Can we have some of this spirit here too?

17 Sep, '06

Haitham Salman’s neighbourhood’s early Trick or Treating.

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  1. June says:

    I wish we would do things like that to commemorate a loved one whom we have lost, instead of sitting helpless and letting grief become a way of life.

  2. F says:

    I am presently involved in a project that will help patients suffering from terminal illnesses. My friends and I lost a parent to cancer. Since that time, we got together and wanted to do something in their names. Our project should be up and running by year end. Soonafter, we will initiate a volunteer support program.

  3. mahmood says:

    Excellent, that will perpetuate your dearly departed parent and you will always remember them.

    My dad, rest his soul, left 1/3rd of his fortune for charity, and we’re discussing various ways into which we can help the community in his name. We decided that we will spend the money in helping students through university or higher studies with preference given to people choosing the arts as their specialisation.

    We’re putting the initial steps now, and hope to be up and running to accept applicants by the end of the year too.

  4. billT says:

    Great thing to do Mahmood. Your father leaving that much to charity shows the type of person he was.

    When I read trick or treating and looked at the comments in the blog I recognized a former poster to this site “he who’s name shall not be mentioned” still hasnt figured out there is a middle ground 🙂

  5. F says:

    Thank you for your kind reply. Highly appreciate it. 🙂

    It is very noble what your father has done. The blessings of setting up this charity will be shared with him and his entire family.

    I am sure you have already come up with this idea – setup an art education
    fund – a progressive bank will structure it. Have it internally and externally audited, in order to keep it transparent. The funds will be invested in the
    local economy and the profits will be used to fund the students. In this way, the fund can keep on growing and other members of society can also donate to it.

    Once our project is setup, I shall invite you as well all participants here to come and see the services we will provide for the terminally ill.


  6. When I was doing my fellowship, the father of the head of the ICU died of a heart disease. He sent email to all co workers, Drs and fellows not to send flowers and instead donate the money intended for that purpose to the American Heart Association.

    Your father, rest his soul, is a genuinely caring person with really good heart. The real fortune he left behind is a son like you.

    There are plenty of “giving” people who would not give a penny if the camera is not clicking or rolling.

  7. Pamela says:

    In my years of volunteer work, I found I get allot more than what I give. I meet the most amazing people and learn so much. I would encourage anyone to volunteer for a cause they really beleive in with their whole heart.

    Mine is the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

  8. Anonymous says:

    As long as it doesnt have to do with any political or religious reasoning or motives, then sure, I would help out any way I can! It’s all about a human being helping out another human being. Simple.

    As I’m thinking about it, it’s a bit tough in our part of the world (Arab World that is) to think about helping a ‘human being’ . All that matters before even the help is reached to whoever needs it is asking about their faith and political thinking and when answered right to the right person, then you receive that charity.

    I wish I could hear such stories like this one more often but closer to home! Of course Ramadhan is coming soon and I hope in supporting a number of charities too. Hope others also can navigate their way through the number of charities out there and truly give support to charities who really make a difference (not some make-shift stand on the street crap) and have true meaning (not about supporting killers or fighters for example), people with sane minds (not about enraged people who wish to end miseries by creating other miseries for others who they hate for some stupid reason). Even with professional charities, it should be real transparent how is the money spent and when. I know it’s a bit tough but its sure worth it and feels good when you see your support put into something worthwhile and changed someone’s life in a positive way (not in a sick way like giving these sick and corrupted charities money to buy guns and bombs for the purpose of killing other people and feeling good about it-type of people of course)

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