Bigotted Jewish Parents?

20 Aug, '06

I love this prank, a radio show asks people to set up their partners, parents, friends, etc and then call and phone-tap the conversation.

Here, a woman who set up her Jewish parents really good!


Now I know that if a show like this exists in Bahrain or the Arab world, just imagine the sectarian fun that would happen… “blood would reach the knees!”

Have fun.

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  1. Maury says:

    Too funny….

  2. Anonymous says:

    ahahahhah fkin hilarious….

  3. Shachar says:


    You know, according to your own standards, I could see this as every bit as racists as some of the anti Shia comments.


  4. billT says:

    Funny Mahmood. Spaghetti with matzah balls sounds like the perfect dinner. Just one question. Whos gonna pay for the heart attack you almost caused me?

  5. billT says:

    Shachar. Lucky I live Hawaii I guess. I think its just funny not racist. Check the clips at Frank Delima. Its easy to tell if something is said racist here. If you are called a Papolo its just a term for your racial ancestry. If your called a Fuc***g Papolo then its meant as a racist remark.

  6. Grace says:

    Thats it Mahmood, I’m inviting you to my next family gathering. You have to see how it is to live in a totally mixed family where the majority of parents are sunni, the rest Shia and most of the cousins are sushi!!!

    I feel very proud of my family all of a sudden and I do wish the same situation on all of you :)))

  7. mahmood says:

    Shachar, I didn’t create it, nor did I instigate it and it was put up for fun and also to offer an insightful look at some families. You will notice I leveled some of the criticism to our own as well. So chill out and laugh a little. It won’t kill you.

    billT, I’ll forget New Zealand and prepare to move to Hawaii, seems like my kind of town!

    Grace, I look forward to your invite!

  8. MooDy says:

    omg this is hilarious…
    w00t w00t … perfectly pwned !!

  9. Ibn says:


    Wow – this is hilarious!! hahahahhaa!! aahhahahahha! woooohooooooooo!!!!


  10. Anonymous says:

    wow, sounds like the last phone call i had with my dad…. anybody notice how similar that was to arabs?

  11. mahmood says:

    That’s the scary part isn’t it Anon? I would say it is very similar indeed.

  12. Bubz says:


    “Kill me with a fu*king knife”

  13. Joop says:

    This is really, really funny.
    The irony is that you can exchange the word jew with any other race, religion, nationality, sexual preference etc.

    But it is depressing at the same time. Imaging to have parents like that. So much for tollerance.

  14. Hisham says:

    I agree with Grace… I suddenly feel way more advanced than these ethnic and religous hecklers/bigots! 😉

  15. Shachar says:


    I don’t find these types of pranks very funny, no matter the subject. You know someone, you push him over his well known limits, and then make public fun of him. Yeah, great humor, if you’re a kindergarden child.

    In any case, my point was not about whether it’s funny or not, but about the fact that over sensitivity is a bad thing.


  16. Johnster says:

    Shachar, the point is that something like this exposes our frailties and allows us to laugh at ourselves far better than a thousand psychological surveys.

    It also allows us to explore and question our own prejudices.

    So lighten up and enjoy!

  17. MoJo says:

    Lol that was sooooo funny! I loved thier accents more than anything, were like characters from Seinfeld!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Ingrid says:

    Wow! or should I say, “Good God”! When you think of this Julie outing her parents like that, she’s gotta be courageous that’s for sure..I’d divorce my parents if they were like that…wow..they’re meshogge!

  19. Ingrid says:

    ehm, make that ’emancipate’. I’m sure you can exchange the ‘jewish’ parents with any other designation although they are stereotypically dramatic. Right out of Saturday Night Live!

  20. Ibn says:


    …”do you want me to come over with some meet balls sir?”…

    ahahahah! I cant get enough of this. 🙂


  21. howard_coward says:

    I have to make a serious comment.This is a hilarious recording, Jewish mom and dad with New Jersey accents guilt-tripping their kid as only Woody Allen really understands. But note: Death is mentioned a number of times, “a knife in my heart!,” “shoot me in the head”, etc, but always in a reflexive manner, i.e. what the daughter’s rebellious behavior is doing to her parents.
    Could you have this conversation in a Muslim family? I think not. The lurking problem of daughter-murder or as we call it honor-killing (what could be more dishonorable?) prevents that. That’s interesting food for thought.

  22. mahmood says:

    Off the mark Coward.

    Honour killing might well be considered by Jewish parents in the same situation in Yemen for instance. They probably will be pissed off about it too had they been Bahraini Jews.

    It’s got more to do with local customs I think than religion. In fact, it has everything to do with local custom rather than religion.

  23. Ibn says:

    have to make a serious comment.This is a hilarious recording, Jewish mom and dad with New Jersey accents guilt-tripping their kid as only Woody Allen really understands. But note: Death is mentioned a number of times, “a knife in my heart!,” “shoot me in the head”, etc, but always in a reflexive manner, i.e. what the daughter’s rebellious behavior is doing to her parents.

    Didnt the dad threaten to kill or at least seriously maim the Italian boyfriend at some point?


  24. Sunrunner says:

    The whole thing was so over the top that one wonders whether the whole family was in on the prank. If so, they must be a hilarious bunch. I say that because it Julie’s “calm” when all was revealed didn’t seem all that real. When you consider the high-level rhetoric that went on before it.

  25. Lorena says:

    Come one! Shachar!!! chill OUT!! .. and yes about Arab families this will be a disaster! I was talking with hubby the other day about that .. I ask him what about if Sara show up one day with a guy who is not a Muslim?.. what you will do?? he say I will say NO and i respond .. and what about if she say i don’t care? what you will say? he say i wont see her again … I wasn’t happy with his answer .. I’m agree with him about NO because we are Muslims right? but I cant stop seeing my daughter because she loves some one who don’t believe in what we believe … this is one of the Maine reason that i don’t want to go back to AMERICA i wish i can change my Canadian passport for a Bahraini one!! GOOD ONE YA MAHMOOD!!!


  26. tooners says:

    just listening to this…. really, it sounds almost like jewish mafia type of ppl. honestly, they didn’t really sound all too jewish, but obviously they were. they sounded italian.

    funny lorena, because my husband and i have had the same conversation. personally, i think that if a son or daughter of ours decided to marry a non-muslim that it should be allowed. surprisingly, my husband agreed. i think love is what matters… not the religion. one won’t go to hell if the other isn’t muslim, and one can have just as strong of beliefs in God as a muslim…. sometimes even more, so really, i don’t find that it matters.

    when ppl threaten to disown their children over such…. i find it very sad. i’ve been thru similar things before marrying my husband. to me, this audio just shows how alive and well racism is in the U.S. when so many ppl try to pretend it doesn’t exist. but… really, i think it’s alive and living a very healthy life in most countries. such is life.

  27. Jacobo says:


    To be honest I don´t care about if its racist or not.
    But I wouldn´t like to have parents like those.


  28. Jared in NYC says:

    Surprisingly well done and funny in a voyeuristic, car-crash kind of way. They don’t have the ring of real people though. I think it’s likely they’re all actors.

  29. Lorena says:

    HI Tonners

    Well .. I must say that I cant agree with you in this ..I convert to Islam 6 years ago . coming from a very very Religios Family , My grand Mother was from Spain and she usto Pray the rosary every day and go to the church at 6 am every day since I remeber , this is from my mom side , from my dad, My granny was Lebanese so was kind same … when I was 14 years old they send me to a Boarding School Catholic … I decide to conever to Islam by my own choice , and as you can read hubby is muslim …Why? coz Im a muslim and is the way muslims most be married , man can choice but Women nop… I have no regrest about My religion , hubby , any thing ,but My comment was pure about what will happend “IF”, Yestarday i was in a reunion with few friends and I meet a Brithish Lady who married a bahraini Man . and she was making a comment about Ramadan is coming and every thing will be bored and bad in Bahrain , I ask you think is bad? she say yeah I hate Ramadan … I say what about you hubby? she say welll he fast and all I dont , i ask her are you muslim? she say yes I must convert to get my pappers done ….LOL and i ask so what is what you follow in life? she told me nothing … I have no religion , then i ask her again… and what you daugther will follow? she say well nothing eather.. she will chose when she grow up…when she grow up??? is what i thought (kids are muslims when the born ) then …I start thinking about the way i had been raise, and the way Hubby did and the way Sara is doing! .. and i realize that yes Sara will married a Muslim man Inshaallah,Ofcurse she will select and RE select LOL … I want her to have values in life , and respect of what we belive wich is Islam .. have a nice day!! 🙂

    Dont take it wrong.. Im not a Shaika, or so. i dont wear hijjab every day to go out .. and i wear jeans , and i like music… Im trying to change little by little 🙂

  30. tooners says:


    This is an isolated incident. Just because the woman doesn’t believe in anything… well, that’s her choice. Obviously she and her husband have made the choice to allow their daughter to have *free will*… which, I find, to be a very positive thing. And I disagree w/ you… just because you’re born into a Muslim family doesn’t mean that you HAVE to take that as a religion. I believe in freedom of choice. If I had a daughter, I would raise her to have values in life, to respect life and all that life gives to her, but I would also allow her to have freedom of choice. I think that is VERY important in life.

    I’m an American and married a Bahraini…. so I understand where you’re coming from but I also understand where the British woman is coming from. I respect her choices in life, and I respect her for being honest w/ you.

    Just because someone doesn’t believe in organized religion, or pray five times a day, doesn’t fast in Ramadan, doesn’t wear hijab, listens to music…. it doesn’t make you a bad person. You can be very spiritual but not believe in organized religion. I, personally, find nothing wrong w/ it. But that’s just me. 🙂

  31. Lorena says:

    LOL hi again … I think you missunderstand, I didnt born ina muslim religion I born as a Catholic and I convert to Islam .. maybe now after you read you can understand more my post ..:) None of my family does fast, pray 5 times and they drink margaritas, my mom wear swiming swit and my sister wear thongs in the beach 🙂 hahahahahah I dont coz hubby dont let me ! waahahahahahahahahahand belive me they are not a bad persons! ….

  32. tooners says:

    Hi Lorena, I understood what you meant. I was also raised in a Catholic home… so I’m very aware of the traditions and expectations of being a Catholic and all the freedom given to you. I just disagree w/ some of the things you said about someone having to be Muslim if born Muslim. I have a different outlook on life and believe that a person should be able to choose what religion they want to believe in, if any, and be able to marry who they want to marry… regardless if they’re Muslim, Christian, Buddhist and such. A religion doesn’t make a person. I just think it’s important to raise a child believing that other religions are ok, and even if you don’t have a strong belief in something – it’s ok. It’s ok to question things… that’s what life is about, I think.

    I don’t find anything wrong w/ this British woman you spoke to not having a strong feeling about being Muslim. That doesn’t make her a bad person – even though she converted.

    My original point is that I disagreed w/ making a daughter marry a Muslim man. Sticking to my first post, I still disagree w/ this. 🙂 When and if that day ever comes, I think it best to allow a child to marry who they love. I disagree w/ allowing a son that privilege but not a daughter.

    And.. I wasn’t trying to say that your family are bad ppl. That isn’t what I meant. 🙂

  33. Lorena says:

    Tooners I had never say that she is a bad person coz she is not a trudly muslim … even do this is her own choise and yours 2 … we all are free of raise and do with out life or teach our kids what we think is right …My personal Opinion, as mother , wife , daugther , mixed Latin, arab, eropean LOL is that we will enourage her to married a Muslim man …thats it 🙂

    What I belive is that we all shall teach them about the trudly values in life ….

  34. Anonymous says:


    Stupid dirty jews.

  35. moclippa says:

    Hillarious clip… didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the outright racisim, it says so much about how hateful some parents can be at the idea of mixing between religons, enough to disown a child! Happens all over the world, and I’m sure most of the discering viewers on this forumn realize that without me having to say it… save for some commentators.

    Anonymous, go jump off a roof or something… ignorent SOB

    (Sorry thats totally out of character for me… but that comment made me want to say things that were a lot more unpleasent, this was the most mild thing that managed to come out)

  36. can we talk now says:

    the clip was hilarious, but only because it was recorded.. and they were caught out
    let’s be honest, as someone said you could substitute anything for jewish and it would work. some people here would be upset about sunni/shia/ijmi/holi/hindi/pakistani/filipino whatever.
    it doesn’t have to be about religion, it could be nationality..
    some mothers would say “you are going to kill me..” too
    oh, and i actually heard one family whose son went and married someone from a far eastern country without their approval and brought her back, hold their chin up and say, yes, she’s from……….. but she’s from a very good family!!!

  37. mahmood says:

    Love, could also lead you to: steel a car, smash up all cars in the neighbourhood playing dodgems and only stop when the stolen car loses all of its tyres as they’re shredded and then go headlong into a wall, but only after serious damage is done to all those cars and also to a poor Indian guy on a bike.

    That was just because this kids’ family (he’s 21) apparently refused to accept his choice for a wife!

    Hilarious! 😉

  38. tooners says:

    pretty serious way of making a point of who you want ot marry….

  39. Kitty says:

    BAHAHAHAHA! Hilarious. I love it even more, considering I’m a part-Italian Jew… I’m one angry, neurotic mutt, rofl.

  40. Mike says:

    Oh my God…that was by far the best phone prank I have ever heard. I can’t believe how angry the parents were. I thought the father was going to die on the phone. Julie has a lot of bravery to play a trick like that on her parents.

  41. jane says:

    I am a Jewish woman (21 YO) and I don’t think that this prank was funny at all. As a matter of fact I thought it was truly pathetic.

    It’s people like you who help the anti-Semitic haters build their hate against us. Too many of my people have suffered at the hands of cruel people like you.

    Yeah, I know! It was just a joke! I bet that you think that it’s a big joke that my grandparents were burnt do death in an oven, too! Ha Ha Ha! Look! Make fun of the filthy Jew! Right! Real funny!

    I Hate people like you and I will not rest until you pay for this horrible act against devotely Jewish people. It will be my life’s mission to make sure that you never work in the media again. Maybe you need to be shoved into a oven alive?

  42. mahmood says:

    Jane is that a threat to me or to the radio program producers who produced the clip?

    I’m just wondering really, because I receive death threats normally from Muslim extremists, it’s nice to see you – a Jewish extremist, without a sense of humour whatsoever – joining those illustrious ranks.

    If it is a threat to me personally let me save you the trouble and give you my full address so you can make MY day, punk.

    Now bugger off and go play in heavy traffic in lovely Tampa, FL’s biggest highway at rush hour.

    For the record, that twerp called jane (regardless if that serious threat was leveled at me personally or the radio program producers, both are heinous and cowardly) comes from: | IP: US UNITED STATES FLORIDA TAMPA VERIZON INTERNET SERVICES INC

  43. Ibn says:

    Tell a Jewish joke and now you’re being asked if you want to go into an oven? LOL! 😆

    Silly me. I thought that was just restricted to criticizing Israel.

    It will be my life’s mission to make sure that you never work in the media again.

    Killer resume addition woman!



  44. Sunrunner says:

    Somehow I find it hard to believe that this person is “really” descendent of holocaust victims (do the math: i.e. how, if the grandparents were killed in the 40s, did the parent –presumably a child — manage to survive, unless he/she were already grown which would make that person well round about 80 now and the parent of a 21 yr old? Puhleeze!). If “she” were the descendent of a holocaust victim, “she” would know very well that the people murdered by the Nazis died in gas chambers, and their bodies subsequently burnt. There are other “holes” if one takes a minute to think about it…eg “how would you like to be …”

    My guess is that this person is simply a typical puerile American right-wing nutcase.

  45. can we talk now says:

    what the HELL????

  46. T.Kavijavic says:

    Sounds like Kyle’s mom from “South Park”. LOL

    Jesus Christ Rules!!

  47. Anonymous says:

    crazy stuff !! i think jane needs to calm a little.
    im not sure but maybe since there is no jews in NZ i find this amusing and melancholy.
    oh well 🙂 hope you all work out your differences.. after all what happened in the past… has happened.. move on and upwards 😉

  48. milter says:


    The funny thing is, that clip could very easily have been made by a couple of Jews with a sense of humour. My impression was that Jews were the best at making jokes about, well, Jews.

    Have a look at this clip.

    I’d be happy if it can divert a bit of your anger away from Mahmood.

    I have to warn both Muslims and Christians, too, though!

    People of all three religions with fragile feelings could very easily be offended.

  49. Greg H says:

    I see alot of Jews here laughing this off like its no big deal. But if the tables were turned and it was a muslim mother and father talking this way, everyone would be taking it so much more seriously and there would be no laughing. Sounds like a double standard. It’s ok for Jews to act like this, but nobody else can. The parents of this girl are mental cases, especially the father. This guy is a nut case and needs some therapy ASAP. If this is a representation of how Jewish people think and act behind closed doors, I have lost a lot of respect. I couldn’t believe how the father was talking when Christianity was brought up. Serious racism and biggotry here, unreal.

  50. Germany says:

    hahahaha… beste!

    voll lustig ja, besser als hier, abu wie der vater abgegangen ist… ob er das überlebt hat? hahaha… :grinnod: 😆 :grinnod:
    aber einbisschen rassistisch war es schon, naja die eltern wollen doch nur das beste für ihre kinder…
    macht weiter.

    It’s really funny, we need more, bravo!

  51. Ruggedcashew says:

    If this was the other way around it would be called anti-Semetic.

  52. Anonymous says:

    this is sooooo funny, what is the downloadable link to the real media file?


  53. Mensch says:

    My gosh, and then they have the chutzpah to cry anti-semitism?

    How RACIST! And from a JEW!!!

  54. Yankee Jim says:

    I think it’s very racist and that’s what makes it funny!

  55. Doug says:

    I don’t really see a problem with parents wanting to have some say in who their kids date. I could just imagine the outrage though if the parents were white and the guy was black. Everyone would be saying the parents were evil, when it’s just a matter of wanting to preserve their traits and culture. I commend the Jewish parents, but the father was a bit too angry.

  56. Magnus says:

    Scaring, so this is how they look on people who doesn’t belong to their religion. They could even kill to keep their familly untouched by any from another reli.!!
    Adds up to a lot of other accusitions made about jews.
    Very interesting.
    Is whites the only race calling themselves racists?

  57. docspencer says:

    Mahmood, this was sooooo funny!!!

    Thanks mate!


  58. docspencer says:

    I have a very funny sound file from a radio show; different subject, but people will be dieing from laughter.

    How can I email it to you, or post it?

    Best regards,


  59. Jochen says:

    😮 Yes, is really funny! Terrible biggot parents!

    And now the same story.
    But … Bigott Kurdish (Iraq) familie. Very interesting to.
    A real story … march 2007.

    [ed: link provided removed as it shows a gruesome murder of a woman]

  60. exclamation mark says:

    Looks like watching the godfather … lol …

  61. Anonymous says:


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