Shaikh Ahmed is unperturbed

21 Sep, '06

Shaikh Ahmed bin Attiyatallah Al-Khalifa, Minister of State & head of the CIOI met briefly with Shaikh Ahmed bin Attiyatallah this morning and asked him directly for his comment about the hot topic of this week; what he said is that it is a case of revenge.

“I fired the guy and he didn’t like it, so he’s unleashed this ‘thing’[1] as revenge against me”

When I told him that that might be the case, but what about the various documents, and the cheques and receipts of payoffs he simply said that “they’re payments for his staff!” So what’s the problem?

He declined to talk more about the subject, just stating that he will be holding a press conference, or releasing a statement to the press refuting the allegations.

Allegations which are extremely damaging, not only for his career – his being the fastest ever elevation to the ministerial ranks in the history of Bahrain, for someone who is just 40 years old – but more importantly to the whole country:

The allegations in this report include, but not limited to:

    1. Direct meddling in the forthcoming elections;
    2. Fomenting sectarian strife;
    3. Distribution of cash handouts;
    4. Buying MPs in both the elected and selected parliaments;[2]
    5. Undeclared sources of funds;
    6. Clandestine prejudiced operations against a vast swathe of Bahraini citizens.

I told Shaikh Ahmed that people are asking for his head, I would join these forces and demand at least his resignation if any of these allegations are found true.

[1] full report of 31MB
[2] payments and receipts have been made to Jamal Dawood who is standing for elections this year in the Northern Governate, 8th District, as well as clear monthly payments to Faisal Foulath (Shura Council), Jassim Al-Saidi (Council of Representatives)and other Islamist MPs from Al-Minbar society.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You told the Sheikh that you will join the forces asking for his head and demand a resignation??!

    HAHHAHAHA! You wouldn’t dare Mahmood!!

  2. mahmood says:

    Why don’t you ask him?

    I specifically asked him if any of it was true, he said no, I told him about the photocopies of cheques and receipts including bank statements, he said that they’re all payments to his staff, so what? I told him that a lot of people would demand his head if any of these things were true, and I would be one of them, he just laughed!

    I asked him again for a full interview, I specially said that I could help him by letting him share his side of the story, he just made out that it is nothing and not worth considering. Either that or he thought I wasn’t important enough of a venue to discuss these sorts of things, which is his prerogative…

    Full disclosure: I know Shaikh Ahmed personally as I do some of his family, we were in the same school etc and I worked with him and Hassan Eid at the CSO in 2002 to design the very first elections websites for both the municipal and parliamentary elections. I enjoyed working with him as he was very supportive and appreciative of the efforts we put in, sometimes we stayed up till 3 or 4 AM finishing things off. The sites proved wildly popular during the elections receiving over a million hits a day! The sites then ( were running PostNuke.

    As I said elsewhere, the next few days and weeks are going to be quite interesting, it’s going to be a very busy Ramadhan for some!

  3. Redbelt says:

    So, this says there is a 90+ MB file to download?
    Where is it? I’d like to see that report.

  4. mahmood says:

    click the link in the article above, the report is in Arabic

  5. . Hamad says:

    how are we able to download the report? seems like we need some kinda password and username.

  6. Anonymous says:

    it keeps on saying

    “All download slots assigned to your country (Bahrain) are in use. We apologize for the inconvenience.
    Please try again later.”

    can you upload it somewhere else. sorry about you inet bill this month.

  7. Anonymous says:

    the previous one is the mini-report version

    for the full PDF version click this link

  8. Anonymous says:

    ops sorry this is the full PDF version.

  9. mahmood says:

    excellent, thanks, I’ll update the link in the main article as anon2 is right, seems to be a con.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Mahmood – try this site out it’s FAB!
    That megaupload is nasty.

  11. Bubz says:

    Everything is in Arabic! I’m not even clear as to what happened yet because I can’t understand it at all.

  12. Anonymous says:

    is there a sight that can transilate it to English?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately not. The PDF document is in fact a black and white picture scan of the original (hence it’s large file size) and so therefor you won’t be able to highlight, copy & paste text. – Unless of course someone has the free time to translate it? 🙂

  14. mahmood says:

    thanks, I didn’t have a choice on where the files ended up, I was just given the links by kind souls. I’ll make a note of your recommendation for next time this sort of thing is needed.

  15. H. says:

    I’ve just read the whole chunk, now I think I just developed a stomach ulcer from reading it.

    I felt violated just by dragging about through the kingdom’s map on google earth. Now this!!

    *checking for high blood pressure, glucose level, tumors, etc..*

    Yup!! All positive!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I honestly can’t picture this report being an act of revenge. It must have taken weeks to gather all this data and evidence.

  17. Did the honorable minister elaborate on why Dr. Bandar was fired?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Here’s a link for the the full report in PDF format (226 pages)

  19. “they’re payments for his staff!”

    Did he mean Albander’s staff or his own (sh.Ahmed) staff?

    Hassan alkhuzaei

  20. Anonymous says:

    Its Sh Ahmed’s staff. I’ve seen the document. Just to note, CIO staffs DO get payments for some projects; considered as allowances.

    Payments are given as allowances up and until the particular project finishes.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Why does he pay CIO staff by his personal checks? Why not directly from CIO ?

  22. Ali says:

    And, do you consider “Al-watan” newspaper is part of “his staff”?
    Do you consider the so called “converted” from Shiaa sect to Sunni are also his staff?
    Do you cosider the wahabies who attended courses in AlQaseem are also his staff?
    Do you consider “Bahrain human right watch” and Faisal Fulath are his staff?
    Do you consider “Bahraini humanrights society” is also his staff?
    Do you consider the researcher who put his recommendations of how to boost the sunni sect against the shia is also his staff?
    Do you consider the Egyptian team, the “Syrian-bahraini” are also his staff?

    Read the report carefully and double check the receipts to know exactly who are “his staff”!

    And.. Let me assure you that you ain’t seen nothing yet. Just wait for few days to know more, and that’s a promise!

  23. حسن الخزاعي says:

    Mohammed Almahmeed, Yousif Al bin khaleel, Albanki and bunch of ther journalists who received payment for articles published in local and international media are his staff as well?

    Jassim Alsaidi the salafi mp is one of his staff as well?

  24. bahraini4eva says:

    Shocking and Disturbing. I doubt any action will be taken though. Let’s not forget the Sh. that goes along right before the name!

  25. albahrani says:

    Yes khozaei

    they are all his staff

    i am wondering when is the time we will be part of this “his staff”

  26. moclippa says:

    I figured that would be the governments reply and as well a likely scenario… But Mahmood had every right to state that he would demand the Sheikhs head (head = resignation and judical pursuit I presume). Hope he realizes it was honesty and not a threat, and that you don’t get hounded for it Mahmood!

    Even if the allegations are not proven, the reaction to the report (at least from what I’ve seen on the forums) has definatly highlighted a lot of communal greivances that the government needs to start making a visible effort to address.

    And hopefully the plans put in place (if it comes to it… which it has to at this point) will not resolve to utilizing only short term fixes.

  27. Anonymous says:

    and the plot thickens..

    MANAMA: Authorities in Bahrain have charged a Briton of Sudanese origin with spying, a few days after he was expelled from the kingdom amid accusations of espionage.

    The kingdom’s public prosecutor charged Salah al-Bandar with “several crimes likely to harm the interests of Bahrain and its people,” according to a statement issued late on Wednesday.

    Bandar, who had worked as a consultant in a governmental department, was expelled from Bahrain earlier this week after being accused of “working for a foreign intelligence service,” he said. He did not say why Bandar was only charged after being expelled.

    “Investigations have shown that Bandar has provided wrong information about the Bahraini people with the aim of sowing sedition in Bahrain and to gain personal material profit,” he said, without saying to who the information was provided.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Whats happening here?

    *The wife of the “informant” joins the delegation of mps. and politicians in meeting the king last wednesday? isnt this a kind of endorsement of the “informant” actions?

    ..and now this!,7340,L-3306941,00.html
    Crown Prince of Bahrain: Israelis could visit soon

    Published: 09.21.06, 20:50

    Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres met with Crown Prince and the Foreign Minister of Bahrain. During the meeting the three discussed the recent regional developments. The Crown Prince said that “the day is not far when you could visit us and we could visit you.” (Ronnie Sopher)
    Peres Meets with Crown Prince of Bahrain
    22:10 Sep 21, ’06 / 28 Elul 5766

    ( Vice Premier met Thursday with a number of foreign officials during the opening of the United Nations General Assembly, including the Foreign Minister and Crown Prince of Bahrain.

    According to the Ynet news service, the Crown Prince indicated that relations with Israel may improve soon. “The day is not far off when you can visit us and we can visit you,” he said.

    The two men also discussed other developments in the Middle East.
    Bahrainis! challenge your candadites to demand clarification for these 2 issues before you hand them the BMWs keys once again.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I am glad that a british spy, have opened the eyes of Bahrainis to the Fact that alkhaleefa ruling family are two faced! it is time to wake up and it is time for Khaleefa to leave his chair! why should it be the rule “till death do us a part”!

    This document also prove that the king “mr Bing” is also involved in this matter!

  30. Anonymous says:

    This report has very serious implications. I am more shocked that everyone is keeping their calm than what is being said in the report.

    If this is not enough reason for the resignation of the government then I don’t know what is!

    Apparently, there are allot of “sheep” living in Bahrain to do anything.

  31. H. says:

    I just realised something, to why many are somehow keeping calm.

    It won’t be so much of sense for a government to “come clean”.
    Governements never “come clean” for that matter.

    We always resort to playing with them in different mud, or we add some water to lessen the stinch of it.

    Wrongful never shifts truthfully right.

  32. Mahmood says:

    No, I think it’s the calm before the strom. and God help us for what’s coming up.

    The only thing that will allay this? Full transparency, put those involved to trial if proven guilty, remove ALL of those under suspicion from the forthcoming elections, and immediately declare plans for local and international monitoring of the elections.

  33. Anonymous says:

    it says that the file is temporarily unavaliable .. !!

  34. Anonymous says:

    No, I think it’s the calm before the strom. and God help us for what’s coming up.

    Same here!

  35. Anonymous says:



    Can you do it Mahmood?…please! you heard the news today…violence is back…it’s a sinking boat no doubt.

  36. Waheed says:

    Here is a comment from Salah Al Bandar on Eng. AbdulRahman Al Noaimi’s article today in ALWAQT:

    He says:
    The report is not mine, its the GCDD report. Indeed, it is intended to discover to the wider publicthe difference between the public diclartions and the real deed of some clans, outside the rule of law, that want to de-rail the reforms. Our intention is to show part of the real story. The report is just one step towards revealing the dark forces that benefiting from the ordeals of the masses. As a Sudanese my personal record shows that struggeling with Bahrainis or South Africans or the Palestinians or any other group around the world is governed by to wors: Democracy and social justice. I did my share and trying hard to continue what ever possible to empower communities around the world. Now, the Report is already owned by the people of Bahrain. The efforts to soil my name or to deflect attentions from the real issues that documented by the Report will not succeed. The GCDD will continue its advocacy with our partners around the world to make the case for democratic change a true story. For your information the Report is just PART ONE there is more to COME ! we are just waiting to see how the political forces and the King are going to deal with our FIRST PART>.

  37. Anonymous says:

    The link to the full report is dead

    get it from here:

  38. Anonymous says:

    نعتقد أن الوقت قد حان لمجموعة من المحامين الشرفاء لرفع دعوى قضائية ضد أولئك المتورطون في القضية وإنشاء صفحة خاصة في أحد المواقع كي يتفاعل هذا الموضوع ولا يكون في طي النسيان.

  39. Anonymous says:

    the issue is deep, but lets be objective and contain our anger.

  40. mahmood says:

    Yes, we can create a website where everyone would contribute to in bringing all the corruption to the fore, Anon, and that site should be given priority as it will be a directly constructive way to stamp out corruption or reduce it somewhat. We actually already have an organisation tasked with that and that is the Transparency Society. I don’t think their mandate is simply financial, but is all encompassing, it is their site that should be used and it is them who should follow up with these issues.

    Although I welcome whistle-blowers here, and will always support them if found true, but I don’t have the resources to do much more than that.

    Waheed even the normally cowardly GDN is carrying these reports now.. I guess it’s the Arab situation that the camel is down now, well and truly, if the GDN has picked up on it.

    I was privileged to hear its editor-in-chief this morning expound the values of the Bedus this morning and defending those who have seen the crescent moon on Wednesday night in the Saudi desert saying that “they have tremendous eyesight” and there is no pollution in the desert, so they could be right in actually spying the crescent then… and then he said that the clearest skies he’s ever seen were in the Seychelles. Maybe he should permanently move there do you think? Anyway, back the issue at hand and let’s leave frivolity with Mr. Abdulrahman, bless his believing soul.

    Anon thank you for updating the link. I’ll do likewise on the main article.

    المجهول نعم أوافقك الرأي تماماً، محامين Ùˆ القوى السياسية في المملكة Ùˆ كذلك جمعية الشفافية يجب أن يتعاضدوا جميعاً Ùˆ يبدئوا مقاضاة المتورطين في هذه القضية التي حتماً ستتطيح بحكومة في أي من دول العالم الثالث المستبدة Ùˆ القمعية… فيا عجب إنها لن تزعزع حتى رفّة جفن في مملكتنا الحبيبة Ùˆ العجيبة المكتظة بالنائمين أو يمكن بغير المبالين؟

    Anon, objective? Yes we can do that, but what does it really take to shake this government? It’s been several days now since the report became a best-seller in Bahrain, even photocopy shops are making a killing at it selling each full 220-pages for BD3.5 a pop, but we haven’t yet had even one resignation, not one U-turn, not one even shy apology. A report like this in the most despotic regime in the 3rd world would have toppled a government… here, we’re busy… it’s Ramadhan and time to go into a slumber for 30 days rather than demand reparations for something as dangerous as this.

    What does it take to shake this country awake?

  41. Ali says:

    Read Alwasat newspaper interview with Albandar:

    Page 11 (In Arabic)

  42. Anonymous says:

    Just saw the article in GDN – does anyone now the name of the Law society that has been mentioned in the report?

  43. Anonymous says:

    Its جمعية الحقوقيين

  44. Anonymous says:

    Very disturbing info that is true, a british guy found out, yet no Bahrainies moved a muscle since ages. Sheeps.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Hi Mahmood,

    Small correction, Sh. Ahmed’s was not: “the fastest ever elevation to the ministerial ranks in the history of Bahrain”

    There was a Minister of Labour and Social Affairs appointed in the early eighties who was only 32 at the time (Sh. Khalifa bin Salman bin Mohamed).

  46. mahmood says:

    noted, thanks.

  47. Anonymous says:

    IT is time for the prime minster to be a pensioner!

  48. Anonymous says:

    Mahmood. Where is the BTS site? or r they living in the stone ages.

  49. H. says:

    Today’s published statement of Sh. Ahmed is the most rediculous sounding statement I have ever had to read.

    The head lines should have ironically read:
    “I didn’t do it!!”

    Frankly, the Clinton’s famous “I did not have sex with that woman” headlines were more believable.

  50. mahmood says:

    H. I love what Shaikh Salman bin Saqr Al-Khalifa wrote in his never-to-be-missed column in Al-Wasat today:

    الشرهة على إللي شغل… البندر

    – سلمان بن صقر آل خليفة
    البحرين منقلبة حدر فوق.

    .. ناس تتكلم عن التقرير الذي تعمد المستشار صلاح البندر «مع سبق الإصرار والترصد» كتابته وتنسيقه وإخراجه، ومن ثم طباعته وتوزيعه على السفارات الأجنبية والعربية والجمعيات السياسية في البحرين لعمل «بلبلة» لدينا… وناس تقرأ في التقرير واتفصفصه ورقه ورقه وجملة جملة وكلمة كلمة، وعلى كل نقطة موجودة فيه تتصل وتناقش الأصحاب والمعارف، وتفند وتتمحص وإذا شافت شيء يسوى لبراطمها تمصمص… وناس من سكنة المناطق البعيدة عن العاصمة الأولى القديمة والثانية الجديدة لا تعلم عن التقرير شيئاً أو لا تريد أن تعلم.

    الناس الكبار يقولون إنه قد كان جاسوساً لدولة أجنبية كبيرة كانت لنا دولة مستعمرة وعن رقابنا وأرزاقنا مسئولة… هو لهم جاسوس، وهم الذين أرسلوه لنا لكي يحطم مستقبلنا الزاهر ويثير الفتنة بين «الأحباب» أبناء الوطن الواحد «ويعفس» الشارع البحريني المؤتلف جميعه على قلب واحد ينبض به وكلمة واحدة يتحدث بها… هم يقولون انه جاسوس، ونحن نصرخ… جاسوس… من طلع هالجاسوس وكيف حضر ومن إللي شغله وعلى جميع الأسرار ومداخلها ومخارجها ائتمنه؟.

    إذا أراد المواطن البحريني أن يتقدم إلى وظيفة يشغلها… وهذا من ضمن الوظائف البسيطة المتناثرة وليس من ضمن الوظائف الكبيرة والحساسة… إذا تقدم هذا المواطن فإنهم يطلبون منه نسخة من جواز السفر والبطاقة السكانية والبطاقة الشخصية والبطاقة الذكية ورخصة السياقة وعدد عشر صور شمسية وعشر صور قمرية «لزوم التحقيقات الجنائية» واسم الأب وجواز سفره واسم الأم وجواز سفرها واسم جميع الإخوة والأخوات وأسماء أصدقائه وجميع من في فريقهم ومدينتهم… وهذا كله قبل السؤال عن شهاداته وخبرته السابقة في أي عمل قام به مسبقاً في داخل أو خارج البحرين.

    إذا كان هذا ما يطلبه أي قسم في أية وزارة حكومية أو مؤسسة تابعة لها من المواطن الذي يتقدم لشغل وظيفة بسيطة عندهم… فما هو المطلوب إذاً من المواطن الذي يتقدم لشغل وظيفة متوسطة أو كبيرة وما هي المعلومات الإضافية التي عليه أن يقدمها إليهم؟… طيب هذا إذا كان المتقدم لشغل الوظيفة مواطناً بحرينياً له أهل وأحباب وأصحاب في البحرين، وله سجل سكاني وآخر معلوماتي وآخر أمني معروف للجهات الرسمية في البلد، وتعطى له الوظيفة بعد اللتيا واللتي والسندارة والغربال… السؤال الآن هو كيف إذاً لو كان المتقدم لشغل الوظيفة شخصاً أجنبياً من بلاد الإنجليز؟ وما هي المعلومات والمستندات التي من المفروض أن يقدمها هذا الشخص الأجنبي حتى يتمكن من الحصول على وظيفة في بلادنا؟ وما هي المعلومات التي من المفترض أن نسأله عنها ونعرفها منه ومن مصادرنا الأخرى قبل أن نقدم له وظيفة كبيرة وبدرجة مستشار في الحكومة؟.

    شخص لا نعرف عنه إلا اسمه واسم زوجته فقط… ونعطيه كامل الثقة لإدارة صحيفة محسوبة على (…) يخيط ويبيط فيها على كيفه… ثم ننقله للعمل في إحدى الوزارات المهمة «جداً» في رئاسة الدولة، ونجعله يطلع على «الآكو والماكو»… ثم نأتي في يوم ونسحبه من بيته في إحدى الليالي «بالبيجاما» ونذهب به للمطار ونرحله، ونعلن على الملأ جميعاً أنه قد كان جاسوساً… يعني الحين في البحرين من هو الشخص «الجاهل» الذي يصدق أن المدعو فلاناً كان جاسوساً؟ أصلاً لو كان فعلاً جاسوساً لدولة أجنبية لتم سجنه وتقديمه إلى المحاكم البحرينية وليس ترحيله.
    الآن بعد أن بانت الفضيحة وفاحت روائحها… وتداولت الناس أوراق التقرير المكتوبة على الورق أو بواسطة البريد الإلكتروني…

    وتعددت الهمسات الموجهة والكلمات المضادة… وأصبحت بلادنا على نار تغلي من الفضائح المكتوبة، والشيكات المنسوبة… جاءنا من يبلغنا أن المستشار كان جاسوساً… والله شر البلية ما يضحك… الشعب البحريني ليس غبياً وساذجاً لهذه الدرجة التي تجعله يصدق أن المستشار الكبير الذي وصل إلى أعلى المراتب وتسلم أكبر الرواتب هو جاسوس.
    الشعب البحريني يعرف … والشرهة ليست على البندر «إن كان جاسوساً أو ملفقاً أو كاشفاً للأسرار» ولكن الشرهة على من أمر بتشغيله.

    Al-Wasat :: 25 Sept, ’06

    Google translation

  51. H. says:

    Wow!! I haven’t read that till now!! (Always missed news in newspapers when read online)

    I say, such a gesture is very much appreciated and thought big of. I’m all ears to Sh. Salman, so far, and may we have more of this sincerity!!

  52. Anonymous says:

    isn’t it amazing that things have gone quiet after such a short period!!

  53. Anonymous says:

    I’ve just read the google translation of the above piece. I’m sorry, but it’s just gibberish, or am I missing something in the translation?
    Maybe it makes sense in the original, cos it’s a load of bo***cks in google translated English.

  54. mahmood says:

    Okay then, read the GDN coverage which sheds light on this fiasco.

  55. mahmood says:

    Anon, the knives are definitely starting to be unsheathed now, with political societies losing their shyness for asking for Shaikh Ahmed’s clear and unadulterated resignation, that and all of his network at the CIO. Read today’s papers which are full of these things, as they were yesterday as well.

    I have no doubt (well, if the country wants to avoid protracted he said/she said) that his head, and those named, will roll. And soon.

  56. Anonymous says:

    ماذا لو قام أحدهم قريبا بطرح القضية على: mms:// ( وباللغة الانجليزية الأم؟؟؟

    What if someone exposed this issue in an English mother-tongue on: mms:// ( soon???

  57. I says:

    Your comments are timely. Todays GDN seems to be full of it.

  58. Anonymous says:

    The Representatives and Shura Councils computer network is long being linked to CIOs own network for no apparent practical reason. Investigate it guys..this voice is coming from the inside!

  59. Thogba says:

    I remember two years ago when I started a topic in this blog entitled “Lost Heritage”. It was about the destruction and neglection of 3000-year-old water wells
    in the village of Markh, a neighboring centre village to Saar, Duraz and Bani Jamrah. These wells are known locally as THOGBA which is Arabic for HOLE.

    I talked in the post about the reason behind the destruction and neglection. The ones who raped the land where the wells exist are members of the Khalifa family.

    I talked in that post about the greedy Al Khalifa family and that they were the source of all unrest, poverty and injustice in Bahrain.

    But I was resisted by many replies from members of this blog, including Mahmood Al Yousif.

    Now, I guess you have waken up guys because of Al Bander Gate. Why so late, pals?

    No SUNNI, NO SHITES is nice

    are you ready to condemn the history of this bedouin family that has been ruling the civilized people of Bahrain?

    Your slogan has no meaning when racism in this country still exists.

    Are you, Sunni muslims, ready to accept the fact that many Sunni’s hate shites in Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi and Bahrain? And that Shites are killed by Sunnis everday in Iraq?

    If declare these facts, then you may raise that slogan.

    I will not forget that day when an Al Khalifa woman came to our farm with her body guards asking us to leave the farm saying:

    “You Baharna… you have taken all of our fortunes in this country… leave this farm or I’ll bring that yellow…” That yellow thing was a crane that destroyed our land. It is a mistake of my granfathers that they did not keep documents of their properties.

    Sunni muslims should face a challange:

    Either declare their belonging to Bahrain or to
    their belonging to Al Khalifa Family who belong to the deprived deserts of Saudi Arabia!

  60. can we talk now says:

    there are are a lot of sad stories that would make someone’s hair curl, but I don’t think it serves anyone to wallow in them at this point. None of us has anything to prove to anyone else. If we care about our Bahrain, we start from the present. We stand up for what we believe in and we stand together against what is happening wrong now. If we start with blaming each other for what people of the other sect did to people of our sect it will never end.
    The whole point is that we are not of any sect, we are Bahraini.
    you know that ignorant people (the sheep not the shephard) can very easily be swept with the tide, and if they think someone is the enemy and they think they themselves are in a position of power, they will treat the enemy badly. History holds the leaders accountable, not the follower, otherwise the cycle doesn’t end.

    More importantly, I don’t believe we should be motivated by what is happenning in other countries, that is the whole point.
    As a Bahraini I belong to Bahrain, and the people of Bahrain are define me and I define them. I am not defined by being from a sect. What I have in common with people in other Arab countries is that I am Arab, and I feel for them, but that comes second to being Bahraini, not that I am shi’i or sunni. that’s the whole point.
    When we meet people meet, they ask what are you?
    Do you say which sect you are from, what age you are, what your hobbies and interests are, or your political views are?
    I say I am Bahraini, because that is what I am, first, foremost and always.

  61. mahmood says:

    Thogba, the law does not protect the ignorant. Although some blame might be leveled in this case – if what you say is true – at members of the ruling family, the sad truth is that your grandfather is the one most in the wrong here, by your own admission. So think logically about it. If you want to get your property back, then get the documents, even a shredded and tattered one, or witnesses etc etc and get a good lawyer. Hating the whole Al-Khalifa ruling family for this single incident will not help you, nor will it help anyone by spreading hatred like this.

    Like the commentor above said, it is time to move on and work on the much bigger objective, the unification of the people of this land, once that is done, or even approximately done, no one will dare “mess with us” as we are one people, as we should have continued to be.

    So think big man, think big, and you will arrive at even a better destination that you dream of: peace, stability, prosperity, equality.

  62. can we talk says:

    is it him in todays’s ministerial line-up or someone else by the same name? 😕 😕 😕

  63. can we talk says:

    yep, him!

    what hutzbah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how can this be??? 😕 😕 😕 did i dream the last few months? or am i in a nightmare now? 😕 😕

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