my second time in Bahrain) and he was 4. He was sitting on a stone in the garden and I could see something was bothering him so I sat down next to him and asked him what was on his mind.

    It took him a little while to get started but then he said: “Dad, I know that when people die they turn into angels and fly to Heaven. But, suppose a dad dies and his little boy wants to go with him, will that little boy have enough time to grab his dad’s hand and go with him. And will he be able to go with his dad, even if he is not dead himself”?

    Even today, after so many years, it can bring tears to my eyes.

  4. mahmood says:

    Milter, that takes the bisquite!

    lizardo, what Arif asked was “It was going both ways, Is it still the freestyle?”
    I replied: “I don’t know habibi”
    He commented after that “yes, I think it’s still the freestyle”

  5. zara says:

    ee he’s adorable :))

  6. alfanan says:

    Cute little boy 😉 I too didn’t get what he was talking about at first, so thanks for clearing that up mahmood.

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