Our living room is back!

31 Aug, '06

Our living room is back!

Our living room is back!, originally uploaded by malyousif.

After about 5 weeks of having the house in turmoil due to a water leak from the master bathroom, we finally have our living room fixed tonight.

We just finished cleaning and moving the furniture back into their usual places, my dad’s paintings are up, so I feel that we are at home now… it’ll take another week for them to finish the bathroom, but that’s another story.

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  1. Johnster says:

    Cup of gahwa and a couple of dates please!

    Looks lovely

  2. Nice living room! Looks great.

    Make me thing of all my friends houses back in Bahrain!

    On a similiar not I bought a coffee table today, from IKEA, it’s called a LACK! Its white with four legs!

  3. alfanan says:

    Looks wonderful Mahmood. I love the color of the curtains.

  4. F says:

    Nice pad!

    The purple pillow on the sofa should be moved to right by a few

    Just Kidding!!! 😛

  5. Sam says:

    Someone’s got taste…

  6. Aliandra says:

    WHat a nicely appointed room. Looks like it came right out of a home decorating magazine.

  7. Jett says:

    Beautiful room! I love the oversized windows that you have..lots of natural light. Very well done.

  8. Ibn says:

    Where’s the 50″ plasma HD-TV?!?!



  9. Pamela says:

    your living room is as big as my entire apartment…wish I had that much space.

    wonderful living room, looks nice.

  10. mahmood says:

    thanks all, we like it too.

    Ibn, that thing is actually upstairs! We only have ONE TV in the whole house and that’s in the upstairs family room. And yes it’s a plasma! (I’m itching to replace it with an LCD ;))

  11. Gunoosh says:

    nice decor but typical bahraini – i.e. goddy and tacky!

  12. Lorena says:

    TACKY????? this has nothing tacky at all! …. Mahmood you living room is just beautiful! you and your wife have a very nice and delicate test ! 🙂

  13. M says:

    Wonderful, Mahmood. Just right for entertaining; we’ll all be right over. Gunoosh, you can stay home!

  14. mahmood says:

    that’s a good idea, how about the next bloggers’ meeting here?! Naah, not enough space for all you louts! 😉

  15. Ian says:

    When you get round to replacing the Plasma with an LCD, give me a call, I’ll take it off your hands . . . 🙂 Nice pad BTW.


  16. mahmood says:


    thanks Ian.

    By the way I couldn’t find anyone who could tell me more about the “bang” the other day, and the refinery were saying that it was just an exercise of some sort and not to worry about it.. I did experience 3 shakes of the house though at around 7pm. Weird.

  17. F says:

    Mahmood, I heard the bangs too. A friend said that it probably was sonic
    booms – military fighter planes engaged in night exercises nearby.

  18. Don Cox says:

    The nicest thing about that room is that it is arranged for conversation, and not as a small cinema dominated by a big TV.

    It is very rare to find a living room in Britain that is actually a _living_ room, rather than a TV-watching room.

    Tastes in furniture design, fabrics, etc are a matter of personal preference (I always longed to own an Eames lounge chair myself), but this is a very civilised interior.

  19. Barsawad says:

    This is right out of ’25 Beautiful Homes’! You got great taste man: frangipanis, flower gardens and now this!

    I love the cool, soothing shades and the overall layout. I may not agree with some of your writings, but this – I wholly agree with.

  20. Johnster says:

    Don, that’s coz in the UK the houses are significantly smaller so you have to do everything in one room. Here in bahrain, partly due to the culture, many houses have the majlis/meeting room/sitting room and then a separate family room

  21. Anonymous says:

    Yes the TV focus point can be a distraction to cultural exchange.

  22. Meggie says:

    Nice curtains dear.
    Frances must have been busy with the sewing machine and header tape.

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