I’m lovin’ it?

22 Nov, '06

Not really.

This is the second week that I’m in bed on my back, and it’s been pissing me off for a while now. I can sit for a while, sometimes even as much as an hour if I take breaks and stand for a bit, but generally I end up with that dull pain in my lower back that forces me to resort to lying down to recuperate.

Still, I thought that all this time “relaxing” would actually be good for me as I will have a lot of time to do things virtually. Not a chance. I am just tired and even exhausted by the time night comes about and I haven’t done anything at all all day.

One positive thing; though, I’ve lost 10kgs in 2 weeks. This was done simply by controlling the amount of food I eat, which is about a quarter of what I was used to, and I have cut my starch intake to a minimum too.

The business seems to be going okay without my physical presence; I’ve got some very good guys running it in my stead, and I’m doing everything through the internet and we talk throughout the day. Still, I miss not being in the office and look forward to start spending time there, even if it is just a couple of hours a day until I feel I could handle full days at the office.

Doing things through the internet from home brought a realisation – no, an affirmation, that 64kbps is not a speed one would wish on their enemies. So even with Batelco’s “generosity” of providing that speed for free once the bandwidth limitation is exhausted, which is happening closer and closer to the beginning of the month in our household, I still couldn’t do any work reasonably.

Why are we busting the limit, you ask? Arif. Is the single word you need to know. The twit comes across a single episode of some television series which he likes, let’s say Smallville series 9 episode 5 or something like that, so what does he do? He goes and downloads seasons 1 though 9 of probably 21 episodes each to the very last one! That of course would use all the bandwidth our 1Mbps connection is allowed (15GB per month) but now that I doing all work from home, I was hit with that wall on the 15th this month and I just couldn’t get anything done. So I called Batelco and upgraded to 2Mbps with 20GB and let’s see how long that lasts!

I’ve given him a warning; however, if I find out he’s downloading crap again with the same frequency without regard for anyone else in the house, he’s going back to a string and a cup for his communications needs!

Anyway, today is the first day where I am enjoying the 2Mb connection and can actually reply to my emails and start posting again with comfort.

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  1. Redbelt says:

    my goodness. Internet allowence!
    Well, guess we have to thanks to Batelco. I’m sure there are progames to allow users certain bandwith if you want.

  2. Maverick says:

    Aaah, I see you are following my pace of proper dit. I will recomend you to have a good breakfast of egges, milk, bread and fruits. Have a good lunch and after 6pm do not have anything but juice or salad or fruits.

    Walk daily for 1/2 hour at brisk pace. You will loose weight fast and yet cut out the carbo and mayo, ketchup, excess sugar.

    If you get fever or sore throat, have a hot suleymani tea with a spoon of honey, slice of lemon, spoon of raspberry jam (to get the fever down) and maybe a dash of vodka to get you to doze off and clean yr germs out.

    It works, I tried it sometimes sans the vodka and it works miracles. Use a cotton teachirt or thob to absorb the sweat and sleep without A/C.

    Get well soon.

    Why waste time and money, downloading when you can rent the DVD for 1 BD or less and copy the orginal DVD using DVD shrink or NERO and a DVD write which for less these days. You can decrypt it with DVD Decryptor or such software. You can also watch any DVD on yr PC or laptop using DVD43 freeware.

  3. Hamad Algoheri says:

    Hi Mahmood ,

    It wasnt easy days in general for you but we have great belive in you that you will stand up for the challenge and become much much stronger than before .

    best regard ,


  4. iTunesjunkie says:

    Well, I don’t blame Arif at all! It’s Batelco to blame! Who in their right minds for a teenager in this age can stand the crap that is on TV these days? whether it’s Orbit (first see TV crap my a$$, what planet r they on??) and showtime (welcome to the 80’s and probably some 70’s movies or something)

    Why does Arif use the internet so much might you ask?? well go check out:
    season 3 of LOST,
    season 1 of HEROES,
    season 3 of Desparate Housewives,
    season 3 of The Office,
    season 2 of Prison Break,
    The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,

    ..and others to realize the stuff they currently put on TV deserves to be shelved somewhere back in some stack of old DVD’s.. and there’s lots of avenues where you can download this stuff, like what I use, iTunes is great with a mac mini and a DVI connector to your plasma TV (HDMI input in the back? no prob, get an adapter at RadioShack to convert DVI to HDMI) and there you go! you got on-demand, latest shows, on your plasma! 🙂

    So the problem here is this 15GB crap and even 20GB just dont cut it anymore. do you even hear such threshold problems anywhere else in the world!?!? NO! just in Bahrain sadly enough but hey, hopefully some newcomers in the ISP market should fix this problem soon, I hope!!


  5. JK says:

    التوفير بالانترنت، نقطة نقطة

    صار نفس الماي والكهربا خخخخ

  6. mahmood says:

    ITunesJunkie, if and when those new operators come, especially if with reasonable packages and unlimited connection, I shall be the first to move over to them, even if it is costlier than Batelco.

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