It’s raining!

17 Nov, '06

Wow, first rain of the season is happening as I type this, and I’m looking at the semi-drizzle from my bed in my study overlooking the garden on an overcast day… happy happy day!

So without further ado, let me also give you the following photograph as my gift to you my friends, it was shot by my daughter Hanan and it represents the first time ever that I have a Bird of Paradise (Sterlitzia) flowering in my garden. Oh if I could just walk out and take some pictures of it on my on!

Strelitzia, by Hanan Al-Yousif

Have a wonderful, peaceful and relaxing Friday my friends.

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  1. Barry says:

    What a pretty picture, your daughter did a wonderful job taking it.

    Strelitzia are one of my favorite flowers. I actually have a few in my garden. I’ve seen some very old clumps which were about waist high and very big. They are the city flower of Los Angeles.

    Your rainy season runs the same time of year that it does here in California, November to about March, although last year, the rains came late, falling mostly in January and lasting into May. Likewise we have a very long, dry late spring to early fall. We get no rain during that time, and some parts which are further south are about as dry as Bahrain! Where I live, we get summer fogs, which is just like the cloud forest in Oman. Our redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) , coast live oak (Quercus agrifolia), and lacy “spanish moss” (a very big and fast growing lichen) are only possible due to summer fogs which blow in from the sea. It’s quite a difference in those forests, it’s generally so cool and damp it feels like winter! The trees collect the fogs and can extract up to two inches of water from them over the dry season.

    The most beautiful “cloud forest here” are the native Cypress groves, which grow meters from the sea (sometimes just above high tide), and are often covered in a bright, orange algae:

    They grow gnarled, as the sea winds sculpt and shape their trunks, flattening their crowns and creating exactly what the Japanese attempt with their Bonsai:

    We have gotten a couple of storms, but the wettest one was just a few days ago. It’s one of my favorite times of year right now, the rains clean the air, it smells of wood smoke, and there’s a crispness to the days, even with sun that’s not present most of the year.

  2. amal says:


  3. MooDy says:

    Lovely weather …
    I wish it stays like this forever , yep , i know …

    Im enjoying every second of it =D

  4. Simply beautiful. Thanks.

    Also, go easy on your back.I have never broken my back but have an ache sometimes since I have a damaged 4th lumbar.

  5. Adel says:

    Another beautiful day today. Am writing this on my laptop while sipping some nicely brewed tea in my garden. Wish you a speedy recovery Mahmood, your injury has come in the worst possible time of the year. I would put an extra bed in the garden if I were you.

  6. mahmood says:

    Adel you are so right!

    My sister bought me a walking stick yesterday because she saw how frustrated I am with not even being able to go and walk in my garden.

    I convinced Frances early this morning that I am ok to have a quick walk and she finally accepted it and walked with me through it. The changes in it in the last couple of weeks are astounding! Everything is flowering and a few things needed tending. I think I will willfully command my body to mend faster just so I can go outside and sit for a while… and if I’m lucky, my body will be able to bend so that I can do very very light gardening too!

    Enjoy your tea Adel, and you are more than welcome to come share a cup with me in my garden before too long!

  7. ammoontie says:

    I just love a rainy day…
    Specially so when I dont have any errands to run.
    Take care…and get well soon…

  8. Patty says:


    Let Frances take care of you, listen to her! Take it easy and heal quick!


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