24th Bloggers’ Gathering

1 Nov, '06

Okay guys, sorry for the short notice as I have been a bit detained, as you might have suspected, but tradition and custom of course are extremely important, so we shan’t forget about them.

Therefore, I would be honoured if you would attend the 24th bloggers’ meeting at my house, from 8pm – 10pm tomorrow night.

I hope to see you there, and once again, thank you very much for your support and friendship.

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  1. Dear Mahmood:

    I am hereby supporting you in my blog which I think the authorities are disgusting in their decisions. I am supporting you fully.

    UNBLOCK MAHMOOD.TV, then again if you don’t, there will be mahmoodsden.tv, and mahmoodalyousif.tv and more and more.

    Bless you, Bahraini fighter, fight and we fight with you!

  2. 0110101 says:

    i wont miss this one

    i’ll cya there

  3. zaydoun says:

    Just heard! You have our support from Kuwait!!

  4. Suad says:


    Watch out! They may spy on you or arrest you for arranging this gathering 😆

  5. will you be serving us drinks?

  6. mahmood says:

    yeah, sharbat, juice, coke, and the like!

  7. Rayyash says:

    Have all the fun i’m not coming!!!
    I’m in dubai for the next two month’s

  8. back in december.. c u then! keep out if trouble.. out of jail!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. mahmood says:

    you both are more than welcome anytime to visit, you know that.

  10. Hisham says:

    mahmood, don’t forget to have Just Bahraini buttons at hand for those who want some!

  11. Akkad says:

    Dear Mahmood,
    My knowledge is zee about bloggers and their meetings. Hence, I cannot say whether the 24th meeting would not be a ‘public gathering’ as per Article No. 8 of the Law mentioned below.

    Twenty-three of the bloggers meetings may have passed in peace or unnoticed. Unfortunately, the authorities are on a rampage spree these days, it would seem; OR, they have been rubbed in a way they did not like. Thus, this time the going may be quite different.

    I cannot imagine them turing down the opportunity to get a good portion of bloggers in one place. So your place may have already been tapped, as you posted the invitation.

    Therefore, you would need to be sure before the meeting that you have an effective shield against attacks under the prelude of Law 18/1973(as amended effective 27/7/2006), which ‘regulates’ public gatherings by, amongst other things, making it a crime punishable by prison up to six months and/or (at the court’s pleasure) a fine of not less than BD 100 i.e. US$ 265 (with no upper limit) to hold a public meeting without advice to Director Public Security or despite his objection to such meeting being held as stated in the notice sent to him about it by the organisers.

    Full text of the Law and Amendment passed by Bahrain’s 2002 Parliament: http://www.legalaffairs.gov.bh/

  12. mahmood says:

    It’s a private meeting, hence it (I hope) does not apply!

  13. well if you’re gonna serve Vimto, count me in.. and i really mean vimto, i don’t do ribena.

  14. mahmood says:

    let me let a little kitty out of the bag: you’re going to have some coffee which is completely out of this world, with – if you’re lucky – a scrumptious muffin or cookie, NONE of which will have sugar and all are guaranteed to be healthy, natural and organic free of pesticides etc….

    you wait and see!

  15. tooners says:

    we want to come, but we’ll be late. the hubby has someone coming to the studio at 7 and they’ll be here for about an hour or so.

    save some muffins! will you have decaff in this fabulous coffee?? 😉

  16. this my first time to attend but i think it will be greate to meet other blogger

    am i invited dear brother in blocking sites?

  17. by the way can you put your telephone so we can call if we lost as i am already lost

  18. mahmood says:

    more than welcome Ali! the mobile is 3666 8811

    tooners are you kidding? ANYTHING for a lovely pregnant lady! 😉 and alf mabrook to you and Hashim.

  19. Lorena says:

    Hi Mahmood .. Im sick ! im very cold and i have a very bad runing nose !I hate it! …I will love to come over! really! hehehe but I think It wont be nice being there sick and many ppl around me! I dont want to miss it! 🙁

  20. witht u brother …
    u will free…soon.. inshallah

    adel marzooq

  21. Dana says:

    Funny! Arabs will NEVER change.. Once munchies freaks, always munchies freaks! God, instead of communicating about media, state, and information, YOU ARE discussing food and drinks! Well, enjoy them before your government blocks them! :no:

  22. Akkad says:

    Dana, I liked the sarcasm in the end tail of your posting. I would not be surprised that it does.

    In a law which is either new or recently amended by the 2002 Parliament (I fail to remember too accuratley), another crime is turning down the electrical meter clerk who goes from house to house reading meters. You can be proscuted, detained and/or fined if you fail to allow him in.

    Another crime was created just last week: to use Bahrain emblem which for decades has been wide spreadly used on from key chains to Government stationary. So if you are a trader the value of your inventory which may consist of items like sun screens, pens, gold rings or ear rings can decline or vanish if you want to avoid being proscuted for being found selling them with the holy emblem superimposed.

    Yet another crime was created last summer, to make new or to keep the existing individual cubicles in internet cafe shops.

    Civilised countries avoid creating new crimes, our ‘elected’ Parliament is happy creating them by the dozen.

  23. What.. no shawarmas?

  24. amal says:

    LOL mention more food and they’ll be there an hour early =D

    i’ve got a meeting before that, shouldn’t take too long..

    will try my best to make it 😉

  25. JK says:

    gathering more than 5 people needs Ministry of Interior’s Permission; I assume.

  26. mahmood says:

    NO SMOKING by the way!

    That especially means no smoking in the garden bin shehab!!! 🙄

  27. =/ says:

    That especially means no smoking in the garden

    but, but, but :no:


  28. mahmood says:

    (tell you what though, behave and I’ll let you play with a segway for a bit after having a good cup of cappuccino! feel better?)

  29. alfanan says:

    Mahmood, I’m sorry we couldn’t make it tonight to the gathering. The meeting I had ran late. We’re still interested in getting together this weekend if you guys would like to. I’ll call u before coming.

    *hope you have some of them muffins left. Somebody is bugging me about them 😉 *

  30. mahmood says:

    more than welcome mate, give me a call tomorrow if you would. and yes, tell that someone we kept some for them! :yes:

  31. Thank you Mahmood for the lovely evening. I am glad that I managed to make it and meet all the lovely old and new friends, although I had to babysit my son and his cousin. I apologize to you and all your guest for any inconvenience they caused. I also regret having to leave (early?) in the middle of an important discussion.
    and before I forget: Welcome back mtv..

    p.s. 1: Please give me full damage report.
    p.s. 2: Thank you and your family for the tasty snacks.

  32. mahmood says:

    no problem Salman, the cusion is BD25, I accept cheques as well as cash, whichever is more convenient!

  33. Suad says:

    Thank you very much for the great evening and the warm hospitality, I really enjoyed my time last night. I would like also to thank your wife, Frances, she made me feel comfortable and at home. You are lucky to have such a kind and sweet wife.

    I am happy to have had the chance to meet you and the rest of the bloggers and friends. You won’t believe guys that reading your blogs made me feel as if I know you all. The image I had about each one of you didn’t change after meeting you.

    P.S. Thanks for the lovely flower, I tried to keep it alive as much as I can, but I was forced to arrange for its funeral today morning.

  34. Mahmood, Done. It will be an excuse to visit your office and drink a coffee. Do you work on Saturday? otherwise, is Sunday morning ok?

  35. mahmood says:

    you’re more than welcome Suad.

    Salman we don’t work Saturdays, do you mind giving me a call Sunday to set a time? Thanks.

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