Reflections on 9/11

11 Sep, '06

All I want to say that all my compassion goes out to the families that suffered a loss in those two towers and planes and all my anger goes out to alll the fundementalist idiots who planned his terrible act.

Arif Mahmood Al-Yousif

Amen, son.

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  1. Pamela says:

    thank you Arif, you siad it perfectly.


  2. Khalidah says:

    Amen to that 🙂

  3. Jared in NYC says:

    Arif, your thoughts and words are a credit to you and to your mom and dad.

  4. milter says:

    I’m sure Arif’s words express the feelings of a lot of people these days and I agree with him in his empathy for those that suffered because of this act.

    But, to wish all that evil for the people that did this, isn’t that a bit like joining in the game that Mohammad Atta and his friends were trying to introduce?

    I have two sons and I have had several discussions with my family and friends about what our reactions would be if somebody did any harm to our children. We can’t be sure, we’ve never been in that situation.

    But, even the most violent comments never wished for any revenge like the one Arif is talking about.

    I personally would never ask for the kind of retribution he is talking about. Of course I would find it very difficult to forgive those people, I probably couldn’t, if they hurt my children very badly for no reason.

    Maybe it is because Arif and I use different rhetorics. Maybe that rhetoric is part of what is creating the hatred that creates monsters like Mohammed Atta?

  5. H says:

    After delving for quite some years into group dynamics and behaviour, I always managed to observe considerable order and predictablity.

    Intriguing, how it really break down when sacred matters and devinity of life and death and family and the like come into play.

    People would think that it would depend on individual disposition as to whether to forgive and forget or to seek utilitarian or retributional punishments. People would stay quite shallow from the normless core of human nature.

    I will not, though, let my opinion be reduced to a dog-eat-dog-world one, as one should never be cynical of death, nor life, nor love.

  6. M says:


    Hard to explain why, but your words lifted my spirits today. Thank you very much.

    Please do not let the quibbling about the extent of your words bother you. Your heart is good, and you only have to answer to yourself.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Is that the fad now? Getting our kids saying grown up thing that we’re then supposed to turn into universal maxims? Get over yourself.

    Of course that’s not to say that 9/11 doesn’t hurt us all very deeply.

  8. na9rawi says:

    Anonymous – take it easy. It’s what the kid feels, so let him say it. And if Mahmood as his father is proud of that, then let him be. No one said it was a universal maxim – only you made reference to that.

    Anyway – check Jean Baudrillard and his theory of ‘terroristic situational transfer’ to listen to his take on The Twin Towers and September 11.

  9. tooners says:

    I agree w/ Jared in NY, I think Arif’s words are a true reflection of how he was raised. Such a kind hearted young man…. and I couldn’t agree more.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Mahmood, why don’t you buy Arif his own domain? ? 🙂

  11. a Duoist says:

    One of the better unintended effects of 9/11 in the United States is the abrupt quadrupling of the numbers of American students taking Arabic as a second language and the enormous, nation-wide overhaul of university disciplines of political science, psychology, and especially the humanities, in order to expand exposure to, and hopefully develop some understanding of, Islam’s history and the plural Muslim world-views.

    Now, if only we could get the works of Dr. Mehdi Haeri Yazdi translated into English (he’s banned in his native Iran), perhaps that would help expand some of the unintended beneficial effects of the horror of 9/11. By the way, Arif, Dr. Al-Marzouqi from the U.A.E.’s work, “Human Rights in Islamic Law,” is already in English (published in 2000/1420); you and your father might enjoy reading it.

    ‘Be free,’ Arif.

  12. Anonymous says:

    we should also add,

    …and all my anger goes out to alll the fundementalist idiots who planned his terrible act, and those who used it as an excuse to invade countries and kill and torture innocent victims.


  13. Malcolm Coghill says:

    Amen, and thank you.
    Thank you for your compassion, thank you for your website, as it helps show us in the West the goodness and good people that are in the Middle East, and that not all Arabian countries are medieval like Saudi Arabia or Iran.

  14. Fatman says:

    >and that not all Arabian countries are medieval like Saudi Arabia or Iran.

    Yeah Iran is really medieval. If only I could get my head around how they manage to sleep in tents at night and make breakthroughs in medicine and advancements in mathematics and physics in daytime. The fact that they have a 3000 year old civilization is cool too.

    I’m an Arab, but can say without a drop of doubt that there is no comparison whatsoever when it comes to civilization between Arabs and Persians. I don’t have a lot of patience to debate online, but I’m sure you’ll see this for yourself in due time.

    Take a wee bit of wool off your second eye and you’ll be all good.

  15. Bubz says:

    Any views about Bush branding the ‘war on terror’ as “the calling of our generation” or some such?

    Also, a lot of dissent regarding him politicizing the day of mourning.

    Anonymous and Fatman, well said.

  16. Arif says:

    thanks for all your comments guys but that was just the way I felt and once again I am deeply truly sorry for all the families of the victims.:(

  17. Lujayn says:

    Arif, dont worry about the criticism – thats just what we all do here on your dad’s blog. 🙂

    Glad you have an opinion on things, and thats great in itself!

  18. Gizmo says:

    Let me just add to Arifs words, may these pigs rot in hell, for whatever they caused to the innocent people at the twin towers or in flight 93, may they all and those who have sympathy for them rot in hell. And if hell doesnt exist, I hope that they die horribly with open eyes untill the last breath, as arif said so they feel how death feels. May god, if he exists, guide those who went to the wrong direction because it was not challanging and easier for them!

    I hope all of those who died, including the brave firefighters and the loved lost ones rest in peace.

  19. Anonymous says:

    You guys still think fundamentalist terrorists were behind this? Didn’t you see any of the documentaries that came out recently?

    Open your eyes people.

    The poor souls were the result of a masterplan…not by fundamentalists but by big brother.

  20. Mike C says:

    “Any views about Bush branding the ‘war on terror’ as “the calling of our generation” or some such?”

    Did he say that during his address Monday night? I missed it, I was watching the football game. Even if there was no game on, I would not have bothered with it. I don’t think many people in the US take anything he says seriously any more, even members of his own party are trying to distance themselves from him as they campaign during the ’08 election season.

    Ah yes, the war on terror. Since previous US presidential administrations have fought and won the war on poverty and the war on drugs, I’m sure we’ll do as well with the war on terror. I forget, was there a war on inflation back there somewhere or was that more of a police action?

    Seriously, I think that whole phrase and the idea of this being the task of a generation is a bunch of grandiose fuzzy hogwash meant to stir people up and get them to vote for Bush or whomever else is doing the bloviating. A war on an asymmetrical tactic? What exactly is terrorism and who are the terrorists? A war on Al Quaeda, well I’m all for that. Sounds like a thing for intelligence and diplomatic services, and special forces (Green Berets, SAS and the like). That hardly constitutes a generation, does it?

    I would think a US generational task would be something like WWII or recovery from the depression. As horrific as the 9/11 attacks were, their effect was miniscule in comparison with those two events.

  21. Mike C says:

    By the way, thank you for your kind words Arif!

  22. tim cramer says:

    all in all, 9/11 will have many theorys for ever. The fact is however what ever “group” did this was nothing more then poor excuses for human beings. I mean, geezz, that was nuts and plain murder! bunch of “cell phone” starbucks punks that had way to much time to get that far out!

    and yes, I am proud to be a american muslim firefighter and even more, I use my real name just to show how I really feel. boy, I feel better now

  23. Gizmo says:

    Anon whether we believe in theories or no, we are condeming the people who did this in the most believed theory which is Islamic Extremists did it, whether you like it or not, this how science works. There is no need to bring up conspiracy theories at the moment, the best you can do is condem the terrorist attacks that killed 3000 human beings and countless other that are dying now because of the attacks. Lets not go out of the subject and stick with the material at hand.

  24. milter says:


    I tried to create an account so I could post a comment on your own blog. It doesn’t seem to work so I’ll post another comment here and hope you see it.

    First of all, I admire your sense of wrong and right. I’m sure your parents have a share in this, but you have in your own mind decided what you consider good and evil.

    “Lujayn” told you earlier in this thread not to worry about the criticism and I felt guilty, when I read that. My first comment was a bit harsh and I apologize for that.

    Blogs like your Dad’s are giving people from all over the world an opportunity to share their views. Sometimes these discussions can get a bit heated, but now and then they also lead to a better understanding of “the other side’s views”.

    So, in spite of my earlier criticism, “keep up the good work”.

  25. thetruth says:

    if the world wants to know the truth they just have to see this movie

    911 – Loose Change 2nd Edition DVDRip (ConCen) XviD.avi

  26. Ali M. says:

    Ive seen it on the History Channel and it is a must see for everyone who believes the stupid american govt’s explination. Please watch it. You can stream it on google video or download it from various torrent sites. I wish it could have been advertised and played in movie theatres around the world.

  27. Anonymous says:

    What about the thousands who died/are dying in Iraq? Where’s the compassion for them?

    Focus on the bigger picture rather than the mainstream issue of 9/11.

  28. mahmood says:

    9/11 is no longer an isolated incident; it has become the metaphor for the ultimate victory of free spirits against extremists and extremism regardless of where they are. So the feelings expressed by Arif against the perpetrators of 9/11 are by definition the same against those who wreak havoc in the various parts of the world; be that in Iraq, Afghanistan, Philippines, Africa, Darfur, or any other place.

    So stop thinking of 9/11 being an exclusive American event.

    Unless we really didn’t learn anything over the last 5 years.

  29. smurfy says:

    Arif, there will always be someone there to criticize anything you say. All you can do is speak from the heart and let them rant.

    I am an American, your words brought me to tears.

    I have also just read you Dad’s blog in reference to the Sex Education classes. Not to cause you any more embarrassment …. What does it take to become a man?

    In my humble opinion, you have just done exactly that. The ability to feel kindness and compassion toward others and the willingness to express it. Your Dad is proud …. and he should be.

    I have several comments in general to comments made on this site.

    There was an advertisment on TV I would like to mention. It showed an image of a row of houses and said something to the effect of “terrorists thought they would change America (in reference to 911) and they did”. Then it showed the same row of houses … now flying the American flag on each one.

    I also will say in regards to the American response and deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan. There are many conspiracy theorists with many theories about why we are in Iraq. But I don’t play into any of them. My understanding is simple … Al-Queda needs to be stopped, they are terrorists. Saddam Hussein needed to be stopped. Both obtain power through terrorism, even against their own people.

    After all the fighting and bickering there is one result that cannot be argued with. Iraq, formerly ruled by a terrorist, will be a democratic society when we leave. That is enough for me. I don’t harbor any hatred for the people in Iraq or Afghanistan. It is my understanding that they lived with the fear we felt on 911 every day for years. I have thought since our first “visit” to Iraq that we never should have left and/or left that nut in control.

    I am saddened that once again, this country turned a blind eye to the suffering of others until it came to our doorstep.

  30. Ali M. says:

    ur country doesnt care about suffering. Not even of its people (as shown by bush and his administration during Katrina) They care about money, power and controlling the world. They are doing what Hitler wanted to do but better.
    I have total faith in the american legislation but i have absolutely no faith in the people running the legislation. Wake up people! Power is the key! Even presidents and dispensible ie JFK!!!!!

    I do feel for the families of the dead but i dont care for that day just like no one cares for the thousands who died in Lebanon or Iraq or Afghanistan. Who remembers Sabra and Shatila?? No one but this oh so special day in september will go down in history as some kind of memorial day bla bla. My grand children will know it but they wont remember the victims of the zionist monstrosity.

    Why should I care? I have more to worry about. Americans make a big deal of everything and thats how their big boys like to make good use of this behaviour.

    I just wish everyone good luck and hope you all have a happy and healthy life. At this rate precision cluster bombs will kill more people than cancer.

    Oh and btw why isnt N. Korea in the news as much as Iran for actually HAVING a nuclear bomb? hmm strange ::::yeah right::::

  31. smurfy says:

    Katrina is not a good example. It is a well known practice in the rescue community that you do not put yourself in a position to become a victim.

    It only serves to further tax an already overwhelmed system. If a rescuer becomes a victim you have now not only added to the number who are in need of rescuing but removed that rescuer from being able to assist, A double whammy. Rescue workers DO NOT put themselves at risk for that reason.

    Mind you that many of those in need of rescuing stayed for a reason. Looting for food and water is one thing. Did you see the looters wading through waist high water with a TV on their shoulders that they had stolen? A large percentage of those who stayed, stayed for a reason. The rats will always be the last to leave.

    That is why it took so long for rescuers to respond, they had to stay back out of the danger zone to avoid becoming victims themselves. It isn’t like you can predict the path of a hurricane that well. Every inch of the gulf coast could have been hit directly.

    If the US was only interested in taking control over countries then why are we doing everything we can to assist in setting up a democratic government in Iraq? If that were true we wouldn’t bother. Why is it that we don’t control Germany? Why is it we don’t control Cuba? Haiti? Japan? Somalia? Panama? Because we don’t want to. I think we well demonstrated with the use of the nuke during WWII that we could in fact do so if we wanted to.

    I agree now as I did in my original post that this country does to much sitting around and watching people suffer. This country turned boatloads of Jews away during WWII knowing what Germany was doing and refused to become involved until Pearl Harbor. For years we sat and watched while Hussain gased, tortured and terrorized his own countrymen. Somalia? Clinton jerked us out of there the second someone got a hangnail and left the people behind to be starved to death by whichever gang has the biggest guns and is the most ruthless.

    I don’t understand it and I’m not willing to turn a blind eyes to the fact that we have historically made this same mistake over and over again. If I don’t face it and admit it then we will continue to make the same mistake.

  32. smurfy says:

    N. Korea isn’t in the news? Where we you the day the tested the long range missles? Which by the way by the trojectory at least one of which WAS aimed at the US.

  33. Ali M. says:

    N. Korea isnt in the news EVERYDAY all day!!! I read at least 3 or 4 articles from 2 newspapers online everyday about Iran.

    Obviously the American govt wana try to look legit by seemingly TRYing to set up a democratic govt in Iraq. Its just a ploy as usual. Oh lets not forget that they want the govt to be on their side. There was never any sectarian violence in the country until the zionist and american media raged on about it. No one there cares what sect u belong to. Another american plan to keep disruption in the region. They brainwash some people into thinking blowing themselves up is a good thing and shove em at some mosque of the other sect and vice versa. Then they stand back and watch the fight!
    Bahrain didnt have any secterian hatred until the Brits (then the rulers of the world) started it all.
    Of course boat loads of Jews were sent away! No body wanted them!! So they dumped them in Palestine to get to where we are now. Instability in one of the richest regions in the world so the US of A stays number one. America controls the world. It controls what it wants to control whenever it wants to control. You and I will never hear it in the news because its not a right out take over. Its under the table business. The middle east is in total control of the US.

    The new middle east is upon us my friends….

    And whats up with the Pope and his blatant lecture? So unprofesional.. tsk tsk

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