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26 Sep, '06

Numero uno: It’s been 63 days since the parliament was dissolved and we still don’t know when the next elections are going to be.. or should we take it as the “experiment” has failed and we’re going to try version 2.0 of The Bahraini Democratic Experiment® and that is: get rid of this democracy schlamocracy and be done with it!

Numero due: It’s been 21 days since Dr. Salah Al-Bandar distributed his report, and 13 days since his deportation and the general availability of the report, and we still don’t have a resignation, apology nor the formation of an independent fact finding committee.

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  1. My, my! Has it been that long already since all these things happened? I really wonder on whose side does time play right now.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey, look on the bright side mahmood! The good King’s giving away 50 beeds to needy families, for a total expenditure of 0.5 million beeds!!!! w0ot!

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