20 Oct, '06


pitguy, originally uploaded by malyousif.

as opposed to “pit babe”! This was shot during the 2005 F1 in Bahrain, and as I was going around taking pictures of people, he jumped in front of me and I couldn’t resist shooting him!

Doesn’t his beaming smile make you smile too?

I wish everyone an excellent and happy Friday, courtesy of our pitguy!

Sorry for posting this late, Batelco’s throttled my connection at home that it is making it extremely difficult to do anything online, so I went out gardening all day!

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  1. Chimi^ says:

    Hmm, he looks funky.


    =P =P =P =P

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dear Mahmood,

    Smiling faces – go hand in hand with freedom.

    I am very glad that you started your blogging endeavours, you’re interesting, sensible, wise and informing and so are many of those who post comments at your site. You give me insight into a culture that is rich and colourful and seems to be leaving behind the debilitating stagnation that has plagued the Middle East for many many generations brought about by command and control economies and religions. These times we live in are very exciting for freedom.

    I wish you all in Bahrain much happiness and successes, I hope that fair results of a truly representative government bring about favourable conditions that the institution of democracy is intended to deliver to the people. The ‘Just Bahraini’ campaign is a great idea. In the past we in the west had many troubles from the Popes until Martin Luther got the act together and had a Reformation… then we had more troubles and had to have a reconciliation.

    I might also add that in the earlier days of some of our elections it was not unheard to find voter lists of the electorate all residing at the addresses of cemeteries. So, keep your eyes open.


    On another rather unrelated note, have you ever heard of this most unusual story that I came across recently?


  3. amal says:



  4. Anonymous says:

    are the connections going slow all around bahrain? is this due to the introduction of the 10BD package? if thats the case then batelco gave up some of our bandwith to provide for the new packages..

  5. Pamela says:

    What a wonderful picture to look at on the fine Friday afternoon. He sort of looks like he could be a soccer/football player too.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Interesting blog! Actually, the first I’ve read from somebody in the middle east.

    I think the No Shi’i, No Sunni, Just Bahrain campaign is pretty cool. Somebody should have a half million little badges made with a similar message for Iraq. I’d make them ultra colorful, 20 different designs, so kids will collect them.

    Not to do with today’s posting, but what’s your position on sharia law and restoration of the caliphate?

    Personally I think we’re on a tipping point, both here in Christendom and over by you in the Islamic world. Things are certainly less tolerant than they were a few years ago. I wouldn’t be surprised if within ten years your see some significant attempts by the UK and France to stop any immigration from muslim countries and probably moves to encourage those already here to leave the country.

    I’m pretty liberal on the multi-cuilture thing, tho’ I have to say (and perhaps many readers in the middle east do not comprehend this) that most people in the west (self included) have nothing but contempt for poisonous mix of mosque ans state in so many arab countries, and the intolerance of Islam for other religions.

    Yes, I know some will say that the Jews and Christians are ‘people of the book’ blah blah, but the truth is that in many Arab countries (and to its undying shame, Saudi Arabia) non-muslims are second class citizens. In Saudi you can’t build a church, when Rome allows mosques within half a mile of St Peter’s? Hence the contempt we feel for islamism. Not hatred. Contempt.

    The problem now is that our contempt for these countries, their mullahs and ayatollahs, is translating into contempt for its mosques and the muslim faith itself.

    So dude. Good luck with your liberal cause. Your a brave man and doing something good.

  7. Samuel Ray says:


  8. Romster says:

    That nasty sexual orientation queston keeps popping up. Closet door still closed?.
    Have a nice eid.

  9. Richy says:

    Good Friday. Still waiting to know when Eid comes… so I know if I work this Sunday or not…

  10. jasra jedi says:

    nice smile, nice eyes …

    thanks mahmood!

  11. Ash says:

    I haven’t really got anything to say. I just wanted to play around with these little green ball-head dudes … 8) =P 😆

  12. The month of hunger pain says:

    Hey Ash, I’d watch out when playing with little green ball dudes. I trusted this guy 8) and told him my deepest and darkest secrets. He hasn’t returned my phone calls in weeks.

  13. bikeshed says:

    I kinda like the green ball dudes…though they seem a bit repetitive and I am not sure which to use 🙄 …except for the one who has a red Y on his face…did someone bloody his nose?

  14. The Owner! says:

    Thanks all for the nice comments =D I did not know I’ll become a celebrity :X

    good day 🙂

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