Release Abdelkareem Soliman

13 Nov, '06

Abdulkareem SulaimanAbdelkareem Nabil Soliman is a 22-year-old Egyptian blogger who has been arrested by authorities in Alexandria, Egypt.

Abdelkareem first received international attention in early 2006 when he was kicked out of Al Azhar University for posts he wrote on his blog. During that first incident, he was detained by police but eventually released. Despite his first arrest, he has continued to speak his mind on women’s rights, religious freedom, and academic freedom.

On November 6, Abdelkareem was again interrogated over his blogposts. A human rights lawyer from the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information was present to represent Abdelkareem. But the police still decided to arrest him.

Please sign the petition directed to the relevant Egyptian authorities to demand Abdelkareem’s immediate release.

A “ site has been created to act as a central point to disperse information about Kareem’s case.

Thank you very much for supporting the freedom of speech in the Middle East.

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  1. Esra'a says:

    Thanks for spreading the word about this, Mahmood. Having met Kareem personally, I know that he is a good and harmless person who may have been too harsh in his writing, but he wrote a lot of it because of his bad experiences. He’s a brave supporter of human rights and freedom of speech in a country as sheltered as Egypt. He is someone to be admired. We are very worried about his status since the 2nd time in jail is usually harsher, and his writings have been more critical as well. We will try our best to make as many people aware of this case through press releases and further coverage and support from fellow bloggers. Let’s hope that he will not be forgotten and that the fight against his unjustifiable imprisonment will remain as tough as ever.

  2. mahmood says:

    Thank you for your highlighting of this issue Esra’a, without people like you who care, this region would have been lost.

    Rest assured that a link to the petition and to the blog will always be available here until his release. He is a person well worth supporting.

  3. Wettap says:

    God Bless you.

    I am in the medical field, but I don’t know nearly enough about your medical situation.

    Take care, good web friend. Let your body heal.

    Your web blog (unoffically) is now part of the most “world famous” medical center in the United States. (WFMC, for those in the know!) We are watching!!!

    Be well!

  4. after going through his recent post, the guy is going through a very tough situation.
    i hope to see him blogging very soon.

  5. My God…Is the bloggs censured too in the Middle East?? =O I will sign the petition. This is nonsens.

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