Thanks Schumi

23 Oct, '06

Michael Schumacher at Interlagos, Brazil presented with a trophy by Pelle -

What a career.. what a champion.. what a guy.

Thanks for drawing me into the love of F1.

Now go and form your own team and bring them to race in F1!

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  1. F says:

    A great race driver. His presence in 2007 grand prix will be missed!

  2. lizardo says:

    oooh u are a F1 fan ba3ad ! =P

  3. bikeshed says:

    Sorry, but just to even the scales a bit, the man’s a wanker…a great driver, without question, but I have never liked his ‘gamesmanship’…and for pure talent, I never saw Fangio drive but I can comfortably say that Senna had a better touch behind the wheel (until it killed him, literally)

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