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19 Sep, '06

Finally, we have some movement. Of course there is no guarantee that the anticipated movement will be good, as there are no guarantees for it being the opposite, but as the local idiom goes: “الحركة بركة” – loosely translated: “in movement there is a blessing

So the king invited the heads of the political societies to an audience (arabic) with his majesty tomorrow. No one knows what the agenda is as none has been announced, but I can feel tingles in the air…

It is expected that he will announce the election date tomorrow.

That would be the good thing™ of course, as that decrepit parliament has been dissolved now for 55 days, and no announcement has been forthcoming since then.

What has, however, and plenty of it, has been:

    1. The EX-members of parliament still believe that they are part of the democratic institution!
    2. Most have been actually more active in these 55 days than they have for the 4 years they’ve used in parliament to perfect their brainfarts.
    3. Bahrain has become much more sectarian under their watch.
    4. The parliament giving the right of dividing municipal districts to the government (can you smell it?) the government reduced the number of municipal areas by re-designation and amalgamation.
    5. oh, and another small thing which might have prompted this movement…

    6. A high-up consultant was deported in haste (arabic) charged with “an attempt to overthrow the government”!

That last point seems to be the bombshell. The guy apparently was quite liberal with the photocopy machines or with his printer as he printed several copies of his 220 page report and liberally distributed it to every paper as well as choice embassies and most political societies.

Don’t expect any (news)paper to publish it though, they’d rather publish something about “immoral acts” or entice the public to attack foreign workers because they are bachelors and hail from Asia and that sort of thing… but when it comes to something as substantial as “bandargate”, forget it, they’ll toe the line thank you very much! Who needs the press law when you get self censorship of this scale?

Other countries would have stopped the presses and ran with it… not here though, uh uh. They’re good boys!

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  1. mahmood says:

    can’t see them, you’ve got to register first and I did, but didn’t get the authorisation to get in yet.

  2. bahraini4eva says:

    You are right Mahmood. These EX-MPs have been getting more involved within their communities these past few days than they have ever been throughout their 4-year term. I surely hope the bahraini population will reflect upon all their previous works (IF ANY) and realize that they do NOT deserve to represent any of us as their agendas are simply useless and absurd! It will be very interesting to see how the upcoming runners will be using Ramadhan to promote their self-interest by giving out money and gifts to the needy as to purchasing their votes. It’s funny reading about these things in the local papers almost every other day, which shows that these ignorant runners don’t get the message that OUR VOTES CAN NOT BE BOUGHT! I hope that they are not the ones to be elected, and that our upcoming parliamentary body will show a MUCH bigger improvement. Oh Well, let’s see what happens as the days pass by.. and LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

  3. F says:

    I hope the papers list all the Ex-MPs that are running for re-elections.
    They should print an unbiased report card on their term in office. Additionally, response from a few of their constituent members, both pro and con.

  4. Malcolm Coghill says:

    How can you discuss such mundane matters, on today, of all days !

    Why ?
    Because today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day !

  5. Ibn says:

    Mahmood –

    Ive been meaning to ask you this: How much is hear-say in Bahrain accepted?

    For example, if I was to run into a police station and scream “Mahmood wants to topple the government! He told me so!!” how far would that go? Would the police just look at me like an escaped animal while sipping their coffee? Or would they drop their mugs, hop into their cars while shouting into their intercoms “2-9! Possible government-toppler detected!”

    weeee wooooo weeee wooooo weeeee woooooo

    How is hear-say dealt with in courts? If 2 people swear on their own mothers that they heard you curse the prince, would that mean anything? Would you be hasseled? Detained?


  6. mahmood says:

    Ibn, pre-king Hamad, yes most definitely! People have been detained and tortured because it was thought that they are insurgents and anti-government.

    Between 2000 – Feb 13, 2002, absolutely not! That was the honeymoon where Bahrainis of ALL walks of life held their heads high and felt invincible.

    Post Feb 13, 2002 – today, I’m not so sure. The general feeling is that people have been cheated, and government mistrust is higher than the 90s.

  7. Ù‹WordOnTheStreet says:

    Three articles on the subject including a report on the meeting between the Bahraini opposition in London and Salah Al Bandar.


    ps. Take everything Salah said with a pinch of salt. He might be just pissed off because “they” didn’t renew his contract.

  8. mahmood says:

    … and let the fireworks begin!

    do you have a full electronic versin of the “report”?

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