Step 2: Take Mahmood Al-Yousif to court

1 Nov, '06


And now you know what value it is to be an anonymous coward in this country, you will always be safe. But call a spade a spade, let people know your name, your address, your contact details, and criticize in the open and what do you get? You get dragged to court.

This is the value of being a concerned citizen.

This is the value of being courageous enough to stand behind your words and your criticisms.

In this country, it seems that the good old ’90s and underground political activism, or activism of any kind, is the only thing to do.

But come out in the open and you get this thrown at you.

Will YOU let this happen?

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  1. Will says:

    Does anyone have time to translate this? Whats with the scratched out date?

  2. mahmood says:

    The notice from the Ministry of Information expresses disappointment that some blogs continued to discuss the bandargate case after their first warning not to, hence, they have filed various complaints with the Public Prosecutor to proceed with cases against said websites.

  3. Ibn says:

    Have you already been taken to court Mahmood, or have you yet to go?


  4. Well done. Mahmood!
    You have brought the hypocrites out into the open – the whole world can see just what your country’s leaders REALLY think of democracy and free speech!
    May you come to no harm through your bravery.

  5. mahmood says:

    Ibn, it’s just a threat and I don’t think it will go beyond that. A bad chess move!

    Bryon, thanks for your support!

  6. Redbelt says:

    It’s pathetic

    they are trying to pass websites under the Press & publication act
    But its unenforcable
    You see, if Bahrain or any country passes a law that says men cannot cut thier fingernails on a thursday, how can you enforce that?
    You can control printed media, sure, but with the net?
    I can start a website, get it bannd, mirror it on another place, get it banned, mirror it again and zip the files in a folder and seed it as torrent and then what?
    The same thing goes with the TRA. What with them trying to register every wireless device in Bahrain. Are they nuts?
    Sure they claim its to not mess with critical networks. But I am sure its so no one broadcasts anything without them knowing. Still, its impossible to register everything that sends waves in my house (from a bluetooth headset, to a microwave, to the wireless Gamecube controller that I have).

    Its really funny, if you wanna control things, at least have the ability to do so!

    Wallah Mahmood if push comes to shove, don a black mask and start a 🙂

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