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14 Oct, '06

Two new public development have just taken place which makes me happy as people have taken it upon themselves to show their dissatisfaction of official steps regarding the Bandargate scandal.

One website, appropriately called “Bandargate” has started in which links and articles concerning the subject have been authored, and will hopefully be continuously maintains as another legal pressure tool on the government to do something constructive about this issue and at the very least establish an independent commission to look into the Bandargate allegation and sideline named individuals until they are either charged or exonerated.

The second is the initiation of a petition to be sent to His Majesty the King demanding setting up such an independent commission. Please consider signing the petition and support it by telling people about it, and also check on the new website and lend it your support too.

The petition:

تورطت شخصيات هامة في الحكومة البحرينية في إنشاء جهاز سري يعمل على إثارة الفوضى والنزاعات فيما بين مكونات الشعب البحريني المكون من طائفتين رئيسيتين: الشيعة والسنة. كما تورط هذا التنظيم في إنشاء جمعيات ومؤسسات أهلية تعمل على تقويض المسيرة الإصلاحية في البلد ومناهضة القوى الداعمة لعملية التحول الديمقراطي. وقد تهيأت لهذا الجهاز أموال طائلة تم صرفها على أعضائه ونشاطاته مما كان له الأثر في إحداث العديد من الأزمات الإجتماعية والسياسية التي اتسمت بطابعها الطائفي في البحرين. ومن منطلق المسئولية الوطنية، فإننا نحاول من خلال تدشين هذه العريضة كشف مدى خطورة هذا التنظيم السري على الدولة والمجتمع في البحرين والمنطقة والمطالبة بالتحقيق العادل والمستقل مع الأعضاء المتورطين فيه وعزلهم عن مواقع المسئولية والعمل على إصلاح الأضرار التي أحدثوها في المجتمع والدولة.

Key officials in the government of Bahrain have been involved in a secret organization to purposely create sectarian disturbances and division within the society of Bahrain which is mainly composed of Shiites and Sunnis. Millions of Dollars have been spent by this underground network for the sole purpose of resisting the democratic process and manipulating the society in Bahrain. This has recently resulted in several induced sectarian disturbances endangering the stability of the country and the region. We demand a total suspension of the involved officials and a thorough and fair investigation of this matter as well as taking the necessary measures to correct the resultant disorders.

Thanks very much Abu Khalid for starting both of these activities, and rest assured that you have my support in this just matter.

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  1. Some Guy says:

    Just on a general point of law here, isn’t someone who actively promotes sectarian violence within his own country guilty of insurrection and treason?

    Just a thought.

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