NOOOOOOOOOOOO… Michael, one more year please!

10 Sep, '06

He’s officially retiring at the end of this season.

Everybody was expecting it. The press was filled with predictions, but only the champion himself and his managers knew that he was going to drop a bomb this afternoon, and he did.

But what style! The Kid blew his engine, lost 10 precious points to his Master, and now there are only two points difference and 3 more races to wind this shindig up; and that, my friends, I have not an iota of a doubt that The Master, the greatest racer who ever lived, owner of almost every single record in F1 will do once again, for the eighth and final time.

Thanks for the thrills Michael, I am sure that this will not be the last we hear from you and I await you taking leadership in a small team and building it up to a world-class standard.

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  1. mahmood says:

    Here are some stats which might show what a great petrol-head this guy is:

    Michael leaves Formula 1 holding almost all the records. To date, he has taken

  2. seven Drivers’ world titles
  3. and has

  4. contributed to the same number of team wins in the Constructors’ Championship
  5. . He has

  6. taken part in 247 Formula 1 Grands Prix
    • (178 of them at the wheel of a Ferrari,)
    • won 90 (71,)
    • been

    • on pole 68 (58)
    • times,

    • setting 75 (52) fastest race laps.
    • He has amassed

    • a total of 1354 points, 1051 of them in a Maranello car.

    No one in the world of motor racing has done better.

    Following his decision, the only record that will elude him is the one for the number of race starts. He will be able to reach the 250 mark, just six short of the record held by Riccardo Patrese. Schumacher has been with Scuderia Ferrari for eleven seasons, a demonstration of loyalty without equal in Formula 1, to date securing five of his Drivers’ titles here and contributing to six of the team’s Constructors’ titles. No other driver has ever won as much with the Scuderia.

  7. Ali M. says:

    Sad to see him go. As he said, he needs to make way for the new talent (The guy sitting on his right at yesterdays post race press conference) He did not look like he is ready. He still wants to race but for the future of Ferrari that only gives them another year or two. By stepping down they secure their future with a superstar driver for the next 10-15 years. Good luck to him and the team.
    Oh and did anyone hear him say he his looking forward for the next three wins (not races but WINS). His agent Webber said during the weekend “…8 world championships…”

    In my opinion things are going a little tooooooo well for him. I smell something fishy goin on. How could The Kid blow his engine which has NEVER blown up before? He wasnt slip streaming in the first stint of the race, im guessing because the car was too hot. But I dont care as long as Shumi wins the 8th title. Muahhaha

  8. Anonymous says:

    Nothing fishy is going on… Everytime luck goes Schumi’s way every1 starts smelling fish,”cha ga3dein fee souq il samach ehna?” Alonso just pushed too hard on the engine, he admits it himself.

    And regarding the punishment he got, technically he was at fault and deserves the punishment according the rules, you aint on your hot lap you step aside for who is, what happened yesterday was a sad situation for Alonso but no one is to be blamed. esp. Ferrari or Felipe Massa for using the rule for his advantage… thats great thinking in my book, thinking out of the box 😉

  9. mahmood says:

    chan’ad, safi, roubian, shi3ri, zbaidi, or whatever your picadillos are Ali, there is no conspiracy that I could see… Schumi is just the best there is or ever was.

    I was sitting next to a couple of Finns at Motorox (which has become an excellent venue by the way since the first time we went there, the service is much improved and there is no smoking upstairs, which is a releaf!) and I almost had a bet with them that Kimi won’t last 30 laps, they just smiled and nodded their heads.. they said that they will definitely be Ferrari fans from next season, and that is before Alonso provided the nice smoke machine, which I fully encourage him to do for the next three races!

    I commented to them once I saw how emotional Schumi got after the race that there is something in the air, when I saw Luca jumping the fence and going after Michael I told them that he is definitely announcing his retirement.

    It is wonderful to retire at the height of your game.

    I only wish that our politicians and royal families can take note of this and follow suit!

  10. Johnster says:

    Best news for F1. Schumacher has been forgiven a lot of dirty tricks that other drivers would be pulled up for.

  11. mahmood says:

    no he wasn’t! name an incident.

  12. TechZ says:

    Sad to see him go, but the sport needs new talent and I bet there’s plenty out there

  13. mahmood says:

    I’m afraid that once Schumi does go, what we will be left with is mediocre “me too” talent. I just hope for the sake of the sport that one will actually consistantly shine as Michael has done.

    Kubica looks pretty hot at the moment, their time on the grid and he ends up on the podium with almost no drop-outs during the race. Very impressive.

  14. F says:

    Schumi – bad boy when Ayrton Senna was around. Since that time, this bad boy has amassed a massive fan base. This was based on 2 things. The major one – His talent, his ambition, his focus, his tenacity, his many hours spent on practicing, his professionalism, his family support and his
    team support. And the minor one – He joined Ferrari! 😉

    Johnster – it is quite common that many drivers exceed their limits and
    often are labelled by their peers as ‘dirty tricks’. Some are genuine and some are not. Usually, all are forgiven when they quit or retire from the sport. 🙂

    Alonso needs to cool down a bit.

    Kimi – fantastic racer. Will exceed expectations once he has the right
    package – car and team.

    Schumi – I hope he wins!

  15. Anonymous says:

    LOL love the Schumi attacks! atleast he never called F1 not a sport!! i bet if he ever said such a thing articles will spread like an aussie wood-fire with the aid of farts resulting from nachos demanding him to quit driving…. but Alonso has all the right to make such comments eh?

    All I know is that am very lucky to witness this formula 1 era.

  16. Ali M. says:

    I know that conspiracies are a part of life. They happen everywhere. The JFK assassination, 911 and more… Even the F1 BUSINESS has some kind of stuff goin on. No particular incident in mind, just in general.

    He is a great driver. I totally agree but hes not perfect. BTW im a Shumi fan all the way but I like to think that no one is perfect. I honestly hate his personality. Hes been said to be the pompus type who doesnt care about everyday folk. Yet I support him!

    And Mahmood your wish just cracked me up! Yeah as if it will ever happen while they are alive and well.

    BTW do you guys get the ITV commentary in Bahrain? Or some stupid Egyptian idiot? I would like to get good commentary once im back for next season.

  17. mahmood says:

    I’m afraid the stupid Egyptian idiot was joined by a (somewhat less) stupid Lebanese idiot and both fight with each other on who could outdo whom as the main chatterbox. I tend to now mute the stupid thing!

    And that’s the main reason I’m looking into getting the South African package in order to enjoy the show with decent commentary. That and the stupid, moronic, imbecile BIC for selling the rights to the pathetic Al-Jazeera sports which I still cannot tune in although I bought the full packages of both Orbit and Showtime!

  18. Ali M. says:

    🙁 Not looking forward to it… its a long story this F1 tv rights business isnt it. Would al=jazeera have the ITV commentary? I find most of the race boring without the ITV guys. They are absolutely astounding when it comes to info!

  19. mahmood says:

    Yes they are, and they were even better when Murrey was commentating. I’ve got to go upstairs and fix the receiver… and no, Jazeera unfortunately only have Ayman (eeeeehhhhhh eeehhhhhhh aaaahhhh) Abdulwahid to us Arab audiences.

  20. skribe says:

    no he wasn’t! name an incident.

    You don’t think the incident where he was given a stop-go and he did it on the last lap and crossed the finish line in the pits wasn’t a little dodgy?

  21. mahmood says:

    no, that’s brillian strategy!

    I can’t actually remember that one, can you shed some light on it? I would love to dig up that clip!

  22. Anonymous says:

    That was BRILLIANT!! pure class!, using everything in the book to win the championship! + that penalty got canceled out anyway.

    “In 1998 season, Schumacher created controversy by winning the British GP in the pit lane. He was issued a 10s stop-and-go penalty for overtaking during the Safety Car laps. Knowing that a conventional in-stop-out penalty would lose him the race to championship contender Mika Häkkinen, the team delayed him going into the pit for the penalty the allowed number of laps (3) and only served the penalty at the end of the race, thus avoided the slow out lap from the pit that would have caused him to lose the race. However, because the stewards had incorrectly issued the penalty Schumacher escaped punishment as the stewards later rescinded the penalty. The penalty (for overtaking Alex Wurz under safety car on lap 43 of 60) should have been issued within 25 minutes but Ferrari were informed 6 minutes after the limit had expired. The handwritten notification was also unclear as to which penalty was actually being issued: a 10s stop/go, or 10 seconds added to Schumacher’s race time (a penalty which could only be used to punish an infraction in the last 12 laps). As a result the three stewards involved handed in their licences at an extraordinary meeting of the FIA World Council”

    *Source Schumi’s wiki page

  23. mahmood says:

    hehe.. lovely!

  24. mahmood says:

    nah, just bending the rules a little!

  25. skribe says:

    That’s what dodgy means. I wonder if he or his fans would have been so ameniable to such behaviour if it had been Mika that had done this. Schumacher was good enough not to have to resort to these dodgy tactics – such as the incident that won him his first crown and the one this year with the ‘stall’ during qualifying. One or two are inevitable but his career is full of them. And I do think a less talented driver would have been wrapped hard enough over the knuckles after this first couple to prevent any future instances. But he was the star – the only one during his tenure (at least until Alonso arrived) – and so was treated with kid gloves. I doubt very much if he would have received such treatment had he been driving five or ten years earlier with the likes of Prost and Senna and even Piquet and Mansell filling the grid.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Buddy, its the F1 not le3ba fil fareeg, to be on the top you need to be ruthless, Are you telling those other legends didnt have their own blackspots? offcourse they arent anywhere as much as close Schumi’s but the bottom line is, this man is an exceptional leader, who picked up ferrari and molded an amazing team around him, so much passion and love into his work that shines off his face, no one enjoys winning as much as he does and no one hates losing as much as he does, he works on being the best and he gives it his all. thats devotion. thats a legend.

  27. skribe says:

    You really need to stop drinking the kool aid, anon. Schumi’s career has had so many black spots it looks like the pox. Schumi is a great driver, but he drove during a period where there were few to seriously challenge him. Where a decade earlier there were 3-4 of similar ability, he drove during a period where he was the only true superstar and so his record looks monumental compared to the others. It’s a pity we never saw a serious rivalry because we’ll never really know how good he truly was.

  28. mahmood says:

    With all due respect Skribe, the absence of good competitors on the level of Michael Schumacher is not Michael’s fault, as you seem to imply. If your point of criticism is valid, then we might as well reconsider the place of most great men in history “because they really didn’t have really good people to compete with them at the time.”

    Yes, Michael and Ferrari did bend the rules to the point of almost breaking them. They didn’t break them however and if they did then they were slapped as hard as others in the sport were.

    Yes, there might have been some favouritism going on, but I don’t think this has been to the level that negates from the tremendous records and wins of both team and drivers.

    Michael Schumacher, whether you or I like it or not, will stay in the F1 and motorsports record books for a very long time before any competitor for probably the next 50 years to come close to some of his achievements.

  29. skribe says:

    You misunderstand me on the first point you raise, Mahmood. It’s nobody’s fault or at least none of the drivers fault. One could say that maybe the best drivers have a harder path to F1 because it no longer relies mainly on ability but on the amounts of cash that an untried driver can bring to a team. Alex Yoong for instance. I can name at least 5 young Aussie drivers that have more ability than he and there are probably another hundred scattered around the world that haven’t the cash to buy their ride. But that point is moot. Schumacher drove in an era where there were no other stars, despite there being plenty of good drivers none of them had that X-factor that gives them that edge. As I said in the previous posts that situation didn’t exist a decade earlier. Had he been driving then he certainly wouldn’t have achieved what he has. There were too many other great drivers. I would expect that Senna, Schumacher and Prost would have never finished a race as they would keep taking one another out on the first corner =).

    Schumacher holds a lot of records. Most will probably never be beaten. At least not until a similar set of circumstances occurs which I hope never occurs in my lifetime. But his record flatters his ability. Just as, and I digress, the Australian Cricket Team’s record over the last decade flatters theirs. They’re a great team, just as Schumi is a great driver, but if you look at their record you think they were the best ever. They may be, but they achieved so much because their opposition were crap. It’s the same with Schumi. He may be the best ever, but because he drove against good rather than great drivers his records aren’t as impressive as if he had had decent competition. That doesn’t mean he’s not a great driver.

  30. mahmood says:

    I see what you mean now… in a hypothetical situation, I think if Schumi is put in an era or between a set of great drivers I think he will still shine, maybe as you imply not as brightly, but shine he would have.

    It is also due to the brightness of his stardom itself that he washes out every other competitor around him, and that is why the sport has appeared to stagnate in the last 5 years; however, if you think about it, it never has. The cars are much safer and better and faster even with smaller engines and components, so there was no stagnation as far as development is concerned, but as Schumi was the only one who could deliver on the promise week after week, it appeared that it’s same-all same-all.

    Once the drastic tyre rules came in and Alonso shone, everybody sat and perked up, the kind is dead (thank goodness!) long live the king. But that new king proved that he is no match for the older and much more experienced one.

    Now he has officially excused himself from the arena for other young bucks to come in and fight it out, so next year we will really see if what you (and I) say has any weight, and we’ll see what a scrap it will become.

    All for good fun I guess.

    So let’s agree to differ here: I believe that Schumi would shine no matter which era you plug him into. I am unfortunate enough not to have witnessed Senna and other greats as my interest in motorsports only started after they have gone moved on…

  31. Anonymous says:

    9alo 3ala il nabi shabab…. 2 more weeks till we see who has the upper hand in the last three races 🙂 hopefully it will be an amazing climax in the end… this is afterall one of the most exciting and controversial seasons in recent history 🙂

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