Happy Thanksgiving!

22 Nov, '06

White turkey

White turkey, originally uploaded by malyousif.

I wish you all a very happy and peaceful thanksgiving.

Enjoy the holidays, my American friends and those who celebrate this occasion, and spare a thought and a prayer for this tumultuous region of the world while you give your thanks.

I hope that we too will enjoy peace and democracy before too long.

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  1. Thanksgiving Mubarak!!!

  2. Rancher says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! I didn’t think Thanksgiving was celebrated in the ME. Here is a picture of the White House turkey being pardoned by Bush. I think the turkey was named Monica. =D

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, Mahmood. I share in your hopes for peace and democracy for all peoples and particularly the ME.

  4. Sami says:

    Thanksgiving is not celebrated in the ME. I think it’s only American thing… Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans except G.W. Bush and his gang.

  5. billT says:

    Thanks Mahmood. Thanksgiving is something we Americans should strive to export.

  6. Akkad says:

    I wonder if Americans have anything to IMPORT at all, from the world, let alone this part of it. How about some humbleness, for a change? Or, peace with the less equipped nations, or respect for their human rights, or some democratic way of dealing with them in the UN, or some re-orientation of national spending on wrongful wars on least equiped nations like Palestine, Labanon,Iraq and Afghanistan and Vietnam and Panama;
    Or some regret for wiping out the original native people of America; or for the total ethnic cleasing of the entire poeple of the Dieogo Garcia to turn their lands into being America’s largest military base outside the USA – till date that those people are called the Black Palestinians who live as refugees in Mauritiuos and want to go back home.

    I have been on tables of Thanksgiving in the USA, and my hosts were from all walks of life. There was not thought of such matters. Instead, focus was the material riches with which God blessed America, and through such narrow window of vision came an air of arrogance and divide between the haves and have nots.

    Such ways of Thanksgiving would have sufficed until such times as USA did not set itself on a course of destroying the lives and futures of whole nations, including holocasting Japanese with two H-Bombs within one week. But even then, one important aspect would have been lacking, i.e. some remorse for vanishing the entire population of the lands wrongly described today as the continental USA.

    In conclusion, I join Mahmood in his greetings to all our friends and enemies and repeat verbatim his all his words starting this thread. I cannot put the same feelings in better words than he has.

  7. Redbelt says:


  8. a Duoist says:

    Thank you, Mahmood. And many thanks, to you and for you in the ME.

    ‘Be free.’

  9. Yeah Happy Thanksgiving everyone! My family used to visit some ppl in Awali for thanksgiving, it was always a great festive time. Sadly those particular people are not here anymore.

    It’s always a good idea to sit back and count your blessings, it makes us all realise how lucky we really are!

    You didn’t take that photo in your garden did you, Mahmood?

  10. mahmood says:

    I did. I’m semi-mobile. And yes, I am thankful for that and more.

  11. RogLK50 says:

    Thank you very much Mahmood.

  12. M says:

    Sorry, that anon from yesterday was me. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.


    It must be great to be such a superior human being such as yourself, but I gotta tell ya, my mother could laid on the guilt routine way better than you. Nice to see you haven’t reach perfection.

  13. billT says:

    Akkad. Please remember not to confuse goverment with people.

    Instead do what my family and myself are doing today giving thanks for family and friends not the new sony playstation 3.

    Tomorrow I can go back to planning on how to ruin the rest of the worlds day 🙂

  14. smr says:

    =P 8) thank u Mahmood and Thanksgiving to everyone.

  15. billT says:

    One of our family traditions is playing Alice’s Restaurant during dinner on Thanksgiving day. So here is Alice’s Restaurant if you want to start a new tradition.

  16. Tanya says:

    how dramatic…peace for this region…barf…u take urself too seriously

  17. NowSoProudBahraini says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Y’all.
    I have this joke , in a last desperate hope to left this thread’s spirits up!
    An American man asks a Canadian, why don’t you guys have your thanksgiving at the normal time, in November, the canadian replies, coz the turkey would be too cold when it’s time to eat it. :p

  18. NoT (I repeat, NOT)SoProudBahraini says:

    Sorry Y’all , I meant for my nick to be NoTSoProudBahraini, instead of Nowwhatever. :p

  19. Aliandra says:

    Thanks for your well wishes, Mahmood. Peace to all, Unfortunately, bad news continues to fill the broadcasts – cannot escape it even on Thanksgiving.

    Akkad, you might want to review the fact that most of the native people of the Americas were wiped out by diseases brought by the Europeans, not by organized genocide. Very tragic and very sad, but not an intentional act. Anyway, be thankful for the good things in your life, whatever they may be. 🙂

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