11 Oct, '06

JustBahraini.org site screengrab

And I need someone to help me do the flash content… I want it to be beautiful and shows the message of peace and tolerance and I don’t think that I would want just another wordpress site this time…

Any designers in the house?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It would be nice If It had an English section.

  2. mahmood says:

    It would indeed and it shall, at the moment it is just a placeholder.

  3. Anonymous says:

    قولوا لا سنيّة و لا شيعيّة... كلنا ضد المذهبيّة!

    please change that to against “il 6a2ifiya” before people start missunderstanding ur msg 🙂

  4. Salah Rushdy says:

    Dear mahmood,

    Am really impressed with the idea of the website . it shall unite the nation hopefully even if it effects a small population of people. i have a couple of skills using flash software such as switch or design software such as photoshop. if you need anyhelp i would be glad to.

  5. MooDy says:

    if you have the designs and the idea of a flash webby i’ll be glad 2 help ya set it up moo .
    if you dont have a design , we need to build one from scratch ( inspire me lol ) . find that hard sometime ..
    currently working on a client site in flash [ first time doing anything for a client ) ..

    gimme a shout , u can contact me @ my blog
    Contact m0o


  6. mahmood says:

    Salah and Moody that is very generous of you. I shall call you in the morning to brainstorm a bit, but we need to get things done rather quickly I think so that we don’t lose momentum.

  7. What a brilliant IDEA !!

    I wish I could do this for the rest of the Arab world.

    we need such moves !!

    barak allah feek bro 🙂

  8. Ibn says:

    Mahmood, I would like to contribute some greenbacks towards this – whats the procedure? Can I go through paypal?


  9. Pamela says:

    Abed. Hamdan,

    I wish we ahd the same king of thing in USA. I am sick to death of both the republicans and the democrats. It feels like that they don’t care a darned about the people, they only care about staying in power and job security.

    Dems, and Repubs both just as corrupt as the other.

  10. BuZain says:

    We are all with you Mahmood. We all feel it, and it’s time to tell everyone about it. Just Bahraini

    BTW, there is an Arabic typo in the first line. I believe you meant to say


  11. If you are planning to have a flash intro. Here’s a possible scenario that you guys might want to consider:

    Cute little people show up. Some wearing thoob, daffa, suit, etc. Some are kids, some are adults. They gather in the middle of the screen and shout out the slogan or lift up a banner with the slogan on it.

  12. mahmood says:

    thanks BuZain.. SG that sounds like a plan!

  13. Lorena says:

    where is the Paypal link to donate? =P

  14. fuck she3a says:

    no shi’i
    no sunni
    no bahraini…

    Ed: this tolerant view comes to you courtesy of: – US – UNITED STATES – CALIFORNIA ONTARIO – ADELPHIA

    A person who have contributed such gems before which I deemed inappropriate, seditious and unwarranted and hence deleted their “contribution”. I shall leave this one up however to show the type of mad dogs that we have in our midst.
    === end Ed ===

  15. Ibn says:


    Talk about sending mixed signals…


  16. نحن معك بكل ما تقوم به ضد الطائفية

    و تفريق الشعب الواحدة

    إنها خطوة جريئة و بناءة

  17. Anonymous says:

    Mahmood, an absolutely wonderful and inspiring idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just what I wanted to SCREAM. Thank you for taking the initiative.

    Just printed the emblem and handed it to the guys at work, we are all pinning it to our cubicles and telling everyone we know about it. What is the donation process?


  18. mahmood says:

    LA we don’t have automatic setup unfortunately, and starting a bank account to transfer to seems to require a protracted amount of steps and approvals etc. So now it is either you drop the donation off at my wife’s shop (and collect your buttons from there too) or you come to my office or post a cheque to me on Po Box 15020, Bahrain, or call me to arrange a meeting and I’ll get the money off you, or fax/email your credit card details to me (fax number +973-1759 9095 and write down the amount to donate) and we’ll run it through the office machine, the charge will appear from GBPS (my company).

    Choose whichever method that is easiest for you.

  19. Sam says:

    I gotta hand it to you guys, it’s a great movement. I could have helped with Flash but I’m not in the region, as such a task requires meetings and brainsorming sessions. There isn’t a shortage of Flash artists though; I’m sure there are several in Bahrain who’d undertake the task, and I’d love to see a ‘Just Bahraini’ Bahrain sometime soon.

    I just pray such a miracle happens for Iraq though, it needs such a change badly.

  20. Lorena says:

    Salam Mahmood! I will stop by tomorrow morning Inshaallah to Francis shop 🙂 I will do it in there! nite nite!

  21. مشارى says:

    يذكرتى بالشعار الى رفعوه الشيعه بالعراق بعد دخول الامريكان بغداد مباشره ( لاسنه ولاشيعه هذا البلد مانبيعه ) بس ليما تمكنوا من الحكم وتاليتها باعوه للفرس وذبحوا اهل
    السنه بالعراق وهتكوا اعراضهم وسلبوا اراضيهم وهجروهم بلا مجاملة وتقية الى حصل بالعراق خلانا نصحى من غفلتنا ومادام
    الولاء لاايران امان ماكو من شيعة الخليج

  22. mahmood says:
    مشاري، شكراً على مشاركتك، لكن إسمح لي أن أختلف معك جذرياً، فبإعتقادي إن المشكلة مشتركة بين الطائفتين و كلاهما يجب أن يعملوا دائبين لنبذ الطائفية. و إما الحاصل خلاف ذلك هو ما العراق العزيز عليه الآن.

    ممكن أن تبدأ مطافك الشخصي في هذه الرحلة بالإعتذار عن تخوين طائفة بأكملها هم من المناضلين لأوطانهم و لم و لن يساوموا أبداً بها.

  23. Mary says:

    What a wonderful idea! I pray this movement succeeds and spreads to Iraq. Might I have your permission to share this with some of my journalist friends?

  24. mahmood says:

    Of course Mary, go ahead!

  25. Mansoor says:

    As there is no division between Bahrainis but the officials are creating it for thier own benefit, I think the second version of the campaign should have a stronger message, something like:

    No Corruptor
    No Cheater

    Only Honest Officials!

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