22nd Bahrain Bloggers’ Gathering

31 Aug, '06

The next meeting is almost upon us, note the 7th of September in your diaries please and don’t forget to take out two hours of your time for this get-together. More than ever, it’s going to be worth it for you all as we will have some special visitors joining us, pioneers of blogging from another Gulf state is all I can tell you at the moment as final plans have not been finalised yet, but should be early next week.

I know that a lot of you have spoken to me about your unhappiness with the current venue we use, in the Diplomatic area, and some suggested that we revert back to the Country Club. Some even suggested a day change from Thursday.

Could you please take some time to jot down your thoughts on not only the timing and location of our meet-ups, but most importantly on how to make the event more successful and how you would organise it.

Let us know your suggestions on all of these issues, please.

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  1. If the weekends are changing, so we need to change the meeting day from Thursday’s to say Friday’s!

    So, can we make it on 8th September, please?

  2. mahmood says:

    I vote against that Haitham! I would rather the meeting be in a weekday just after office hours.. that way, people can just stop off after work, have a nice chat, a cup of coffee and then off home or whatever else they planned for the night.

    I feel that a lot of people didn’t come to the meetings because it was the weekend and they had other arrangements.

    I would actually move it to mid week and make it 6.30/7pm if it were up to me!

  3. Hisham says:

    I haven’t attended any of these meetings, but was looking forward to them. Especially since I think they’re held in Seattle’s Best next to where I work, so it’s just a walk for me after work… but then again, Seattle’s Best is more appropriately called Seattle’s Worst, worst coffee, worst cleanliness, and worst service ever.

    But then again, the company one’s with is what makes a place 🙂

  4. mahmood says:

    More reason to change the venue then… suggestions people? Or shall we just can the whole thing and forget about it?

  5. Rayyash says:

    In Salmabad they have open new coffee shop I don’t recall the name but it’s on the road to Royan Pharmacy.
    and 7pm is a good timing

  6. mahmood says:

    Didn’t even know that there was a pharmacy in Salmabad… only big dirty smelly noisy trucks that traverse that strip! Could you find out more about it and let’s see if others want to try it? I would hate for us to end up in some hotel coffee shop, I suggest something with more culture and local..

    How about “Ayam Zaman” by the Marina Club? Is that still operating? Is it any good?

    What about that shisha place in Adliya by the HSBC? Is that still going?

  7. The Joker says:

    Country club meetings were the best. Too bad half the people that used to attend are out of the country now.

  8. mahmood says:

    Let’s bring more NEW people in then, to compensate! Be positive and drag a few over Joker.

  9. I might come…Would I be the only female? I don’t really mind where or when the meeting is, but I’d rather not have to sit in a cafe where I am the only female in the whole place…

  10. mahmood says:

    then suggest some place and we shall only be too happy to oblige!

  11. Lorena says:

    Bint Battutta if you go Im coming!! i was thinking the same! i dont wana be the only famale in there hubby will kill me!

  12. Lorena says:

    I like the county club is a nice place

  13. I think that we need to find places that are not too crowded but not too dead either. There needs to be plenty of parking space (so our previous venue at that Gallery place in Adliya is also out). I didn’t mind the Country Club, but a lot of people won’t go to places that serve alcohol and since the aim of the meeting is to discuss and meet different types of people, I don’t thinka bar is the right place.
    I actually liked Capuccino Cafe when we had it as a venue but I wish it was in Manama, which would make even more accessible to people. A place that is similar is La Chocolat in the Seef District. I think its a neutral venue, parking isn’t bad but if you are going to make it there, you might have to make a reservation if the meeting is on a weekend.

    However, I also vote to move it to a weekday!

  14. what about Jawad Food Garden?

  15. mahmood says:

    La Chocolat is quite central, nice and upmarket and I vote for it. Shall I make the reservation?

  16. Hisham says:

    La Chocolat sounds like a good choice. You got my vote, mahmood.

  17. Sounds good to me.

  18. BinShehab says:

    La Chocolat is okay with me.

  19. mahmood says:

    La Chocolat it is then! Thanks Tariq for suggeseting it. I’ll give them a call and reserve a table(s) there for the 7th.

    It would be handy to know how many people are most probably coming, so we get a correct reservation.

    What do we do for afters? Are you guys interested in doing dinner, drink or a movie after the gathering?

  20. Rayyash says:

    Movie sounds good and I’m with you mahmood “La Chaocolat”

  21. mahmood says:

    Oh I love that movie. Soppy, but quite nice.

  22. Ellee says:

    Are any of your speakers from the USA or UK too? I would like to follow up on your programme on my blog in the UK and would appreciate it if you could keep me informed.

    Are there many women bloggers in your country? Is there any censorship? How many bloggers are there in Bahrain, etc.

  23. mahmood says:

    Ellee, the get-together is an informal affair done every month to stay in touch with each other in the physical, rather than the usual virtual world. As to your other questions, yes, loads, on both fronts. Have a look at http://bahrainblogs.org which is an aggregator of most Bahraini or Bahrain-based blogs and start your drawl through our mini cyberspace there!

  24. tooners says:

    Me and the hubby ARE coming to this meeting. La Chocolat is a great place! Looking forward to it!! 🙂

    I’ll bring the info I found on Jamba Juice as well.

    It’s at 7:00 pm, right?

  25. mahmood says:

    8pm, and looking forward to it!

  26. lorena says:

    Mahmood So i can bring hubby with me ?

  27. Ali Al Saeed says:

    I keep planning on attending another of these things but somehow I always end up not doing so… odd really.

    So here we go, once again, I announce my will to attend the next Bahrain Blogger’s Gathering…

    Perhaps someone will have to wrench me outa of my chair and detach my fingers from the laptop keyboard! Any volunteers!??

  28. mahmood says:

    Lorena, yes please!

    Ali, any time.

  29. lorena says:

    We be there I just ask him and he say OKAY!! 🙂 see you there!

  30. are defunct bloggers welcome?

    i’m gonna swing by too.. is it too late?

    i hope you’re still thinking about the vlog venture i mentioned before i left on holiday..

  31. mahmood says:

    you’re more than welcome man, please do come and let’s talk some more of vlogging and stuff.

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