I just heard confirmed news that this site (Mahmood’s Den) will be blocked effective immediately, together with 6 others (don’t know which yet) by order of the Minister of Information.

The memo has been printed and delivered to all the ISP’s this afternoon apparently. I am yet to receive my copy.

But if I go off the air for too long, you know the reason, and it’s not inconceivable that prisons will be used to silence criticism.

You know what to do if this site DOES in fact become blocked… you know the required tools to unblock it.


  1. Esra'a

    I’m absolutely disgusted by this anti-democratic trend. If this site is ever blocked, hell shall be raised by the rest of us bloggers.

    Should anything of the sort happen, we will always support you.

    Good luck.

  2. Post

    Thank you Esra’a, I really appreciate your support and do need it. Spread the word if you will, the blocking memo is posted now for all to see how disgusting this country is becoming.

  3. Chimi^

    Wow, “publishing materials that the law deems unappropriate”


    Oh well – I know how to unblock :p.

    At least they won’t throw you into a prison – eh? (or so I hope.)

  4. Mahmood

    الله يحفظك حبيبي
    عبير اليوسف

  5. expat

    Unbelievable! The world is spinning backwards. Years of progress down the toilet. Outrageous. This part of the world is truly turning into a parallel universe. My deepest sympathy, alarm and indignation!

  6. BuZain

    Great chance to use the free publicity Mahmood. Be opportunistic and at least cover the remaining BD4,013 of the Just Bahraini fundraising 😆

  7. BuZain

    Ohh I forgot, and some more money for the bail and the attorney.

    Just kidding man. :grinnod:

    شر البلية ما يضحك

  8. Jassim

    i don’t think the minister knows about the contents of all sites blocked by his ministry. for his government, he’s just the right person in the right place (Just Sign DO NOT ask)..

  9. Hisham

    What gives! Hopefully this block will soon come to the attention of sufficiently evolved government officers that it’s lifted asap.

    If anyone can tough this out, you can mahmood!

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  11. Dr Jensen

    I’m surprised.
    Bahrain has (or had?) a better reputation than that in Scandinavia.

  12. Haitham Salman

    It was a matter of time I guess. The stupid will continue to do stupid stuff. Do they really think they can silence everybody?
    Prviously I thought we were in the “say what you want and we will do what we want” stage, but now it is clear we are in the “we will do what we want and you shut the F#*K up” stage.

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  14. Teeth Maestro

    Its sad to see the Bahraini Govt go after its own people, for us here in Pakistan we are not new to this concept. And would like to join you in this protest.

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  16. isagreatphilosphers

    People do not change that easily….

    Whoever conquers a free town and does not demolish it commits a great error and may expect to be ruined himself.
    Niccolo Machiavelli

    “itha alsha3b yoman arada al7ayat, falabodda an yastajeeba elqadar”
    AbulQasem Elshabi

    “To speak his thoughts is every freeman’s right, in peace and war, in council and in fight.”
    Homer, Illiads

    I rest my case.

  17. A Veteran STRAYCATer BBS!

    I am sorry to hear this bad news, Mahmood. I joined your blog only a few minutes ago (found it by coincidence while searching for Saddam’s video through Google) and I do feel sad to see it closed. For a moment, I hopped that the blog will bring the Stray Cats back.

    الله يحفضك من كل شر انشاء الله.

    -Tawfiq (hope you still remember me).

  18. Post

    Tawfiq! Which banks do you own now? 😆

    Man how can I forget you and Hisham and me cooped up in a room for a couple of days trying to find ways to get 4 modems to pick up incoming calls and also to synchronise the BBS contents running on 4 286 computers, with my wife yet again losing ALL of her monthly salary to pay for my project via Batelco?

    Man, look me up, it would be great to talk about those days and these as well. I’ll even buy/provide the coffee!

  19. docspencer

    Mahmood, I have a suggestion. This situation was important and worth putting it into all caps in all menus when it happened, but the government evidently reacted with enough sensitivity and you have been back for a number of months and very successfully at that.

    Consider putting it in the same size letters as other menu items in the menu, and consider even removing problem questions and their responses, when the problem has been resolved, and put it under some heading like “resolved challenges archive”.

    For success in any future negotiation, I think this would go a long way. Otherwise it gives the impression that even after a resolution “the guy just wants to stick it in our eye”.

    Sorry my friend, I hope that you understand me. This is a time for setting up for successful negotiations some day, such that those with whom you will negotiate will think well of you as a very fair guy who is not ungrateful, and acts accordingly – as i think you really are based on your other comments.

    Best wishes,


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